Sons & Daughters

Season 1 Episode 9

House Party

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Apr 04, 2006 on ABC



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    • Carrie: I'm sorry, I didn't know I had to be on MORON patrol with my own uncle!

    • Sharon: (describing the hotel room Don rented): Oh, my god! It smells like a Roman bath house for gay men!
      Don: It's like a stewardess and an accountant just left this bed ten minutes ago!
      Sharon: This is awesome! This is a perfect spot to rekindle our sex life. It's like our own sexual India with bunches of dirty, dirty people... billions of them!

    • Liz: Do you think this might be the first night you ever hear Aunt Rae scream with pleasure? What do you... I think she's gonna sound like this, (in Aunt Rae's voice) "Ahh, ahh! That's my J-Spot! Oh, in the old days, we called it a J-Spot, not like you kids!"
      Jenna: Is Cameron gonna be mad that you're drunk?
      Liz: No! I'm going to say that Aunt Flo slipped me a mickey... (in Flo's voice) "Here, you drink this. Can you feel your legs anymore, honey? What's your name again? Oh, it's Jenna? Jenna, I'm gonna strangle you for a little bit. You won't feel nothin'."

    • Jenna (referring to Aunt Rae): Night, Aunt Gay!
      Colleen (smells Jenna's cup of booze): Jenna! Oh, my... (to Wendal) No wonder they're having such a wonderful time.
      Jenna: Old people are actually fun!
      Liz: Yeah...

  • Notes

    • Desmond Harrington (who plays Wylie Blake in the show) was credited in the show's introduction, but did not make an appearance in this episode.

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