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  • I blame this for ruining the Sonic fandom.

    If this abomination wasn't made, Sonic wouldn't suck and be so overrated. I love Sonic SATAM, and AOSTH, but I hardly see any fanart for it and it only has this crappy show as it's first results. And I hate Cosmo the seedrian, I'm glad she's dead, she's nothing but a stupid overrated Mary-Sue. The BIGGEST problem is Chris Thorndyke. He practically kicked Tails off Sonic's best friend list. Also, Amy Rose is too annoying in this show. She's a crazy fangirl. Stop hating on Sally Acorn, she's awesome.

    The voicing is awful. They definatley don't suit the characters. I love Cream the Rabbit, however her English voice annoys me to death. Also, Robotnik is better than Eggman. This show is not as great as it was at the first seen some episodes and they were ok, but then it got worse, especially when that stupid seedrian came. The main problem with this show that it is an Anime. The Japanese version is no better than English version. Whoever came up with this show, is a idiot. 4kids should had not take and edit this show because that's where this show gets even worse. If this show was made, at least keep this show in Japan. The universe would had been much better if this show was NOT made. Thank god this show got cancelled. It caused all the perversion, and those crappy Sonic recolours. I may look like a nostalgiatard, but I love all classic Sonic shows like AOSTH AND SONIC SATAM.