Sonic X

Season 2 Episode 18

The Deadly Vortex

Aired Unknown Mar 04, 2006 on FOX
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A space battle ensues when Dr. Eggman, Sonic and the Metarex try to escape a deadly black hole.

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  • An episode full of ups and downs...

    Overall, "The Fatal Swirl" is a good episode and I give it a "thumbs-up". But there are a lot of lesser-good moments which negatively influenced the rating it deserves.

    First, the bad moments: 1. Dr. Eggman: is he really a mad genius or just a clown disguised as a tyrant? Well, it's very difficult to take him seriously when he arrives in the Metarex ship doing a cheerleading dance. And even his threatening towards Chris aren't very convicing for a wanna-be dominator.

    2. Medical problems: in the middle of the episode, Sonic is seriously hurt by the powerful shield used by the Metarex and Knuckles got injured after the Master Emerald engines blew up. This leads to a scene where Sonic and Knuckles lay down on a bed, covered by bandages, and nursed by Amy. This feels so terribly cliché and I didn't fall for it. Right after, Sonic goes on in his space fight and he seems completely OK. And why does Knuckles try to find his way to the engine room without his crutch?

    Second, the good points:

    1. Visual effects: they're all astonishing throughout the whole episode. The swirl edges are well-coloured and the rainbow-ish Star Shield is captivating.

    2. Bocoe & Decoe: from now on, they're able to accomplish tasks without being accompanied by Eggman. Decoe's trick is surprising and well-welcomed and the chat between the two robots while Eggman does his little dance makes them look more serious and intelligent than we would have thought before.

    3. Tails: from the season's beginning, fans would question Tails suddendly becoming a fiery leader aboard his ship, but now Tails questions his own leadership. His depression scenes are full of emotion and Cosmo's attempts to make Tails regain his self-confidence suggests an even stronger interdependence between the two characters. This is cliché too, but the young fox has a strong actor play. Also, his self-thoughts during the battle suggests more rashness than leadership...

    Overall, this is a good episode and it should be watched by every Sonic X fan. But those who want to watch an exemplary episode should start elsewhere...moreless
  • I felt great. I will like Sonic, Chris and their friends. I liked Super Sonic and Super Shadow. I'm liking Shadow and Rouge, too. Will Chris feel his friendship? Chris's a human boy and man. Sonic and Chris are best friends. Sonic and his friends were desmoreless

    I felt great. I liked Sonic, Chris and their friends. I'm liking Shadow and Rouge. I can like Super Sonic and Super Shadow, too. Will Chris feel his friendship? Chris's a human boy and man. Sonic and Chris are best friends. Sonic and his friends were destroying a Metarex monster.
  • This is about the funniest episode in the whole show!

    The episode begins when Sonic and friends enter into a black hole. There, they engage in the battle of the series! By this time, Eggman is on the Metarex side, and uses his new invention (the Star Screen) hurt Sonic and put him into submission when he uses a Sonic Ball and a Ring Tunnel. Knuckles was hurt, too. Then Tails gets discouraged until Cosmo cheers him up. That's when Tails gets the power to fight back! Meanwhile, Eggman and Bokkun do the funniest thing ever- fly around, dancing and chanting "Go Eggman! Go Eggman!" over their "victory". But when Sonic wakes up, he and Chris go in their ship and attack the Metarex ship head on! Then Sonic falls into the hole, just to be caught by Chris! Finally, Tails speeds out of the black hole and celebrates!moreless
Amy Palant

Amy Palant

Miles "Tails" Prower

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Andrew Rannells


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Dan Green

Knuckles the Echidna

Darren Dunstan

Darren Dunstan


Eddie Paulson

Eddie Paulson

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Jack Quevas

Jack Quevas

Cheese The Chao(???)

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