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  • OK, another shit show from Disney...

    This is just another stupid excuse for a comedy show. Since 2005, Disney has had a huge downfall and other networks are slowly following them. Disney Channel used to be remembered for classic shows like Mickey and Minnie, Recess, Famous Five, Kim Possible and more but now it's become another tween channel with boring, generic shows as well as the same storylines and clich characters. Let's get to the details:


    To be honest, the characters are boring and one dimensional. You can't connect with anyone in particular and the acting skills are poor. So, here's a quick summary of each character in general:

    Sonny = The 'new girl' who tries too hard to fit in and is too happy and preppy.

    Tawni = The blonde 'diva' who only seems to care about fashion and herself but is nice in certain times.

    Nico = The only main black guy put in the show so Disney doesn't seem racist. He is a weird ass who tries too hard to be funny and is dumb as hell.

    Grady = A white version of Nico.

    Zora = A weird ass who takes crazy to a new level and needs mental help.

    Chad = A male version of Tawni who is supossedly Sonny's boyfriend in the later series. Why?

    The plots:

    The plots make no sense as usual and it's pretty much the same old clich thing which involves Sonny meddling and trying to change things, Tawni being her usual bitchy self, Zora being too loopy, Nico and Grady getting up to who knows what and Chad being a male version of Tawni.

    The jokes:

    The jokes are as stupid as hell and the laugh track pisses me off. And guess what? It's made by the stupid It's a Laugh Productions, who put in the laugh track every 5 seconds to make their low budget jokes funny. The jokes are the same thing over and over but changed.


    This should be cancelled and if you want to see a proper comedy, watch All That or the Amanda Show. Still, this isn't as bad as So Random, which is a cheap SWAC knockoff minus Demi Lovato.

    Characters = 0/10

    Plot = 0/10

    Jokes = 0/10

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