Sonic X

Season 2 Episode 26

The Rebirth of the Planets

Aired Unknown May 06, 2006 on FOX
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With their recent victory, everyone thinks about the difficult times they've had to undergo to get where they are now. Now, with the fight between the Metarex behind them, one final mission remains that only Dr. Eggman can resolve. But when Chris learns of some distressing news, Chris wonders whether Bokkun, Dr. Eggman and his robots really want to see him return home or if they have an ulterior motive in mind. Moreover, is he willing to leave his friends behind?moreless

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  • This fake Pikachu like picture above was deleted

    Hello! There is a scam on the top. I don't know that it's not from Pokemon and it's skin color is a Pikachu
  • too painful for me to watch this final episode!

    My comment on this episode:

    It was so sad after gangs finally defeat metarex and planet eggs was restored. After that..I knew it's truly over and my tears flowed around my face and I couldn't stand watch it..!

    Chris is now going back to his world and I'm very upset that he will not see sonic again..maybe this will be the last time we ever see them together.

    I'm proud to said this..So long until I sees them again! I hope this isn't the last episode!moreless
  • I'm sad that it's over, but, it was great while it lasted. I'll miss this series. Go, go, Sonic! We're gonna miss you.

    I'm sad that it's over, but, it was great while it lasted. I'll miss this series. Go, go, Sonic! We're gonna miss you! We all should be greatful that it was able to last this long. I hate the fact Cosmo is gone, and Sonic and Chris parted ways. But, the happy part is, everyone is home. Everyone will be so mad this is over, but they'll be happy everything is back to normal. We should just be happy! This episode is STILL painful to watch. Everyone LOVED this series like heck! p.s. Don't flag or delete the last episode. It is painful, but a well goodbye...moreless
  • This is not goodbye.

    *ahem* SPOILER ALERT!

    Those four words sum up the episode quite nicely. Maybe. I do not know whether this is goodbye to Cosmo, Chris, or any of our Sonic pals. What I do know, however, is that this episode deserves its classification of "painful to watch" in a variety of ways. Foremost, in a more technical sense, is the dreaded 4Kids dub, the only format in which I have seen this episode, sadly enough. I've heard many nasty things about what 4Kids did to the episode, such as removing a lot of "questionable" parts, many of which were not questionable at all. The second way is that this episode tore at my emotions to a point that, after seeing this and episode 77 (I watched them together), I immediately, well, threw up. I sincerely apologize to those who a yelling "TMI!" at their computer screens right now. This was huge for me as someone who, when it comes to movies and TV, is "as hard as an Indian-rubber ball (thank you, Mr. Rochester)". I do not cry when people die dramatically. I do not get bleary-eyed at things like "Old Yeller". In fact, the only recent things that have even begun to make my insides clench up are "Corpse Bride" and "Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind". There was one thing in particular that squeezed the tears out of me: I saw it coming. The whole reason I began to watch the series was that I looked it up on good old Wikipedia and was curious about this "Cosmo". That was probably a mistake. Watching it slowly unfold is what got me. All of the battles, all of the things Tails did to protect Cosmo, were seemingly in vain. That wasn't so, as I realized later. If Cosmo had been killed by Shadow or had her hearing and sight destroyed by the brain chip, there may have been no hope for the galaxy. Still, it was even worse to watch Tailsmo fluff pop up everywhere, only to make Tails the one to shoot her in the end. I understand the reasons for making this so, but it didn't make it any easier to take. Another upsetting thing is that I was angry with myself. "This is a cartoon!" my head would chide, but my heart (pardon the cliché) melted anyway, even more so under the pressure of common sense. I know that I will probably never watch this again, Japanese, English, or any language it may happen to be in. At least not until I'm sure it won't make me sick.moreless
  • With the battle now over Sonic and his crew go back to their planet and Chris also returns back to earth.

    This is a real tear-jerker. However it all depends on which type of episode you watch. The french version, with nothing cut out of it like the english version, is alot better (though it always is in my opinion). I'm really glad that this season was alot more mature than the last one. Still crossing my fingers for another season.
Amy Birnbaum

Amy Birnbaum

Cosmo/Additional Voices

Amy Palant

Amy Palant

Miles "Tails" Prower

Andrew Rannells

Andrew Rannells


Dan Green

Dan Green

Knuckles the Echinda

Darren Dunstan

Darren Dunstan

Mr. Tanaka/Bocoe

Jack Quevas

Jack Quevas

Cheese The Chao(???)

