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  • Remember when Disney Channel was good?

    I'm too old for Disney Channel. Of course I still watch it. It's depressing just how low they've gone. Take a gander at their newest flop, "Bizaardvark," which is literally a subpar clone of ICARLY. Sonny wasn't perfect, and it got a ton of flack when it was airing, but come on people: it was much better than any of the unfunny live-action sitcom garbage Disney Channel keeps excreting nowadays.
  • *gag*

    This show wasn't funny, clever, and absolutely boring! How was this enjoyable again?
  • Cute but not that funny

    Exactly what the title says. Allow me to elaborate.

    The plot- Sonny Munroe from Wisconsin gets on the popular TV show So Random! and tries to fit in and even makes some friends and they have adventures along the way.

    Comedy- Meh. I may have chuckled once or twice but it's nothing special really.

    Characters- Kind of annoying if you ask me.

    Sonny- Way too upbeat and can be a bit of a doormat letting people walk all over her.

    Tawni- Way too whiny. I swear can I please just shoot her or kick her off the show for good?

    Zora- Girl you need therapy or medications or at least lay off the crack.

    Nico and Grady- I actually kinda like them. They're the only ones that are actually funny.

    Chad- Too cocky and that Mackenzie Falls show looks gay.

    The So Random show- not funny at all. just too annoying and obnoxious.

    The plots in the episodes are pretty cool and I like how the setting is so bright and colorful.

    Channy (Chad and Sonny together)- I actually kind of adore it. I mean these two are so cute together and they seem to have lots of chemistry and you can tell they really love each other.

    Overall the comedy blows and I really hate Tawni. Zora and Chad don't really like but I can deal with them. Nico and Grady love. Sonny, well she's alright .

    Theme Song- Very catchy. Gets stuck in your head.
  • It was not my type, but I still enjoyed watching it

    This is not my number one show on Disney channel. I guess it was too Hollywood for me. However, its original, some of its funny and some of the characters are well scripted and developed. There were some episodes that I really enjoyed but others were pretty boring for me. Still, it was a good enough for show while it was on.
  • I love Sonny with a Chance

    I wish they would put Sonny with a Chance back on Disney Channel im only 11 n I luv that show the new 1 so random sucks
  • Why did you get suicidal thoughts Demi?

    This show was pretty funny and probably the best thing Disney Channel ever came up with. (and probably the only thing they ever will) My brother evn thought this was funny and we have 2 completely diferent tastes of entertainment.
  • Got funnier as the show went on...

    The beginning of the show's premiere was weak but then it got funnier and better. Good morals like not judging a book by its cover were shown. One of the brightest moments (i think) in Demi Lovato's career. Love her friendship with Tawni except in the beginning where it reminds me of Victorious pilot Tori and Jade.
  • OK, another shit show from Disney...

    This is just another stupid excuse for a comedy show. Since 2005, Disney has had a huge downfall and other networks are slowly following them. Disney Channel used to be remembered for classic shows like Mickey and Minnie, Recess, Famous Five, Kim Possible and more but now it's become another tween channel with boring, generic shows as well as the same storylines and clich characters. Let's get to the details:


    To be honest, the characters are boring and one dimensional. You can't connect with anyone in particular and the acting skills are poor. So, here's a quick summary of each character in general:

    Sonny = The 'new girl' who tries too hard to fit in and is too happy and preppy.

    Tawni = The blonde 'diva' who only seems to care about fashion and herself but is nice in certain times.

    Nico = The only main black guy put in the show so Disney doesn't seem racist. He is a weird ass who tries too hard to be funny and is dumb as hell.

    Grady = A white version of Nico.

    Zora = A weird ass who takes crazy to a new level and needs mental help.

    Chad = A male version of Tawni who is supossedly Sonny's boyfriend in the later series. Why?

    The plots:

    The plots make no sense as usual and it's pretty much the same old clich thing which involves Sonny meddling and trying to change things, Tawni being her usual bitchy self, Zora being too loopy, Nico and Grady getting up to who knows what and Chad being a male version of Tawni.

