Sonic X

Season 2 Episode 21

What's Happening to Shadow?

Aired Unknown Apr 01, 2006 on FOX
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Episode Summary

After discovering a disturbing event on an unknown planet, Shadow heads to the Blue Typhoon to hunt down the person who may have something to do with it: Cosmo!.

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  • Thrills and surprises and more thrills and more surprises...

    No doubt about it, the countdown to the end of the season has begun. We should expect that each episode would be better than the previous. And that's exactly what happens here.

    Every time we think that it couldn't get better, there's another episode that shows you otherwise. "Shadow's Arrival" is a near-perfect adventure, providing thrilling battles and spectacular escapes and let's not forget the extraordinary surprises and plot twists.

    Shadow, depicted here as an enemy who thinks he acts as a benefactor, reveals his enormous potential and his strength and power are frightening. Tails, Cosmo's saviour, shows that he's more courageous than anybody. We clearly see that he's motivated by his heart and not by his head. He's ready to sacrifice himself in order to save Cosmo and that wonderfully works on screen.

    The genius of the episode is that the episode never slows, from the beginning till the credits. The action starts before the introduction and there's no slowing down just before the final credits. There's so much magnificient stuff here and the scenarists do a great work with plenty of action, character interaction and nice surprises.

    Talking of surprises, the greatest scene of the episode is certainly the one where Shadow is sent away into space with the Power Cannon. We'd think that all would be over, but Shadow makes an incredible return and the action still goes on. And let's not forget the revealing scenes with Dark Oak and Cosmo which go even deeper than every thing we've heard about previously in the season.

    While watching the end of the episode, I knew that the end of the season would become even more exciting and revealing. I hope I won't be disappointed. Well, whatever happens, this episode and the previous one won't ever leave us cold. This is truly a nice example of thrilling animation.moreless
  • One, Two, Shadow's coming for you...

    Shadow sneaks aboard the Blue Typhoon, his personal mission: killing Cosmo, and no one will stand in his way. Just as Shadow is about kill Cosmo, Chris & Sonic show up to help but are quickly beaten by Shadow, Tails shows up and escapes with Cosmo and starts the emergency shutdown hoping to slow Shadow down. Knuckles quickly finds Shadow and challenges him to fight, but Shadow escapes the fight and continues to find Tails & Cosmo. Rouge shows up and tells Knuckles that they're both after Cosmo, but Rouge & Shadow refuse to tell why they're trying to kill Cosmo. Tails & Cosmo run to the hanger hoping to escape but Shadow quickly shows up offers Tails a chance not to get hurt if gives him Cosmo, Tails refuses and trys to beat Shadow in the X-Tornado, Shadow attacks fast and blows up the Tails' ship, but Tails & Cosmo were able to escape fast before the explosion. Tails & Cosmo continue to run from Shadow, but Shadow catches up again, Knuckles quickly rushes in to stop Shadow but is beaten. As a last ditch effort Tails lures Shadow into the Sonic Power Cannon and blasts him off nto space. Knuckles then confronts Rouge and demands what's going on, Rouge tells Knuckles that Cosmo is the real enemy, not Shadow. Tails & Cosmo go to the bridge glad that it's all over, but Shadow comes back using chaos control with a fake emerald. Tails challenges Shadow to fight, but he is beaten, Shadow confronts Cosmo about to deliver the final blow, when suddenly a Meterax ship shows up and wreaks the bridge and swipes the real chaos emerald. On the Meterax ship, Dark Oak thanks Cosmo on completing her mission and calls her White Seed, Cosmo doesn't know what he's talking about but then has a flashback of when her ship was a attacked, a Meterax confronted her that if she wanted to live she have to be a spy against her will, then suddenly a white light appears and the Blue Typhoon is transported to a deserted planet.moreless
  • An incredible episode.

    Shadow has discovered a secret about Cosmo. It has something to do with the Metarex. Shadow wants to eliminate Cosmo once and for all but Tails protects her. After Shadow injured Sonic, Chris and Knuckles it seems as if Cosmo will be destroyed. Tails lacks strength to fight Shadow but he has intelligence. He blasts Shadow into space using the "Sonic Power ". He thought Cosmo and him were safe but Shadow uses Chaos Control to return. Tails can't think of anything else to do so he attacks Shadow. Shadow is amused and isn't worried. Just then a Ship flies by. Cosmo recalls a moment that she was infected with something by the Metarex that allowed them to see and hear what she sees and hears.moreless
  • Shadow Vs. Everyone!

    Shadow has mysteriously gotten onboard the typhoon and is hunting down cosmo.Intent on protecting her,tails takes her and runs away.Sonic discovers shadow and they fight.Chris wanders into the battle and is blasted by shadow.Sonic takes the attack and is injured.Shadow then continues his search for cosmo.Elsewhere tails and cosmo are still fleeing for their lives.The rest of the crew finds out about shadow and sends knuckles to reason with him.Knuckles finds shadow and tries to talk to him,but fails and they battle.Shadow warps away from knuckles and searches for cosmo again.Knuckles is confronted by rouge,who tells him that cosmo is noth what she seems.Shadow has finally found cosmo and and attacks her.Tails helps her avoid the attacks and goes to the x tornado,trying to fly away.Shadow blasts the x tornado and tails and cosmo fall out.Tails stands in front of shadow and takes each of his blows for cosmo.Tails is badly injured and shadow is going toward cosmo intent on eradicating her.Suddenly,a metarex ship attacks the typhoon and darks oak reveals that cosmo is secretly a spy called white seed!This was one of my favorite episodes.This episode proves that no one should mess with shadow if they dont want to end up getting hurt.End of review...moreless
  • Shadow and Rouge find out that Cosmo's really White Seed, so come to kill her. Whoohoo.

