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  • Worst TV show ever!

    Sonic X is not bad, but it's horrible! Everything is so horrible, stupid, and boring, that nothing is good about this show. Not even one is good about this show. They have the worst voice acting in TV show history. Sonic sounds like a 20 years old on drugs. Tails sounds like a Girl that has a cold. Knuckles sounds like he a uncontrollable attitude. Amy Rose sounds like she whines all the time. Dr. Eggman sounds like a old man that smokes and drinks beer. Cream sounds like she's quiet and calm. Rouge sounds like a 40 year old woman and sexy. Shadow sounds like He's part of a motorcycle gang. Every other voice in this show (including Chris, Cheese, and Cosmo) are weird and annoying. The characters it's self are stupid and boring. For instance, Why does Amy Rose obsess about Sonic all the time? Also, why is Amy Rose angry? And why can't Cosmo tell anybody but Sonic? It awful and stupid! Yea I know I'm using stupid a lot but that's what this show is! There's way too many errors in this show. The artwork is either too bright or too dark. The main plot is awkward and stupid. In seasons 1 and 2, Sonic and his friends gets transported to earth. And in season 3 Sonic and his friends must save the egg from dark oak or Sonic and his friends will die. Both plots are stupid and make no sense. Sonic should just be in Mobius for the whole show! The Tornado X is not interesting. The designs are Horrible. Why are Sonic legs are so long? Nearly every character's eyes are huge. Which is a common problem with Sonic. The theme song is annoying and it is the worst song ever in music history. The quotes are boring. The jokes are boring. Some of the scenes don't follow any science law (including the laws of physics and newtons laws). All of the scenes are stupid. For instance, Why did Amy Rose cry over a broken bracelet?It's just a bracelet! Why does Dr. Eggman put a card into the slot just for the machine to pick the robot for him? He can invent a robot! Why does Tails need a plane? He can fly! Why does Knuckles believe Dr. Eggman and went against Sonic? Dr. Eggman is a villain! And why did Dr. Eggman join the good side? He is a villain, not a good guy! Dr. Eggman in this show, he is the stupidest villain in villain history. There are too many main characters. The background music is boring. Sometimes the sound FX are inappropriate. The settings makes no sense. The tarps are stupid. In one episode were Amy Rose, Cream, Cheese, and Cosmo gets trapped in a cage. And Amy uses her hammer to get out. Why can't Amy and her friends just break the wooden cage with their fists? It's also weird how they got some scenes form his video games. The end Credits are the worse credits In end credits history. It has that same annoying Theme song. And 2 it's so fast that you can't read anything. The main problem with this show that it is an Anime. The Japanese version is no better than English version. Whoever came up with this show, is a idiot. 4kids should had not take and edit this show because that's where this show gets even worse. If this show was made, at least keep this show in Japan. The universe would be better if this show was not made. Thank god this show got canceled. I think 78 episodes is enough for one awkward show. 8.4 are you kidding me? More like a 3.4! I can't even stand a second of this disgraceful show. I would rather watch Fred, or the Annoying Orange than this incoherent show! Do your self a favor and do not watch this show unless you want to be stupid. I repeat, Do not watch this show! Avoid it at all costs! Not even a peek. Even if you are a huge Sonic fan and you have to see everything, do not watch this show! If you agree with my review, then you are awesome. If you disagree with my review than you are not encouraging. rating 0/100 extremely horrible.