Sonny with a Chance

Season 2 Episode 7

Gummy With a Chance

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 09, 2010 on Disney Channel
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Gummy With a Chance
After an accident, Tawni attempts to ban gum from the set. This complicates things for Sonny, who believes that chewing gum is what makes her funny.

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  • This episode was horrible.

    This episode was horrible.Mostly because of Tawni's overreaction,i mean come on,all you did was trip over gum.I've never really liked this show especially because of Chad's hot air.He took too far,i mean who would let people workout in his gym to power his dressing room just for publicity? But i really hated that excuse for the "solar power" breaking down, i mean why did they think the fat guy hang gliding blocking the sun would be funny,it's just down right offensive to fat people everywhere, NOT COOL.This is a new low even for Disney Channel!This episode was down right horrible!moreless
  • Bad

    Tawni trips on a piece of gum and gets hurt... so she tries to ban gum. Sonny does not want this because she believes she can't be funny without gum.

    A lot of things about this episode, a lot of it is a rant. So, if you liked the episode, don't read the rest (unless you want to know why I disliked it).

    The "Sicky Vicky" sketch or whatever it was called, was dumb. Especially the end because athelete's foot isn't a "sickness". I had it... it makes your feet itch, and that is not itself a sickness at all. Plus, the sketch, about a girl being sick and showing the audience how to have fun when sick, was dumb I thought.

    "I could have died!" "But you didn't!" I HATED this exchange the more it appeared. Like, really... it was annoying the first time, it did not need to reappear many other times.

    I think the idea of a preshow ritual is kind of dumb. I mean yea, some people might have them, but still. I mean, how does chewing gum make someone "funny"? Also, how does someone think that? Yea, we get an explanation why Sonny thinks this, but still.... I just don't believe that.

    Basically I disliked everything out of this episode. I am sorry if you disagree... it gets an F from memoreless
  • After Sonny's pre-ritual, gum is banned from the set because tawny tripped over a piece of gum while sonny was doing "Sicky Vicky".

    To be honest, this episode is the worst. I did not like this episode. For starters, when the writers of Sonny With A Chance sit down and write the episodes, were they feeling okay? Were they sick when they came up with the episode Gummy with a Chance aka this episode? Why do I ask? because there were so many problems with this episode I don't know where to begin.

    1). There is a lacking in the intelligence department. Since when is athlete's foot a sickness? Athlete's foot is a fungus caused by wearing an infected person's shoes or socks. second of all, who mistakes a fire alarm for a Mexican exercise machine?

    2). The way that Tawny reacted to the gum on the stage was uncalled for, totally immature, not to mention; stupid! In fact, that is what this entire episode was about(A girl who overreacts to falling over a piece of gum).Tawny overreacted the same way my mother overreacts to things, it was sad! And besides, it was an accident, Sonny did not know that the gum was on the stage to begin with. The worst thing that Tawny did was ban gum all because of an accident, totally worthless!

    I could go on and on but this is enough! I'm sorry to all of the people who actually liked this junk but this is the truth and I'm sticking to it. I am not about lie in order to get viewers to agree, if you agree with me, fine but this is the truth. I just thought that viewers had better taste in episodes than this but I guess I was wrong! This is why this episode gets a 2 or should I say an F.moreless

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  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Each So Random cast member has their own "pre-show ritual":
      *Zora snaps heads off of dolls.
      *Grady dances.
      *Nico bounces on a pogo stick.
      *Tawni says she loves herself while plucking the pedals off a flower.
      *Sonny chews gum.

    • Athlete's foot isn't something that requires you to stay home. It may make your foot itch, but that doesn't mean you can't go to school.

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    • Tawni: A vision? Who are you...Raven?

      This is a reference to the Disney Channel Original series That's So Raven, where Raven Symone played a teenage girl who would have psychic visions.