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Sonny with a Chance

Season 1 Episode 3

Sonny at the Falls

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 15, 2009 on Disney Channel
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Episode Summary

Sonny at the Falls
Sonny is hurt when her ideas for a new sketch fall flat with her castmates. Will her rejection convince her to leave So Random for a starring role on Mackenzie Falls?

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  • omg, this show sonny with a chance is so bad it's hard to believe. disney made such a big deal about demi lovato. they built her up to be a big star and then they ruined it by putting on the worst show in the history of television. read my full reviewmoreless

    this episode was so unfunny i could not believe it. ugh. terrible. my little sister who is 7 was watching it with me and half way through she looks at me and says "why isn't it funny?" the actors can't act but the worst part is the writing. or maybe the worst part is when demi smiles that big fake ridiculious smile. this show is such a waste of time. i don't think it will last. anyways i just hope that whatever disney puts on to replace it is much much better than this dumb sonny show. they should make kids watch it to punish them for not doing their homework!!moreless
  • nice, but....

    it was a nice episode and i had some very good laughs, but the superhero part was pretty lame and bad, so it took off a hole point. I liked that Chad dylan cooper will do anything to make demi and the crew of so random fail, and he stops at nothing. he even toys with Sonny's feelings again. I think the funniest part were the Zac Efron part, where zora asks chad why he has zac efron banned from the mackenzie falls set, and he replies that one day zac efron will ask to go in, and chad will not allow him. Way to go chad! zac efron is a complete douchebag! still much less of a douchebag than corbin bluemoreless
  • Sonny's new sketch idea is rejected by her castmates, and she takes an offere ot hang with the cast of Mackenzie Falls...

    The episode starts with the casts of the two shows in the cafeteria. The cast members of Mackenzie Falls get great food while Sonny, Nico, and Grady are served slop. In the cafeteria, Sonny tells the rest of the So Random cast her idea for a sketch. They don't like it, and leave. Chad Dylan Cooper then comes and offers Sonny a chance to hang out with the Mackenzie Falls cast. Sonny is enjoying herself. Back in the cafeteria, Tawny tries to get a steak from the cafeteria worker. Tawny wants to know how the cast of Mackenzie falls gets steaks, so she, Grady, Zora, and Nico go to the set of Mackenzie Falls. They discover Sonny there and yell at her. Sonny wants to go back to "the falls". Zora gets her to sign a contract that agrees that she is banned from the prop house. Sonny agrees and signs the contract. The next day, Sonny is sitting with the cast of Mackenzie Falls and the rest of the So Random cast comes. The rest of the So Random cast is trying to make do without Sonny, but it seems that they miss her. Zora says that she will fix everything. In the Mackezie Falls meditation room, Sonny is being shushed and no one is laughing at her jokes. Zora goes to the set, but she's not allowed in. The rest of the So Random cast makes a plan to get Sonny back. They barge into the set of Mackenzie Falls in the superhero costumes to get Sonny back. Sonny sees she has made the wrong decision and joins the So Random cast again. Some other girl accidentally reveals Chad Dylan Cooper's plan of keeping the SO Random cast fighting with each other to keep Mackenzie Falls number one. There is some conversation between Chad Dylan Cooper and Sonny, and then Sonny tells the rest of her cast to take as much as they can and run.

    The laugh tracks after every line in the beginning got really annoying. Plus,it sounded robotic, and at first I thought that a toilet was flushing.

    The sketch that Sonny suggested in the beginning was shown at the end, and that WAS lame.

    Zora's a little too crazy for me....

    The ending part of Sonny telling everyone to take as much as they can was pretty funny, and it was also very random.

    Overall: This episode to me started from not that great to a laugh at the end. The show is getting better.moreless
  • good show. it was great acting.

    the cast of so random dosen't like that mackenzie falls is getting steaks and lobsters. sonny shows her idea of a lame sketch with lame superheros. chad and the crew want mackenzie falls to stay number one so chad tells sonny about how she can have all their shoulders and that she can stay at the falls so she says yes. at the falls there is a chocolate fountain, loganberries, and a massage woman. the cast of so random really wants a steak or lobster instead of the nasty food they get so all of the cast goes to the falls to ask how they get that good food. zora notices sonny there and when they go back they yell at her and zora takes out this script and says that she is banned from the propt house, zora makes sonny sign it and then sonny leaves to mackenzie falls. later, zora comes and tries to get in but chad says no because zora is on the do not admit wall. then, the whole cast comes as the lame superheroes and gets sonny back.moreless

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • This episode is featured on the Sonny with a Chance Vol. 1: Sonny's Big Break DVD. The DVD was originally released in the U.S. on August 25, 2009.

    • Chad mentions Zac Efron. Sterling Knight (Chad) worked with Zac Efron in the movie Seventeen Again.

    • In the first scene of this episode, we know that it's a Thursday because Brenda says "... just like last night's episode of Mackenzie Falls" and according to its promotional poster, Mackenzie Falls is on Wednesday nights.

    • The outfit Sonny wears is the same one she wore in the premiere episode of this series.

  • QUOTES (3)

    • Sonny: You can't just cut in front of us like that!
      Chad: Yeah they also said I couldn't be this handsome, and yet, here I am!

    • Zora: We have a code.
      Chad: Yeah, okay, well we have a chocolate fountain, all right? So what you think about that?
      Sonny: You wanna know what I think about that? I'll tell you what I think about that... (to her castmates) Take what you can and run!

    • Zora: Why is Zac Efron up there?
      Chad: 'Cause it's my wall, and I like saying I banned Zac Efron. There will come a day when Zac Efron comes knocking on that door and he's like, "Hey, can I come in?" I'll be like, "Oh no, you're banned."

  • NOTES (1)