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Submission Guidelines

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    1. Notes: Notes are off-camera tidbits about an episode. They should contain off-camera events that deal with a show's production. They should not deal with on-camera events or trivia.

    2.Trivia: Trivia is any small detail or goof that might not be known to people who view an episode. It should be specific to what aired in the episode and not deal with off-camera events, which should be submitted in the "notes" form. A car license-plate number is trivia, and a producer walking off the set is a note.

    3. Quotes: When submitting quotes submit them EXACTLY has they are when you watch the show. GO HERE for how to properly format quotes.

    4. Nielsen Ratings: Nielsen Ratings are copyrighted material. Nielsen Ratings should not be submitted to any guide

    5. Don't steal from another site: Except for Quotes, everything should be in your own words. Even summaries based on press releases should be rewritten as "your content." It's a TV.com requirement, it's copyright, and it's common courtesy.

    6. Be accurate and provide a source: Always be accurate don't just guess and and ALWAYS include a source in the comments section.

    7. "And" Credit: I will not accept any submission with the "And" Credit.

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