Sonny with a Chance

Season 2 Episode 5

High School Miserable

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 18, 2010 on Disney Channel
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Sonny and her fellow cast members are forced to attend a public high school after they are all fired from the show because of their complaints about a new addition to the cast. Can Tawni, Nico, Grady, and Zora survive a normal high school, even though it's not the "musical" they thought it would be?moreless

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    Okay, so the premise was a little ridiculous with the So Random! Cast getting fired within one episode and then going back to school only to discover it was all a dream. Chad's appearance at the end surprised me, I didn't think he would appear and when he did, it was pretty funny.

    The song/dance number, the sketch in the beginning and Chad shooting out shirts rolled up from a gun was all original and pretty outstanding. This will definitely be a memorable episode, overall.

    Zora was present in the episode. Usually her appearance kills the entire episode, but she was actually funny here. Dakota NEEDS to become some sort of main star, she's just absolutely hilarious. Great episode of SWaC.moreless
  • This is an episode that begins with a good "So Random" sketch, and runs into a great series of laughs, well done. (Plus: The song and dance number ;)

    The show begins with one of the funniest "So Random" sketches SWAC has ever done. I loved the Real Princesses of New Jersey, because it had a lot more wit than many of the others skits.

    The show continues with the cast of SR complaining about their mild accommodations in their backstage lives.

    Thanks to Sonny's flawed sense of intuition, the cast writes to Mr. Condor (The Bossman), and they are initially adding Dakota as a member of the cast, but then ultimately kicked out of the show, and forced into public school. To follow was a series of hilarious attempts at the Randoms to act normal, especially with Grady receiving a number of different wedgies from over-sized Martha, including "The Hoodie." This was one of the funniest episodes of Sonny I have seen in a while,

    Then of course, they jump into a "High School Musical" Parody number, and the laughs just keep coming. But in the end, it was all just in their minds, anyway this episode was hilarious, and we saw some of the best moments from Grady and Zora. Grady seems to handle dating all to well ;)moreless
  • Best episode ever!

    I loved the funny Real Princesses of New Jersey sketch. Then I felt really bad for the cast when they had to go to public school and then Dakota stole the show. Their song was so funny as well who knew they could sing! Except for Sonny of course. Then I was really confused when nobody liked it and they loved Dakota. Their song was way more entertaining. The ending was so unexpected, it was all a dream! Haha, I was glad it wasn't real or that would've sucked. Then it was funny when they were all so grateful of Marshall. Plus, I think Sonny looks really pretty this season! I loved her outfit in the beginning sketch!moreless

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  • TRIVIA (2)

    • The principal said there is no singing in high school, however typically there is usually a chorus, choir, or glee club. Potentially even a talent show that could involve singing.

    • Goof: In the scene when Zora is trying to fight Dakota Condor, her glasses disappear and reappear in the close-up of her and Sonny.

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    • Tawni: So what are you, team Edward or team Jacob?

      Team Edward and team Jacob are the two fan-made teams from the movie Twilight.

    • The Real Princesses of New Jersey

      The sketch is a parody of the reality show The Real Housewives of New Jersey on Bravo.

    • Sonny: Just like when I told Grady he wouldn't be able to go to Pandora.

      "Pandora" is the center location in James Cameron's hit 2009 science-fiction film Avatar.

    • Episode Title: High School Miserable

      The episode's title is a play on the name of the hit Disney Channel Original Movie, High School Musical. The musical number that the cast does spontaneously in the cafeteria is similar to those performed in the High School School movies.