Sonny with a Chance

Season 2 Episode 11

Falling for the Falls, Part 2

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jun 20, 2010 on Disney Channel

Episode Recap

Sonny and Chad try to keep the fact that they're dating a secret from their respective co-stars. Nevertheless, they

slip up by repeating the words "Chad" and "Sonny" during their rehearsals. The slip-ups make the cast members of their respective shows suspicious. When Chad and Sonny go on their first date, Chad messes up since he is nervous and ends up throwing up water on Sonny. The next day, Sonny's co-stars find out about their date when the encounter is posted on the cover of "Tween Weekly" magazine. Chad

blames Sonny for him acting awkward and Sonny, angry, calls off any future dates. To apologize he then climbs through her window and into her apartment; he shows Sonny a billboard he had made outside her apartment that read, 'Chad is a fool for Sonny.' The two then restart

their relationship and have a "second first date", much to the dismay of their fellow cast members.