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  • An interesting turn for the Blue blur

    Needless, I actually enjoy this series; but before you all like or dislike this I would like you to hear all the sides of my story.

    This was the first anime I had ever watched (when I was six) so I am strongly attached to it. Though after watching it recently, I have noticed some things that made almost no sense, and were just put there for more money and rating. To get to my point, I don't believe they needed to create whole entire third season at all. The story line was almost completely corrupt when they all had to go into space. Now, from analyzing the original idea for the story; all they wanted to do was get the gang back home and they selfishly went on and corrupted it just because they could make more money.

    With that being said, the show is just on everyone's opinion and taste. Also, (Primarily the third season) the series was meant for kids unlike the Sonic SatAM. Although the original sonic series was not geared towards an older group at all, it appealed to more young adults unlike sonic x due to the humor and innuendoes. Now, onto the characters:

    Sonic the hedgehog: Still that little speed demon always trying to get rid of evil in the world; though the series didn't quite get his character right. If I recall right, Sonic doesn't seem to be all bad boy the way he used to be around Sally. Also, quite lazy at times, such as rather relaxing: which was never mentioned in the original series.

    Amy Rose: I'd much rather not go there but She hasn't changed a bit from the games. After Sonic with all her heart and always making him feel uncomfortable. The one thing that killed the ratings of this series was the whole SonAmy incident. I honestly didn't mind this because I admired the pink character's determination. It's just I'm with Sonic on this one; just get off of his back, give him some privacy!

    Miles "Tails" Prower: In all honesty, the just almost got rid of him. Sure, he was there a lot throughout the series to guide and help Sonic, but he just is not the old Tails. First off, in the original series, Tails I believe was younger than eight though I may be wrong. How can a kid be that intelligent in engineering? I personally enjoyed the little Tails who was quite shy and there at times for comic relief; Not that nerdy hardly noticeable character.

    Knuckles: Probably one of the greatest characters ever! Although I am the exact opposite of knuckles, he's the one character that kept the series going. His voice actually suited him perfectly and the actor wasn't as bad as most of the others. He maybe hotheaded and short tempered; but this character was not changed unlike most.

    Cream and Cheese: Aren't they the most adorable characters ever! As a child, they were defiantly my favorite due to the fact that they are the cutest and at times, the smartest characters ever! But please, if you say anything bad about them well I guess I'll have to call knuckles to go punch someone.

    The rest I think can just be described as well, not well enough for a review. I'm not going to go anywhere with Chris or his family/friends. I would love to do Eggman, Shadow, and Rouge; but just one of them would take forever for me to explain. I would say, although he didn't appear too often, Shadow is still on my all-time favorite characters list.

    To sum this up, I believe Sonic X had an amazing animation and especially for its time. The plot was indeed interesting though I think 4kids had a rough time pulling through with it. In all, the series was not a complete waste of time, the Japanese version was indeed a little better than the English though that's as much I will say about that. I believe the series would have been a hit if they just got the basic characterization right. The plot was very interesting but without the right personalities for the characters it just fell apart. One more thing I will say before I leave is that, has anyone noticed that those who would rate this ten out of ten have not really seen the original Sonic SatAM? I mean if anything, this deserves a better rating than Sonic underground but it still cannot top the original sonic.

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