Sonny with a Chance

Season 2 Episode 1

Walk a Mile in My Pants

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Mar 14, 2010 on Disney Channel
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Episode Summary

Sonny organizes a walk-a-thon to benefit reading and gets Tawni to donate skinny pants for everyone to wear. Chad creates a walk-a-thon against reading, but things don't go quite as planned when everyone starts dropping like flies due to SPS, or Skinny Pants Syndrome.
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  • Season 2 Premiere

    What was this tomfoolery? The season premiere of Sonny with a Chance was the most unrealistic ridiculous episode I have ever seen. The cold opening was not funny (that's really not unusual though), Skinny Pants Syndrome?, Anti-Reading Campaign?, are you kidding me? The musical number in the end was the only amusing thing about this episode, the rest left me with a sour taste in my mouth.

    I know Sonny with a Chance gets better but this was just not tolerable, especially for a show that got picked up for a second season. I doubt this premiere brought in any new viewers, and I bet the regular viewers were quite disappointed with this premiere.moreless
  • The writers ruined the Channy bits.

    This episode can only be described as an okay season premiere. For starters, the opening skit wasn't funny. As for the actual episode, the summary was slightly amusing. The only time I actually laughed was when Grady had trouble removing the giant shoehorn. However, the main reason this episode only gets a '6' is because of the weak dialogue. I mean, if I wrote the episode script, Chad would have: a) really meant it when he told Sonny she looks hot, and b) told Sonny he loves her in the hospital scene instead of talking about his anti-reading campaign. Overall, I just hope the writers don't make the same mistakes next episode!moreless
  • Great season opener!

    Now, sure this episode isn't overloaded with Channy. But, really, would the writer's have say, had Chad tell Sonny she was hot in his "I deeply love.." line? This isn't the "Falling for the Falls" episode just yet guys ;D. Other than that, this episode was pretty funny. Barely any scene passed without me laughing. The song, though it was good, was really randomly inserted almost out of no where. And the fact that Zora wasn't in the season premiere wasn't that hot. Sure, she isn't a big character, but everyone deserves to be in the opener. They should've shown a episode with her in it first, then this one after. But hey, whatever, it was still a great, random episode. Go season 2!moreless
  • Very painful to watch this episode.

    God... How horrifying is that! I feel kinda bad when watching this about SPS (Skinny Pants Syndrome) in hospital. And doctor will use scissor to cut Chad, Grady, Nick, and Tawni's skinny pants. This is very suffering and awful episode because I start to be suffering when watching SPS (Skinny Pants Syndrome). When in "So Random", then they'll do "So Random" music is "No SPS" but this is not really good song because that's like "That's So Raven" season 2(forgot the episode title). I watch that already but I feel bad and suffering and don't feel happy. So... "No SPS" is not really good song.moreless
  • This is the episode where Tawni promotes her line of new attractive skinny jeans, and everything goes wrong.

    This was by far the weirdest episode of Sonny to date. I mean, it starts with a good premise, but then they do out of Disney character lines like Tawni tells boys to stare at her butt. I gave it a fair rating because it was just fair.

    I describe this episode as sort like a bizarre dream. One second tawni designs new jeans that you have to put on with a "The Tawni Heart BuTT horn." with a big picture of her face on it. Then there is a group of people trying to get kids to stop reading, but they're all wearing the jeans, and pass out because it cuts off their circulation. Then, there is a musical dance number. Also, some surgeon steals Chad's middle name and gives it to Grady (well that part was actually a dream...wink.) It seemed like things that happen in a dream, that would never make sense in real life because the out-of-control ideas are changing so fast. It was not the best way to start off the new season.

    But there were still many times that I laughed during this episode, and I thought it had its okay moments. Like I said, it gets a Fair rating.moreless

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