    The jokes:

    The jokes are as stupid as hell and the laugh track pisses me off. And guess what? It's made by the stupid It's a Laugh Productions, who put in the laugh track every 5 seconds to make their low budget jokes funny. The jokes are the same thing over and over but changed.


    This should be cancelled and if you want to see a proper comedy, watch All That or the Amanda Show. Still, this isn't as bad as So Random, which is a cheap SWAC knockoff minus Demi Lovato.

    Characters = 0/10

    Plot = 0/10

    Jokes = 0/10

  • demi lovato left

    used 2 luv this show but they cancelled it because demi lovato left the show
  • First bad! Now it's not ok but not bad.

    "Sunny with a Chance" was a horrible show. I found it stupid. Though when they cancelled it I kept thinking why. I never found out. A year later they made the show within the show called "So Random". I thought it was a little bit better than "Sunny with a Chance". But why did they make it? It was basically the same show except now Demi Lovato wasn't in it. I guess I thought it was better because it had musical performances of bands and singers I knew. But now that's not on anymore. I don't know why.
  • Why did they cancel this to put stupid old So Random?

    I loved this show alot why did they get rid of it.I loved nearly every character except Zora who was really annoying I loved Sonny and Chad the most.BRING THIS BACK OR ELSE AND CANCEL SO RANDOM!
  • Teerrible Overrated Show.

    When I first watched the Avert/Trailer to this show, I Said ''this looks good'' So I Said this show deserves a few tries. When I first watched it, it was ok. I Watched it again, and it was just simply a clone of the first episode. I Watched a few more episodes and still ''The Same Boring Episode Repeated again''. This show is justultra Dry, The same jokes and everything repeatd again. When I Watched the Advert it said ''A Comedy show about a Comedy Show'', It is just an Icarly/The amanda show ripoff. This show has the worst acting Ive ever seen on tv, Like, why is Sonny all the time smiling (you can see by the picture).
  • Yeahh Okay...

    I liked it. Before SO RANDOM...... A SHOW WITH IN A SHOW IS NOW ITS ON SHOW, was on.
  • Season 1 was good but season 2 isn't that good.


    Season 1 was good but season 2 isn't that good. Alright i watch a lot of disney channel, and i like most of the shows but this show isn't that good. The characters that i think are hilarious are Nico and Grady. They should'v e had there own show instead of sonny. Zora and Sonny are a little funny. And Tawni and Chad are freakin annoying. GOSH! Overall 6.5/10.

  • This show is awful!!


    I hate this show so much. This so if definatly the worst show on disney channel. And disney channel shows are all bad. This is the worst show in the world. Whoever watches this show has absolutly no life. This show is so freakin bad it is klinda funny. This is the worst show in the whole freakin world

  • No. All I...


    can say is no. This show is dismal AT BEST. First of all this shpw ruined Demi Lovato's life. The stress was just builing up till she could'nt take it anymore. But she was'nt that great acress anyway. She could be funny at times but she dos'ent have the personality to back it up.

  • Great Disney Channel show

    I think that this is a great Disney Channel show to watch. It's a cute and very funny show. I don't find the "So Random" comedy bits funny but when Sonny Monroe and the rest of the gang are NOT on "So Random" then it's funny. I didn't like this show that much when Season 1 came out. But then, I enjoyed this show a lot more when Season 2 came. I think Season 2 is a better season than Season 1 and also because I love Demi's hair black in Season 2. I can't wait for Season 3 to come out. I just hope they don't keep us waiting too long for Season 3. This is one of the shows that my mom and I really enjoy together and my mom would keep asking me when Season 3 is coming out because she enjoys this show... I think she enjoys this show just as much as I do though. I do believe that this is definitely Disney material because of the gags in this show and the "So Random" bits. I think my least favorite character in this show is Tawni because she only thinks about herself but I started to like her a little more when Season 2 came out though. Overall, this isn't my favorite show but it is a very funny family friendly comedy show and this is one of the shows that my mom and I really enjoy watching together because we don't really watch that many television shows together but it's nice that this show brought me and my mom together so we can have our mother/son television time and I definitely recommend it to the little kids. 8.5/10
  • This is the big break and is calling her name.

