Sonny with a Chance

Season 1 Episode 20

Cookie Monsters

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 15, 2009 on Disney Channel
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Sonny, who once was a Blossom Scout herself but got her sash taken away, helps Zora break a record of selling the most cookies but the studio owner's daughter joins the Blossom scouts just to see Zora lose and bribes Chad to help her. Tawni takes a bet from Sonny that she can't stay away from looking at herself in the mirror. Nico and Grady create their own scent to get girls.moreless

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  • This episode is pretty interesting...

    I really enjoy watching that episode "Cookie Monsters" because this is interesting and funny. It's gaves me a good idea to learn more about Boy Scout that gaves effort on my mind. I like that idea that Sonny have true dreams comes true about Girl Scout community service for cookies. I greatly appreciate to watch this and I really enjoy. "Cookie Monsters" is pretty strange but I like that way they're acting strange. Why that Chad is wearing Girl Scout uniform? And why Chad is saying "Shhh... it's a secret."? So...I'm really curious... can you explain to me why Chad is wearing a Girl Scout uniform that looks like a pink.moreless
  • My all time fave CDC quote comes from this episode! "Stupid cookie!" I love this show, and then in the end when everyone is attacking Chad for the cookies! Love it!moreless

    My all time fave CDC quote comes from this episode! "Stupid cookie!" I love this show, and then in the end when everyone is attacking Chad for the cookies! Love it! And the scent that Nico and Grady make "Pink stuff, girl like pink stuff." "And the last ingredient, one sock worn by Zack Efron..." And in the end, "Don't make me take off my shoe!" The whole episode is genius and filled with some of my favorite ever quotes! This is defanitely Tawni's breakthrough episode! A WHOLE day without a mirror! Hilarous and defanitely added to my love for her character!moreless
  • Overall a god episode!

    I liked this episode more then some SWAC episodes! I especialy loved the fact that Tawni slowly starts to look more and more like the joker. The plot to this episode is realy quite good and the acting is even better! Demi Lovato and Sterling Knight are great at acting along with Allison Ashley Arm who plays Zora have put Sonny With A Chance into my favorate TV shows list!

    Madison De La Garza (Demi Lovato's Younger Sister) plays the role of 'Young Sonny as a Blossom Scout'. Madison is better known as her role in Desperate Housewives (Another Favorate Show Of Mine) as Gabrial Solice's Daughter.

  • 120

    Not a bad episode of "Sonny with a Chance". But a lot of things brought this episode down regardless of some funny one liners. All the jokes were not for everyone, maybe for people with the attention span of a four year old, but definitely not for everybody. Sometimes, Sonny with A Chance delivers some good comedy for everybody to enjoy, this was not the case.

    We got to much cliche predictable comedy, and the fact that they repeated the woman saying "You will never be a cookie scout" just about 100 times wasn't very entertaining. The plot wore thin, and there wasn't anything that stood out from the episode to make it a good episode.

    I think the only part I really laughed at was Tawni's transformation, and when she said "Why so serious?" The thing that remains good about this show is the subtle humor not just for kids that Nickelodeon proves to pull off all the time. For the most part, this wasn't the case tonight.

    An okay episode of Sonny with a Chance, I didn't love it but I didn't completely hate it either.moreless
Madison De La Garza

Madison De La Garza

Young Sonny Munroe

Guest Star

G. Hannelius

G. Hannelius

Dakota Condor

Guest Star

Patricia Bethune

Patricia Bethune

Mrs. Montecore

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Demi Lovato, who plays Sonny, is the older half sister of Madison De La Garza, who plays the younger Sonny in this episode. However, Madison is not credited in this episode.

  • QUOTES (3)

    • Sonny: Zora, Blossom Scouts do not bark at little girls.
      Zora: It's not in the handbook! (continues to bark angrily at Dakota).

    • Zora: He's choking, somebody do something!
      Mrs. Monticore:(in a flashback voice) You will NEVER be a Blossom scout, Miss Munroe. I hope no one ever chokes in front of you in real life Miss Munroe... because you will NEVER be able to save them Miss Munroe!
      Sonny: OH YES I WILL!
      (Sonny does the Heimlich Maneuver on Chad and succeeds)
      Chad: Stupid Cookie...

    • (Sonny has a flashback of when she couldn't get her last merit badge needed to become a full Blossom Scout)
      Mrs. Monticore: The victim is choking, Miss Munroe. For the third time, what will you do?!
      (A younger Sonny, who is holding a life size doll, tries to do the Heimlich Maneuver, and the dummies' head falls off)

  • NOTES (0)


    • When Tawni goes for a week without looking in the mirror, she ends up with her make-up smeared all over her face, which has her resembling Heath Ledger's portrayal of the Joker in "The Dark Knight". Even Sonny mockingly refers to her as the Joker and Tawni also says the Joker's famous line, "Why So Serious?".

    • Episode Title: Cookie Monsters

      The title of this episode refers to the character Cookie Monster from Sesame Street. The character is known for his big appetite in many foods, but mainly his liking for cookies.