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  • Sons And Daughters is a classic 1980's Australian soap opera featuring the Palmer and Hamilton familes. The show ran for over 6 years and was made by the same production company as Neighbours.

    Sons And Daughters was one of the first Australian soap operas to be shown on British Television. It was centred around the Palmer and Hamilton families. Early storylines included John Palmer and Angela Hamilton falling in love only to find out they were twins seperated at birth. Throughout the shows complete run Wayne Hamilton was the show's bad boy who never reformed. When Rowena Wallace quit the show as Patrica Hamilton the character was brought back after having plastic surgery this time being played by Belinda Giblin. The character masqueraded under the name of Alison Carr and Belinda made the part her own. Peter Phelps starred in the early years as John Palmer and Peter went on to get a leading role in the American series Baywatch. Many of the actors on the show have appeared in other Australian soaps including Neighbours and Home And Away. Towards the shows later run the character of Susan Palmer was brought back this time played by the brilliant Oriano Panozzo. Susan's interaction with Wayne after he caused the death of her true love Glen Young dominated the shows final year. Characters to be on the show throughout its complete run where Gordon Hamilton, Beryl Palmer Hamilton, Wayne Hamilton and Fiona Thompson. Fiona was like everyone's favorite aunt and was always there to help everyone out. When the show ended in 1987 a few loose ends where never tidied up but the show went full circle when twin babies where left on Fiona's doorstep.
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