    Sonny Monroe wascalled upby her favorite sketch show and aksed to join the main cast. She said no, So the company went tyo Wisconsin and kidnapped her. No, I'm joking, she accpeted and left to LAX.

    There she met her co starts Grady & Nico (those dudes who Always get in trouble) Tawni Hart (the dive who hates her but then befirends her), Zora (cloudcuckoolander x2) & Marshall, her boss. She also meets Mackenzie Falls start & future boyfriend Chad. Dylan. Cooper. ZOMg!

    Overall: I like this show. I wonder what the future departs for it after all of the Demi rehab extraveganza, but only time will tell. 8.5/10.
  • I really tried to give this show plenty of chances, but honestly Sonny with a Chance doesn't stand a chance at all and is just another uninspired Disney show (review updated)

    Sonny with a Chance is Disney's latest show that while it's better than most of the sitcoms I have seen on Disney, that's not saying much. The show centers around a girl named Sonny who gets onto a TV show called So Random. She works with three other people and do musical numbers as well. To be fair, the show sounds really promising and is a lot better premise than most of the Disney shows, but it kinds of falls short. The show is a comedy within a comedy show, now while it sounds good, it reminds me a little bit too much of either The Amanda Show or All that from Nickelodeon. Also the premise reminds me of another bad Disney sitcom, Shake It Up!. The sketches they do though are terrible and unfunny, but thankfully most of the show follows a plot. Speaking of the plots, they are actually pretty decent, but nothing that really is interesting. The humor is a case of hit or miss, and a lot of the time for me it's miss. There are some funny things in this show that can give a laugh, but most of the time, I sit there wondering what's so funny when something is supposed to be funny. There is of course that stupid laugh track. Seriously Disney, will you knock it off with that?! I and many others are tired of hearing that thing go off every 10 or so seconds. The cast don't really give a great performance. Most of the time they are overacting, the dialogue spoken is weak, and the jokes they try to tell comes off awkward. The characters they play are rather annoying. Tawni is really annoying and reminds me of London from the Suite Life of Zack and Cody. Sonny herself is passable, but underacts too much. Chad was below average and right up there with Sonny. Nico and Grady are pretty decent as well, but they overact a lot. Zora is the worst though and drives me insane and reminds me of Lulu from True Jackson VP. The set designs are rather creative and are pretty good and shows some creativity the producers were going for in this show. We are treated usually to musical numbers and while not horrendous, I could live without them and don't find them that great, but at least it isn't Hannah or JONAS Brothers singing. Overall, I find this show to not be horrendous, but it's still bad, but it's a lot better than the other sitcoms on Disney. The stories are rather boring, the characters are rather one dimensional and overact too much, the laugh track is used too much, the humor is barely noticed, and the premise steals from 2 better Nick shows you could be watching. Do yourself a favor and go see All That or The Amanda Show instead, you are sure to get laughs from those shows, and not this. Sorry all of you SWAC fans, but I really can't stand this show.
  • Worse Than imaginable

    My daughter Amy was excited about this, but after seeing it, i disliked it and asked her what she thought, so she replied i still like all the other shows better. This is not funny." I agree 100%. A seven yearold hated this show and i do to. Demi Lovato can't act, the little girl is to annoying, the two boys and thebblonde girl show some talent, but Demi Lovato is unfit for therole. The Mackenzie falls parts were terrible. It was POORLY WRITTEn. DEmi Lovato couldnt really administer the part correctly. The show is only popular beacause of her but in truth, the show will drown because of her. She was poorly cast in a poorly written show with copied ideas. My Cousin who lives in the neighiborhood and has daughters aged 13 , 10, and 8 and She watched it with them and No one laughed any time. The same thing happened at my house. This was a hit or miss show and it was a miss. A BIG MISS
    I even gave it a second weekend. I still Hated it.
    I find her (demi lovato ) and all of the Terrible BaD Writing and casting and acting disturbing.
  • What is happening to tv now?

