Sonny with a Chance

Season 2 Episode 12

Sonny with a Secret, Part 1

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jul 18, 2010 on Disney Channel

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  • My Favorite Sonny With a Chance episode ever!!

    Okay this is probably my favorite episode of Sonny with a chance(oh wait,it is!!) So this episode is when Sonny celebrates her one year anniversery of being here on So Random! But the celebration is soon over after Sonny is accused of being a thief and tries to clear her name even if it means traveling to wisconsn by car. I have to say i REALLY loved this episode! I was SO suprised when i saw all the evidence on Tawni's desk cause i knew she didn't like Sonny but i would never think she would do that! And i just knew that Penolope did everything i mean she was being to nice! I also love how Chad and Sonny are dating now and im glad Zora is back since we have not seen her in a while she also had a lot of funny moments pretending to be like Sherlock Holmes! Overall this episode was funny,sweet and had a great ending!

    Final score A+
  • Probably one of the best episodes of Sonny with a Chance so far!

    This episode was definitely up there with "Sonny: So Far" and "Falling for the Falls" in exciting episodes. Many things made me enjoy this episode of Sonny with a Chance, and the fact that it was an hour long really made it stand out.

    I liked that this episode was more dramatic than other episodes, including music to make intense scenes seem even more intense. That said, the comedy was still above par, especially with the joke showdown in the middle of the road trip. It was pretty predictable that Penelope was the perpetrator, but this isn't supposed to be a mystery show. However, Penelope turned out to be way eviler than I imagined. I thought she would be framing Sonny for stealing couple of worthless items because Penelope was jealous, but no; she masqueraded as a pilot and sick girl, left a plane to spiral into oblivion, and attempted to murder Sonny, Grady, Nico and Zora, framing Tawni, all to be with Chad. Nevertheless I liked the red herring that Tawni was the one framing Sonny, but it turned out Penelope was framing Tawni for framing Sonny.

    I also enjoyed the subplot of Chad and Sonny continuing their relationship, but I'm glad they weren't the main focus. It was refreshing to see new settings like Sonny's school, Chad's jet, the middle of the road, and the joke showdown, instead of the same old studio. I liked how accurate the show depicted the press getting anything they can grab to make up a good story. I took the entire episode seriously because it was realistic, unlike singing in a cafeteria dancing with perfect choreography, or fainting and going to the hospital for wearing skinny jeans. Oh, and I thought Sonny's hair at the beginning flashback was a nice touch.

    Overall, I thought this episode was good enough to be a season premier or finale. Can't wait for the next!

    I find that the SWAC episodes with Zora in are the best. This was DEFINATLY the case for this episode! Amazingly funny episode... especialy the bits involving Zora, when her and neco + grady were arguing about who's hat was better!

    I especialy LOVE this quote by Zora - let me see if I have deducted this properly, I went away for 3 days to a Sherlock Holmes convention, Sonny is accused of being a liar, stealing a necklace, and ur valuable coin, has a fight with her fortune cookie eating boyfriend, and hits the road with her new best friend TAWNI?!

    And when Tawni figures out who it was and Zora had to be told, Zora shouts about the £2,000 she paid for the Sherlock Holmes Convention being a waste of money!

    Overall a verry funny episode, one of the best!! xx
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