Sonny with a Chance

Season 2 Episode 10

Falling for the Falls, Part 1

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jun 13, 2010 on Disney Channel
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After Sonny starts watching Mackenzie Falls, Chad ask Sonny out on a date, which she accepts. Then she begins to have second thoughts when she realizes how her castmates will react.

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  • Decent

    First off, I like how Disney Channel is doing more 2-part episodes, without them being an hour. Like, really making us wait a week before we see the conclusion. I like this!

    The episode was good, basically Chad thinks him and Sonny "are destined", at least if we go by all that Sonny said referring to Mackenzie Falls, and they agree to go on their first official date.

    The thing that "worries" me (I'm not the biggest fan ever of this show so...) is that I heard from my cousin (a big fan) that the majority of the reason she watches is for Sonny and Chad. If it is true for her, it must be true for others, I's think anyways. So, I wonder if Sonny and Chad will break up? I wonder if they continue dating after this special 2-parter? Only time will tell.moreless
  • LOVE IT!!! Been waiting 4ever 4 CHANNY!!! Chads face when everyone said that they've watched the falls! Sooooo Funny!! xx

    I LOVE THIS EPISODE!!! I've been waiting 4ever 4 CHANNY!!! Chads face when everyone said that they've watched the falls! Sooooo Funny!! The bit when everyone bardged into Sonnys apartment and Grady shouts "I FOUND CHANGE" realy dramaticly!!! This has got 2 be the BEST Sonny With A Chance episode i've seen! The jokes have gotten miles better now! I didn't think the 1st few episodes of SWAC were that funny, but i can not say that now! I have watched this episode 3 times no joke! I can not get enough!

    At the end of the episode Sonny top was the same colour as Chads jacket!!! Must Watch! xxmoreless
  • Thank you, Disney Channel!

    I've been waiting to see this great episode ever since it was advertised on the New Year's Eve marathon. And all I can say is that it was definately worth the long wait! Sure, the whole "dumping water on people who say 'falls'" bit was confusing, but that's okay. The episode was definately full of Channy moments that kept me sastified. I said "Aw..." when I saw those moments. However, I'm a bit annoyed that it HAD to be a two-part episode. I really do hate cliffhangers. But regardless, I'll watch the second half of the episode...without wearing polka pants.moreless
  • Chad asks Sonny out and they sneak around Sonny's friend.

    Chad really changed during the second episode. At first, he was this jerk, egotistical wimp. Now he is a real boyfriend to Sonny, it is also sweet how he asked Sonny out and they go on their first date together. AWWWWWWWWW! Disney CHannel did the right thing in letting Chad and Sonny be together. By the way if Zora, Nico, Grady, and Tawny were really Sonny's friends, they would accept Chad and Sonny's relationship. ANyway, Chad really surprised me. I thought he was going to be his usual jerk self when he started dating her and he actually changed his ways for her. This episode is excellent!moreless
  • 210

    What every fan of the show was waiting for. Yup, you got it, for Sonny & Chad to go out. I'm surprised Sonny with a Chance gave what the fans wanted so early in the series. Too soon to tell if it's a good thing or a bad thing, but for once in this show's run, I actually found myself genuinely caring for these characters. We got some great gags here and Sonny's mom definitely needs more screen time. She's just hysterical.

    Hearing the crowd cheer when Chad asked Sonny out made me realize what a collosal moment this was for this show. We also got some great tie ins with Mackenzie Falls (the show within a show) and Sonny & Chad's relationship. I'm impressed how they tied things in there with Sonny becoming a fan of Mackenzie Falls and it resulting in Chad asking Sonny out.

    Looking forward to the second part of the episode, but I highly doubt it will be better than this one.moreless

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    • Grady: I used to secretly watch the Falls.
      (Sonny gasps)
      Zora: Ah, who are we kidding? We've all been hooked at one point or another.
      Tawni: I hit bottom three years ago.
      Nico: I've been Falls-free for two seasons.
      Grady: (raises hand) Six episodes
      Chad: This is awesome!

    • Sonny: So, uh, when's the tournament?
      Chad: I'll give you the details tomorrow night.
      Sonny: What's tomorrow night?
      Chad: Oh, our first date. See ya! (winks)
      Connie: Ooh! The plot thickens!
      Sonny: Room!
      Connie: Oh, can't we just talk?
      Sonny: Room!

