Sonic X

Season 1 Episode 49

The Day the Earth Stood Still

Aired Unknown Mar 12, 2005 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • If you have a program that tells you about a show, then read the description of this one...It says that they have a desperate search of the Chaos Emeralds, but in this one, they just show Chris running and Crying...nothing about Chaos Emeralds, still Tails saied "We still need two more" but they didn't actully LOOK for them.

  • Quotes

    • Eggman: Bon appetit!
      Bokkun: A tree stump? I can't eat one for lunch?! What do I look like, a termite?!
      Eggman: Well, it's the only food we have, but if you don't like it, we can skip right to the mud pie I made for dessert.
      Bokkun: I hope Decoe and Bocoe ask for their jobs back. Their food didn't taste good, but they never serve me lumber for lunch!
      Eggman: Forget it! I wouldn't take those two turncoats back if they came crawling to me on their gearboxes!

    • Eggman: Oh, it's you. I knew you'd come groveling to get your jobs back, but it's too late.
      Chris: Eggman.
      Eggman: So you bought me a prisoner. If you're trying to buy me off, I can congratulate you.
      Chris: They bought me here 'cause I asked them to!
      Eggman: Huh?
      Chris: You're doing this! You're the one who's making time come to a stop!
      Eggman: Who, me?
      Chris: It's a trick to make them send Sonic back to his world! It won't work! I'll make you tell everyone the truth!
      Eggman: That plan isn't half bad.

    • Eggman: You figured out my scheme, kid. I despised Sonic so much I decided to bring time to a stand still. Then, I tricked this world's scientific expert into believing that Sonic had to be sent back. Now that you caught me out, confess.
      Chris: I'm not kidding, Eggman! You better make time go back to normal or else!
      Eggman: Or else you'll throw a temper tantrum? Face it, kid! Without Sonic here to back you up, your threats are as hollow as your head!
      Chris: Oh yeah?!
      Decoe: Please, Chris, fighting will not help!

    • Eggman: Look, kid, I didn't cause this time-freeze problem. If your grandfather creates Chaos Control, I'm gonna get send back, too.
      Chris: Huh?
      Eggman: I can't build my empire in a world where time is stopped completely. There's no future in it. I have no choice, but to go back. That's the truth, kid.
      Chris: I don't believe you! Liar! You're trying to trick me!
      Eggman: You're the one who's lying to yourself. You don't wanna accept the truth. Deep down, you know once Sonic is gone your life will have to go back to the way it was before. Your days of adventure are at an end, boy, just like your friendship with that hyper-annoying hedgehog. All your dreams have been shattered, haven't they? Life is like that, kiddo. Take it from somebody who knows! Whenever you reach too high, life smacks you down! But on the bright side, at least you and I won't have to see each other ever again.

    • Decoe: Wait, Chris!
      Eggman: Let him go. So long, kid.

    • Chris: Sonic is staying here! if he goes away, you'll be sorry!!
      Chuck: Sorry Chris, we're in danger...It's not Sonic's fault, but he and the others have go back to their world. Chris is cringing like hell.
      Chris: YOU'RE WRONG!!
      Lindsay: Are you sure?
      Chris: Doctor Eggman, must be behind all this...He's fooling everyone to get rid of Sonic.
      Nelson: Chris may be right, this could be another one of Eggman's tricks.
      Chuck: We can't wish this problem away Chris...I know it's hard to hear, but the time has come to say goodbye. Sonic must return to his world, there's no other choice.
      Chris: You can't send him away! I won't let you!!

    • Sonic: You ready for a race!
      Sam: Just let me shift into Sonic speed!
      (After sonic blasts past him)
      Sam: He's getting faster

    • Bokkun: Eggman's food is so nasty, bacteria wouldn't eat it!

  • Notes

    • The city of Station Square is mainly based on the real life city of San Francisco in the video games.

    • Original Japanese Airdate: March 07, 2004

    • Known as "Tails' Episode" in a promo known as "4Kids TV favorites" where users could vote for their favorite episode to air May 7, 2005.

    • US Title: The Beginning of the End

    • There's quite a lot of parts that were cut
      (look at the next show and it'll show a lot of cut scenes)

    • It's revealed that Decoe and Bocoe can join together forming a signal that can signal Bokkun.

    • It's possible that Station Square is somewhere in Southern California. On a Route 101 roadsign, it says Flagstaff is 10 miles away, Phoenix is 150 miles away, while Tucson (they spell it Tucsn) is 265 miles away. I'm guessing in an easternly direction. There's another sign that says that the highway is Interstate 17. Any Californians want to confirm if there is an I-17?

    • Footages from the first episode is used.

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