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One Teen. One Dream. One Big Break. This live-action sitcom follows 15-year-old Sonny Munroe (Demi Lovato), who finds instant stardom when her self-produced Internet film catches the attention of some major Hollywood producers. Within days, Sonny and her mom are whisked from Wisconsin to Hollywood where Sonny is given the chance of a lifetime: a starring role in her favorite teen-sketch comedy series, So Random!. Sonny's bubbly personality quickly clashes with the self-centered Tawni Hart (Tiffany Thornton), who isn't too excited about the arrival of the show's newest cast member. Rounding out the cast of So Random! is the suave and confident Nico (Brandon Mychal Smith), his fearless sidekick Grady (Doug Brochu), and the original and quirky Zora (Allisyn Ashley Arm). In addition to her fellow castmates Sonny encounters heartthrob Chad Dylan Cooper (Sterling Knight), the star of the drama Makenzie Falls, which films on the adjacent stage. Sonny gets to know the egocentric Chad as she deals with the bitter rivalry between the casts of So Random! and Makenzie Falls. Can this hometown girl handle the trouble behind-the-scenes as well the struggles of stardom itself? Sonny with a Chance captures the effects of her fame on her home and work life and also includes sketches from the show-within-the-show.moreless

    Chaos Is (Pretty Much) Canceled

    Plus: Running Wilde will be burned off, Demi Lovato gives Sonny with... no more chances, and Dr. Who loses a family member.


    Charlie Sheen Frees Himself From Coupledom

    Plus: See The Amazing Race like you never have before, ABC books another blog for a series, and Republicans love Jay Leno.

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    Fan Reviews (106)

    • Remember when Disney Channel was good?

      I'm too old for Disney Channel. Of course I still watch it. It's depressing just how low they've gone. Take a gander at their newest flop, "Bizaardvark," which is literally a subpar clone of ICARLY. Sonny wasn't perfect, and it got a ton of flack when it was airing, but come on people: it was much better than any of the unfunny live-action sitcom garbage Disney Channel keeps excreting nowadays.
    • *gag*

      This show wasn't funny, clever, and absolutely boring! How was this enjoyable again?
    • Cute but not that funny

      Exactly what the title says. Allow me to elaborate.

      The plot- Sonny Munroe from Wisconsin gets on the popular TV show So Random! and tries to fit in and even makes some friends and they have adventures along the way.

      Comedy- Meh. I may have chuckled once or twice but it's nothing special really.

      Characters- Kind of annoying if you ask me.

      Sonny- Way too upbeat and can be a bit of a doormat letting people walk all over her.

      Tawni- Way too whiny. I swear can I please just shoot her or kick her off the show for good?

      Zora- Girl you need therapy or medications or at least lay off the crack.

      Nico and Grady- I actually kinda like them. They're the only ones that are actually funny.

      Chad- Too cocky and that Mackenzie Falls show looks gay.

      The So Random show- not funny at all. just too annoying and obnoxious.

      The plots in the episodes are pretty cool and I like how the setting is so bright and colorful.

      Channy (Chad and Sonny together)- I actually kind of adore it. I mean these two are so cute together and they seem to have lots of chemistry and you can tell they really love each other.

      Overall the comedy blows and I really hate Tawni. Zora and Chad don't really like but I can deal with them. Nico and Grady love. Sonny, well she's alright .

      Theme Song- Very catchy. Gets stuck in your head.moreless
    • It was not my type, but I still enjoyed watching it

      This is not my number one show on Disney channel. I guess it was too Hollywood for me. However, its original, some of its funny and some of the characters are well scripted and developed. There were some episodes that I really enjoyed but others were pretty boring for me. Still, it was a good enough for show while it was on.
    • I love Sonny with a Chance

      I wish they would put Sonny with a Chance back on Disney Channel im only 11 n I luv that show the new 1 so random sucks

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