Sonny with a Chance

Season 1 Episode 9

With a Chance of Dating

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 12, 2009 on Disney Channel
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Tensions rise on set when Sonny is asked out by Tawni's ex boyfriend, James, who is guest starring on Mackenzie Falls. And when James attempts to date both girls, Sonny decides to get revenge in the best way she can... by going on a date with Chad.moreless

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  • The best and funniest episode so far!

    James Conroy, Tawni's ex-boyfriend, asks Sonny out. But, Tawni and Chad shows up and ruin their date. Tawni says she is only trying to protect Sonny from James, because he dumped her. Then when James sees Tawni angry, he think she is hot again and dumps Sonny. Tawni goes on a fake date with James, (but James believes it's real), and Sonny goes on a fake date with Chad, to make James jealous. This episode was clearly the best episodes so far. I laughed very often and Kelly Blatz was a great guest star. I give this 10 out of 10.moreless
  • Chad + Sonny = Love ¢¾

    This is one of the best episodes! I love this show specifically for Chad and Sonny and their "romance". Even though Chad and Sonny arent exactly crushing on each other you can tell there is something there based on this episode. Chad tells Sonny to put her head on his shoulder, he calls her cute, she "kisses" him, and he admits they make a cute couple "hypothetically". I am so excited for any episodes that involve them two and romance! Its like addicting! I am dying to see the prom episode and the one called "Heartbreak Kids". Basically, Chad and Sonny complete this show! Oh, and Nico, Grady, and Tawni are also hysterical! Zora... eh. But overall, its amazing! :Dmoreless
  • Sonny goes on a date with a guy called James, and when Chad and Twani interrupt, James attempts to date Sonny AND Twani. Seeking revenge, Sony goes out on a supposedly fake date...with Chad!moreless

    That date was SOOOOO not FAKE!!!! Hand holding, arm cuddling, head on his neck, laughing, she even STROKED his NOSE!!!! They SOOO like each other...

    Sterling looks so cute with Demi, they HAVE to go out in real life, BTW does anyone know if Demi is going out with Joe Jonas, or as I like to call him... one of THEM...Or i she going out with anyone else? Whatever, if she is, she has to DUMP HIM and go out with Sterling... Or mabye not, she is lucky enough WITHOUT going out with a yummy like Sterling.

    I talk to much.moreless
  • Sonny ends up with a bad boy named James. Little did she know he was a player with a reputation to dump from a distance. When he brakes up with her for his ex Tawni, she and Tawni decide to break his heart with a little help from Chad.moreless

    Sonny ends up on a date from a bad boy named James Conroy. Well, Tawni is telling her that James will just break her heart very fast. Why? Not sure. So, Sonny goes on the date with James, and she is suddendly interrupted by Chad and Tawni. Sonny ends up finding that Tawni was an ex-girlfriend of James, and he had broken up with Tawni. She and Sonny get into a fight over James' personality. James ends up taking Tawni for her rage. Sonny's heart is broken, and she and Tawni hatch a plan to finally dump James for good. Sonny goes on a fake date with Chad to make James jealous. Well, it works and James wants Sonny back, but ends up with a broken heart. This episode is full of comedy and romance between all the characters. This is one of my favorite Sonny with a Chance episodes. Love it!!!!!moreless
  • Sonny gets asked out by bad boy bank robbing actor James Conroy. Tawni and Chad try to sabotage their date, ending up with a sad Sonny and Tawni, who was right. Now, Chad and Sonny go fake dating to make James jealous.moreless

    This was the best episode of the series. It should be obvious for any Chad and Sonny supporter, where it started out with a flustered Sonny going on a date with James Conroy. Tawni knew every move the bad boy made, which was freaky at first. She then told Chad about the date. He got all shocked and lied to Tawni's face when she said that she knew he didn't want her to date his guest star in his show. It was totally funny, outrageous, and had plenty of Channy moments. The part I will forever love will be when Grady and Nico ruined Sonny's fake date to get James' attention so she can dump him up close! The confusion ended up with a "fake kiss" to the star of Mackenzie Falls. It was lovely to see Chad's face. This was the best episode EVER!!moreless

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • In the HD airing of this episode, you can see the brand "Namco" on one of the arcade machines during the scene where Sonny and James compete in a Dance Dance Revolution arcade game. Namco is one of the companies that form Namco Bandai group.

  • QUOTES (12)

    • Chad: So, what are you doing here?
      Tawni: What are you doing here?
      James: What are they doing here?
      Sonny: What are we still doing here?
      James: Do you wanna make a break for it? I know how to tuck and roll.
      Sonny: I am right behind you!
      (Tawni and Chad prevent Sonny and James from leaving the booth)

    • Tawni: James is a jerk!
      Sonny: He's not a jerk!

    • James: Maybe we should switch to air hockey?
      Sonny: Loser buys burgers?
      James: I love a challenge.
      Sonny: I love free burgers.

    • James: She so cute when she's angry.
      Chad: Sonny's always cute. She can't do anything without being cute. (mutters) Stupid cute.
      James: No dude, I'm talking about Tawni!
      Chad: I thought you said Tawni.
      James: I did.

    • Sonny: Maybe your friend and James didn't have chemistry.
      Tawni: Yeah, and I'm ugly.

    • Zora: I'm Sally Jensen, kid lawyer. I fight for you!
      Grady: No, you didn't.

    • Tawni: There are two things I like. Me being right, and you being not right.

    • Tawni: So, what did I miss?
      Sonny: An invitation.

    • Sonny: Let's see. What's for lunch? Ick. Ick on bun. Ick on a stick. At least there's some variety!

    • Sonny: Let me guess, "Stuck-up Mackenzie being chased by Bad Boy Bank Robber"
      Chad: Let me guess, "Life of the Boston Tea Party"
      Sonny: Well, at least my show brings joy to our viewers.
      Chad: At least my show has viewers.

    • Chad: That was some kiss.
      Sonny: What do you mean? That kiss was fake.
      Chad: Was not.
      Sonny: Chad, I put my hand over your mouth.
      Chad: That explains why your lips taste like skee ball and air hockey.

    • Tawni: When your heart is broken into a million pieces and scattered all over the floor, just remember Tawni Hart doesn't vacuum.

  • NOTES (1)


    • In some scenes, James wears his Aaron Stone outfit, but this time, unzipped (in the jacket). This is a reference to Kelly Blatz's show Aaron Stone.