    The jokes are not funny. usually I give every show a chance no matter what, even this show. I knew this show would be lame from the beginning. What is happening to tv shows? It seems like almost every time there is a new live action comedy show it gets less funnier each time (not all the time though).That's why I prefer animated shows or drama. In the show, every time I hear a laugh, I think "How is that funny?". It's like after every sentence there's laughing. I think this show should stop, even though it just started. The characters are unfunny. This is one of the worst shows ever. I have never even heard of the other actors, besides demi. The only thing I like from the show is the song la la land (which is a pretty good song :D).
  • Definitely not one of Disney's best shows.

    I was kind of excited to see this because the previews made the show look funny. Unfortunately after watching it, this was not my favorite. Sure, the theme song is catchy but the plots are not. It stings a little to say that this show is cheesier than All That and The Amanda Show combined. The jokes they crack are not funny and the characters in the show are just not that good. Especially the main character, Sonny. She doesn't seem too good of a character. In the third episode, she ALREADY felt the need to leave So Random! and head to its competition show, MacKenzie Falls. I was just disappointed when I saw this show.
  • words can't describe how much this show sucks monkey balls but i'll give it a shot...

    sonny with a chance is like every other disney sitcom it's got the same type of plot but with different settings and's about a girl who gets cast as a cast member in a show called "so random" I'll tell you what's so random that name for that dumb fake show and has to balance her "normal" life with her being a TV they over exaggerate how good "Sonny's" ideas for skits are they are as unoriginal as most of the show,I'll bet the creators of the show thought it would make the show more interesting by giving the characters weird names.why can't they be original? I know it's hard but come on now do they really expect kids to buy into this dreck?honestly it's the same plot in every disney show only with different settings and things to make it look different.i hate this show so there!!! edfan out
  • It has a good basis, but it DEFINANTLY needs to grow more brain cells.

    One of the shows I was hoping to be a sucess was Sonny with a Chance. For one thing, my favorite Camp Rock gal - Demi Lovato - is on, and the fact that this Sketch comedy is adding something important that the others don't. And that's plot.

    So, I got some popcorn, and started watching it.

    30 minuets later, I felt it had failed, even on Disney standards.

    The plot, I know is Disney standerable, but the cast seems to go weak and far beyond character. Demi's role as Sonny is really salf and weak to others. Tawni dosen't even seem to exist in our time, Bradly and Marshal seem to live loony, Zora - is she on crazy pills? And Chad is just poperus.

    I felt little to no laughs, even for being cheezy.

    Bottom line, it has a strong line of plot, but it needs to grow up. Badly.
  • Who Thought of this and said yea thats a great idea

    I watched two episodes and hated it i was reading reviews and i agreed 100% "after seeing it, i disliked it ... i still like all the other shows better. This is not funny. I A seven yearold hated this show and i do to. Demi Lovato can't act, the little girl is to annoying, the two boys and the blonde girl show some talent, but Demi Lovato is unfit for therole. The Mackenzie falls parts were terrible. It was POORLY WRITTEN. DEmi Lovato couldnt really administer the part correctly. The show is only popular beacause of her but in truth, the show will drown because of her. She was poorly cast in a poorly written show with copied ideas. My Cousin who lives in the neighiborhood and has daughters aged 13 , 10, and 8 and She watched it with them and No one laughed any time. The same thing happened at my house. This was a hit or miss show and it was a miss. A BIG MISS
    I even gave it a second weekend. I still Hated it.
    I find her (demi lovato ) and all of the Terrible BaD Writing and casting and acting disturbing.""

    Now that was what aubreyp said and the whole thing is true. Demi lovato can't act. She is terrible. The writers are terrible. The script is outragous. The plot is stupid. This show is like someone looked in a tv studios garbage can with a bunch on RANDOM episodes and shows and combined them all together. That is what this garbage is like. I will never watch an other episode. Sorry all fans to this show but WOW !
  • Could've been a great show...

    When I saw the commercials for this, I fell in love with it. It looked so funny, and random. I would laugh at all the commercials, and talk say stuff like "This show is gonna be GREAT." Then, on that fateful day- February 8th, 2009...

    I watched it. I thought it was bad, and really lacking in the "sense" department. I felt Disney was trying to be iCarly and The Amanda Show (two other fabulous shows) and they did it poorly. Zora is TOO crazy, Tawni is just stupid, Chad needs help, Grady is annoying, Nico's okay, but kind of lame, and most of all, SONNY. Sonny kind of reminds me of a little sheep trying too hard to fit in. She's a pushover, lets Tawni treat her wrong all the time, and just tries to "fit in."