Amy Birnbaum

Amy Birnbaum


Recurring Role

Carter Cathcart

Carter Cathcart


Recurring Role

Yuuki Masuda

Yuuki Masuda


Recurring Role

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    • Eggman: There's only enough power in these engines for one trip. After that, the machine will be useless, but it should be adequate to return you to your world.
      Chris: I can't believe you went to all this trouble just for me.
      Eggman: Don't thank me yet, kid. Once you learn the full story, you may not want to go.
      Chris: Huh?
      Eggman: I'm absolutely certain it will return you to your planet, but I have no idea how old your body will be when you get there.
      Chris: I have confidence in you, doctor. I'll take that chance.
      Eggman: But you only have a 3-minute window.
      Decoe: That isn't much time, doctor.
      Bocoe: Can you make it 3 days so we can throw him a goodbye party?
      Eggman: Impossible.

    • Eggman: The quantum alignment that makes travel possible between our worlds will only last for three more minutes. This is the only time when travel can occur. After that, Chris will be stuck here.
      Chris: Can I return?
      Eggman: It's difficult to say. I'm not sure when the alignment will reoccur. It could be a week or not for ten thousand years.
      Chris: You mean the fact that I was able to travel here was just a fluke and I may not be able to come back?
      Eggman: It would appear so. The universe has its own set of cycles. No matter how advanced our technology is, we can't change that.
      Chris: I see. So then I guess this is goodbye, doctor.
      Eggman: You've been a terrific ally and a worthy enemy. Good luck.

    • Bokkun: Chris, I got something for ya!
      Chris: If it's from Eggman, I don't want it!
      Bokkun: How'd you know? I think this is my most explosive delivery ever! You'll get a real bang out of it! Here! Come on out here!
      Chris: No way!
      Bokkun: But, Chris, I promise it's not a trick! Dr. Eggman's sending you a present!
      Chris: Huh? Really?

    • Decoe: Never underestimate the superiority of Dr. Eggman.
      Bokkun: He gave his brain cells a real workout this time.

    • Bokkun: Alright, then! I'll tell Sonic and the rest of your pals you were smiling when you left here! Are you sure you wanna go?! That's too bad! We just got to be friends. Goodbye!

    • Eggman: Now that Sonic's team is down by one annoying little pipsqueak, we can get back to building the Eggman Empire!

    • (While Sonic is laying on a tree, Dark Oak speaks to Sonic)
      Dark Oak: You, the one who controls the light, you have saved everyone but still continue to fight us?
      Sonic: Of course! Good night, and sweet dreams!
      (Japanese version)

    • Sonic: I won't forgive you Eggman!
      (Japanese version)

    • (In the Japanese Subtitled version, as Sonic gives one of Cosmo's seeds to Tails)
      Tails: It's not true! Just a second ago that was Cosmo! Answer...answer me! I thought Sonic, you could have saved her...I believed in you...I BELIEVED IN YOU!!! (cries)

    • (last lines of the season)
      Sonic: Watch out, Eggman! I'm comin' at ya at full speed!

    • Cosmo: Thank you all for your friendship. Before I met you, I didn't believe in myself. My clan was whipped out by the Meterex. I thought I was helpless, and couldn't do anything to stop them. But because of you, I realised I didn't have to stand by and watch the Meterex take over. I could do my part to fight back and help restore my clan.. Cosmo:I just want you to know that I am happy now, because I fulfilled my destiny. Remember, I'll always be with you. Don't be sad Tails. Whenever you miss me, just look for me right here beside you.

    • Sonic: If the planet egg lets out all it's energy, the others won't have enough time to get away. I have to move,chaos... Shadow punches Sonic in the stomach.
      Sonic: Hold on Shadow! Sonic falls into the light.
      Shadow: Sorry friend but I'm taking over, after all we wouldn't want you to hurt yourself now would we? Chaos Control!! A huge light surounded the area.

    • (Sonic gives one of Cosmo's seeds to Tails)
      Sonic: Here, Tails. Sorry... I looked for Cosmo, but this is all I found.
      Tails: (crying) A seed... Oh Sonic! Why all this had to happen? It's...just not fair! Now I'll never see hear again! She was...she was my friend! I missed her! She can't be gone!

    • Charmy: (To Vector) How come you never answer the door?!

    • Sonic: The Planet Eggs are liberated.

    • Chris: friend.

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