    • Connie: You're all wrong because Chad is here to see me.
      Nico: What?
      Sonny: Mom?
      Connie: It's okay, Sonny. I am not ashamed to tell them the truth.
      Sonny: No, but I might be.
      Connie: Trust me. Chad came here tonight bearing gifts for me because -
      Chad: Sonny's mother is also my mother.
      (everyone gasps)
      Sonny: So that means?
      Connie: That's right.
      Sonny: Chad is -
      Connie: Yes
      Sonny: Your long lost brother
      (everyone gasps)
      Grady: You lied! Don't believe them, Sonny. This is the plotline of the season finale of first three seasons of Mackenzie Falls.
      Sonny: How would you know that, Grady?

    • Sonny: I need to talk to you, immediately.
      Chad: Actually, I glad you're here. I need a favor.
      Sonny: I don't have time to help you with your science project.
      Chad: Please, I have actual scientists for that.

    • (door bell rings)
      Connie: Oh good, something to do! (opens door) Mackenzie! (closes door)
      Sonny: Mom?
      Connie: Sorry, I didn't know how strict your ban was.

    • Sonny: Let me tell you something. Twenty-four hours ago, I fell in love with a guy named Mackenzie, and you, Chad, are no -
      Chad: Don't say Mackenzie. Do not say Mackenzie!
      Sonny: Mackenzie!
      Chad: She said it! That's it! Where's my Security? (to Sonny) You are no longer welcome at the Falls
      Sonny: (throws water at Chad) You said falls!

    • Sonny: You know, it's funny, like I learned at Mackenzie Falls sometimes, if you look at something with an open mind, you can surprise yourself, so yeah.
      Chad: What?
      Sonny: Yeah, I'll go out with you.
      Chad: Good.
      Sonny: Good!
      Chad: So we're doing this?
      Sonny: I guess so! (walks away then comes back) Wait, so I still don't know; does Mackenzie ever ask -
      Chad: Bah, bah, bah, bah. If we're gonna make this thing work, I'm gonna have to insist you never to ask me about my business.
      Sonny: Fine. I guess I'm gonna have to check the blogs like everybody else.

    • Sonny: I'm sorry. Did you just ask me out?
      Chad: I'm sorry. Didn't you just beg me to?
      Sonny: Wait, do you think I was talking about - Oh dear, this is awkward.
      Chad: Hahahaha.. Sure is, sure is awkward. I mean, I know why it's awkward. Just wanna know if you know why it's awkward?
      Sonny: I was talking about Mackenzie and Chloe, but you seem to be talking -
      Chad: No, haha. Yup, yup, me too same page. Whoo!
      Sonny: Woohoo!
      Chad: See, I just thought you thought I thought it was awkward 'cause you thought I was asking you out rather than Mackenzie asking Chloe out, which I was.
      Sonny: Yeah, but you said Sonny
      Chad: Yep, but that's awkward.

    • Chad: So what do you want?
      Sonny: Some answers
      Chad: To what?
      Sonny: To how it all ends, to how long it's gonna be before you ask the girl you're destined to be with.
      Chad: I'm not sure I can answer that.
      Sonny: Aren't you in charge of your own destiny?
      Chad: Uh, I guess
      Sonny: Well, then it's time to say enough. I mean when two people are this right for each other, there's only one thing to do.
      Chad: How long have you felt this way?
      Sonny: Just since yesterday! It hasn't been long but it hit me like a ton of bricks.
      Chad: Guess I feel the same way.
      Sonny: Well then do something about it.
      Chad: Okay, I will. Sonny, will you go out with me?

    • Sonny: What are you guys doing here?
      Zora: It's worse than we thought!
      Nico: Flowers? A Mac Falls box set? And a photo of Chad holding flowers and a Mac Falls box set?

    • Chad: You're a Mackenzie Falls fan now?
      Sonny: Yeah.
      Chad: Cool.
      Sonny: Yeah.
      Chad: Cool. So I suppose I should probably tell you I'm a So Random fan now.
      Sonny: Really?
      Chad: Yeah, but I'd be lying.

    • Chad: I need a tennis judge. Word on the street is you can help.
      Sonny: What? I'm not a tennis judge.
      Chad: So you just made that up?
      Sonny: Yes, but listen -
      Chad: Who makes up something like that?
      Sonny: Who needs a freelance tennis judge?
      Chad: Actually, I'm hosting my annual charity tournament. I don't wanna lose again.
      Sonny: Oh, I see. Well, as much as I'd love to help you cheat for a good cause, I can't. Why? Oh yeah, because I'm not a tennis judge!

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