    The bottom line: A show that could be good, if it wasn't on horse pills.
  • No offence whatsoever intended. But personally I just don't find this show funny, I think So Random's a rip-off of other shows, and the acting could use a lot of work.

    I watched Sonny with a Chance, and I was disappointed by it extremely. I don't mind Demi's singing, but her acting could use some big improvement. In just about every scene, she's smiling and is just acting way too happy. I mean, I know that might be the kind of girl she's supposed to be playing, but it gets annoying to see her smiling so much. In addition I was very upset at the show Sonny went on. It was a total rip-off of the Amanda Show, which in my opinion, is way funnier than So Random is. Actually I felt this entire show was a rip off from iCarly (kids acting in a show, even if it's just online) and possibly True Jackson VP (True doesn't really fit in in her work place). I think the other character, who I don't remember their names, are just way too weird especially the boys. I don't find this show funny in anyway really. While I was watching an episode, I actually didn't laugh once throughout the whole thing. Although I don't think it is a good show, I know Disney Channel is gonna make a big deal outta it, just because it has Demi Lovato in it, which will attract many little girls. I mean it's already being played just about every day and it just aired on Disney Channel. And I mean it's like Disney didn't do that with any of their other shows, so why are they doing it with this show? Oh wait, I know. Demi Lovato.
  • You cannot tell me her smile isn't creepy

    Here we go again. Sonny is a girl who has just joined the cast of a t.v show called So Random! The cast is a mix of personalities including a spoiled girl named Tawni, two nuckle heads Nico and Grady, this little psycho Zora, and the stuck up Chad. Now, personally I don't hate the story line. In fact, I think if the show hadn't been a Disney drone it could've done well. Yet once again Disney had to find the worst people to play the parts.
    Sonny... where do I begin... I can't stand her. If she were a more fun random person I would enjoy the performance. But Demi Lovato gives off this creepy stalker vibe (expecially the smile). Plus she has no edge. Boring!
    So usually when I hate the main character I cheer for the villian. And Disney gave us Tawni. The most boring lame mean girl ever. She has no evil, but she can whine. Which is all she does. Omg Sonny where is my lipgloss? Chad is Sonny's love/hate interest. First of all he is a jerk! J-E-R-K! I can't believe she can even stand him. He thinks he is better than everyone, but deep down he really has a soft side *rolls eyes*. So Disney is teaching us that no matter how badly we girls are treated if the guy is cute, it's worth it. Sick.
    Now the other characters are more minor. Zora is just super annoying and weird, but not funny at all. I don't mind Nico and Grady, but it's still not worth watching for them. Sorry guys!
    Overall this is just another shallow Disney show with poor acting and bad morals. I wish, and this goes for all Disney shows, that the people would be a little more real and we weren't sending these fake personalities as role models. I want these people to focus more on benefiting something else besides their hair and dress.
  • A show within a show? Lord help me..

    the idea is pretty original but lacks main plot, proper characters, and better acting. This show is really horrible, its just as bad as Jonas. Sonny(What kind of name is that for a girl) played by Demi Lovato suddenly becomes the bggest thing in Hollywood somehow..they don't explain. She came from Wisconsin to do a show in Hollywood. I don't really know where to start for this show. Its just brain dead, I can't even stand this show for a minute. I can't beleive that this is marked as Comedy. I never even cracked a smile watching this it is very lame and a very very terrible show. But thats what Disney does these days, they try to get BIg name stars to act in the lame shows..I would tune into this and watch it if Demi Lovato wasn't the main star..2 words

  • Really Bad

    I don't know why I gave this show a chance. This show has really horrible acting, none of the so-called "jokes" are even a little funny.... the characters are really annoying. I've only seen like 3-4 episodes, and they are all pretty bad. Plus I think Demi Levato {however you spell her name} is a bad actress, I don't really know why, but I think she is terrible at acting.

    So, all in all, this is probably DC's worst show on right now. It's just not funny at all, and none of the characters are even a little likeable for me
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