Sonic X

Season 1 Episode 49

The Day the Earth Stood Still

Aired Unknown Mar 12, 2005 on FOX



  • Quotes

    • Chris: Sonic is staying here! if he goes away, you'll be sorry!!
      Chuck: Sorry Chris, we're in danger...It's not Sonic's fault, but he and the others have go back to their world. Chris is cringing like hell.
      Chris: YOU'RE WRONG!!
      Lindsay: Are you sure?
      Chris: Doctor Eggman, must be behind all this...He's fooling everyone to get rid of Sonic.
      Nelson: Chris may be right, this could be another one of Eggman's tricks.
      Chuck: We can't wish this problem away Chris...I know it's hard to hear, but the time has come to say goodbye. Sonic must return to his world, there's no other choice.
      Chris: You can't send him away! I won't let you!!