    OMG! That was the best! I seriously could not sit back down in my seat. Not because I was tense, but because I kept jumping up and laughing. I love Shadow, by the way, so, I found this total display of his awesome power funny when used against the good guys who have never lost a fight and think themselves invincible. Well, they got a wake-up call on that one! I, for one, am also eagerly awaiting Cosmo\'s death in ep. 77, so the fact that her life was on the line was actually good.moreless
Maddie Blaustein

Maddie Blaustein

Additional Voices

Amy Palant

Amy Palant

Miles "Tails" Prower

Andrew Rannells

Andrew Rannells


Dan Green

Dan Green

Knuckles the Echinda

Darren Dunstan

Darren Dunstan

Mr. Tanaka/Bocoe

Jack Quevas

Jack Quevas

Cheese The Chao(???)

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Shadow has a cut/Bleeding Scratch next to his left eye for roughly half the episode, and 4kids either didn't notice it or decided to keep it.

    • If the Chaos Emerald was a fake, then how could Shadow use it?

      Responce: Well, Sonic used a fake emerald to use chaos control on a previous episode, Shadow was built to use Chaos Control to its fullest extent, so if Sonic could use Chaos control with a fake chaos emerald, why not Shadow too? Remember, the fake emerals are simply weaker than the originals.

  • QUOTES (22)

    • Sonic: Hold it, Shadow! Ya mind telling me what this is all about?

    • Dark Oak: Your eyes will be my eyes, your ears will be my ears, you will be the ultimate spy and your code name is White Seed.

      Cosmo: (Reaction to her amulet and screams in pain)

    • Knuckles: Well, what are you here for?
      Rouge: Strain your brain, and guess!
      Knuckles: Are you helping Shadow to attack Cosmo?!
      Rouge: Bingo! You're not as dim-witted as you look.
      Knuckles: Why are you doing this?
      Rouge: I'm surprised you and your spaced-out crew mates haven't figured that out for yourselves!

    • Tails: Since there aren't any Metarex around, things should stay pretty quiet.
      Chris: I sure hope you're right, Tails.
      Tails: Me too.

    • Rouge: (To Knuckles) Are all red-heads as tempermental as you?

    • Shadow: Hand that girl over now. I don't wanna fight you Tails, but I will if I have to!

    • Rouge: (To Knuckles) Your foxy friend just made a huge mistake. Cosmo's the enemy, not Shadow!

    • Cosmo: You don't have to do this...
      Shadow: You don't have to talk me out of getting rid of you, so don't try!

    • Cosmo: Wait a second, Shadow. If you insist on getting rid of me, you should at least tell me the reason why.

    • Rouge: Shadow, why aren't you answering?! Shadow... Shadow! It's no use, he's not responding.
      Knuckles: I hope Tails and Cosmo are alright...

    • Knuckles: (Knuckles is preparing to fight Shadow.)
      I've always wanted to Shadow-box!

    • Knuckles: (While trying to block his Spin Dash Attack)
      I've had enough of you, Shadow!
      (Knuckles flings Shadow at a nearby wall.)

    • Tails: Cosmo never did anything to harm you! Why are you after her anyway?!
      Shadow: I'm not going to tell you. Now, move aside, or you'll be sorry.
      Tails: Forget it, Shadow!!

    • Tails: Back off Shadow, or I'll have to stop you myself!
      Shadow: Don't be a fool! I'm too powerful!
      Tails: Yeah, well I've got the X-Tornado!

    • Shadow: I'm warning you, Tails! Give up now or face the consequences!

    • Knuckles: I'm not kidding around, Rouge! You and Shadow can communicate, can't you?!
      Rouge: Mmm... Does that make you feel jealous?

    • Cosmo: Why is Shadow against me?
      Tails: Maybe Eggman sent him to get you. It's even possible that Shadow's working for the Metarex...
      Cosmo: (Gasps) The Metarex?!
      Tails: Anyway, it doesn't matter who gave him the orders.
      Cosmo: Huh?
      Tails: Either way, Shadow isn't gonna give up until he finishes what he started.
      But I don't want you to worry Cosmo. I promise everything will be okay. Because if Shadow tries to hurt you, he'll have to get passed me first!
      Cosmo: ...Thank you...

    • Dark Oak: Well done Cosmo or should I say White Seed! You have now completed your mission.
      Cosmo: White Seed? Mission... What mission? What is he talking about?

    • Shadow: Do you seriously believe a door can stop me?!

    • Shadow: Let's get this over with...

    • Shadow: You traitor!

    • (After using Chaos Control, Shadow's Chao Emerald disintegrates.)
      Shadow: That was a Fake Chaos Emerald!

  • NOTES (6)


    • The Terminator:

      This episode is similar to the movie Terminator because of the same roles the characters in this episode plays. Tails has a similar role to Kyle Reese, Cosmo has a similar role to Sarah Conner, and Shadow has a similar role to the Terminator.