Sonic X

Season 2 Episode 26

The Rebirth of the Planets

Aired Unknown May 06, 2006 on FOX

Episode Recap

The episode starts off with Vanilla stopping by the Chaotix Detective Office to thank the Chaotix for all that they did for her Cream. Amy and Cream then bring a whole bunch of snacks to Tails to try and cheer him up.

(NOTE: This entire first part, almost 4 minutes long, was not shown in the English dub of the episode.)

Chris then flashes back to the point just when the planet with Cosmo on it was being destroyed. Lucas is seen following Hertia to peace. Suddenly, the planet begins to expand all of its energy. Sonic tries to stop it, but then Shadow punches Sonic out of the way, and Shadow uses the last of his energy to perform Chaos Control to stop time, giving everyone else a chance to escape. Eggman then worries that Shadow may not have survived the Chaos Control he did to save everyone, and he begins to feel some remorse for Shadow. Meanwhile, Sonic approaches Tails with only a seed from Cosmo. Tails, already upset about losing her, finally falls into Sonic's arms, crying as they fly away.

Back on their homeworld, Chris and Knuckles have a little discussion about what's next for Chris, and they fall along the lines of where Chris' home would be now that he can't go back. Near the end of the episode, however, Bokkun sends Chris a message to go to Eggman. By the time he got to him, Eggman shows Chris an egg-shaped pod that will take him home, but there's a catch: Chris only has 3 minutes to return home, or else he could be stuck in Sonic's world! Chris has no time to say goodbye to his friends, just as Eggman planned. Chris then leaves Sonic's universe via Eggman's pod. Eggman tells him that he's been a an ally and enemy to him and wishes him good luck to return to his world. Sonic however is able to say goodbye to Chris as he is running. Once Chris is gone from sight, Eggman says that with Chris out of the way, he can continue his creation of the Eggman Empire. Decoe, Bocoe, and Bokkun jump in excitement from this.

Rouge however still has the amulet which she took from Bokkun that shows who he has a crush on. Bokkun's amulet is opened and we get to see who his crush is. (Not in the english dub) Bokkun has a crush on Cream the Rabbit.

Sonic's last words were "I won't forgive you, Eggman!" ("Life never stays slow around here for long, thank goodness! Watch out Eggman, I'm coming at'cha full speed!" in the English dub). We then see a pot with a seed (the one Sonic found) sprouting a short plant on it.