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  • Watch PBS or the History Channel. Don't waste your time with this junk...

    Can you say "Book of Daniel". Here is yet another show that try’s to cover too many dysfunctional people. If there really is a family out there like this one they need to be shot. Didn’t laugh once. I'm just wondering where the gays come in, or is that Cameron's father's problem to be continued in the next stupid episode.
  • Is there a DVD of the first (and only) season? I just watched the pilot that had been on my tivo for a year and i was laughing out loud. I hate when creative shows get axed. Bring it back!

    The metal-mouth daughter was hilarious, as was the video-shooting son. When the little daughter repeated what her aunt said about jews going to hell, I almost snarfed water out my nose. I haven't seen any episode other than the 1st one, but if they are even half as funny, this show should still be on the air. Is there a DVD of the first (and only) season? I just watched the pilot that had been on my tivo for a year and i was laughing out loud. I hate when creative shows get axed. Bring it back! GEEZ people!
  • This fresh, funny show about the family next door is one of my favorites! It is different from any other show, and it has to come back soon!

    I absolutely love this show! It is hilarious, unique, and I was so happy to watch it two times a night! I have searched the web to see if it is coming back, and I haven\'t found any information that says it is or isn\'t, but I hope it does! It deals with real life issues but makes you laugh about the issues at the same time. It is down to earth, it seems like this family could live next door, but they hilarious! My advise to those you haven\'t seen it, give it a shot, you\'ll love it too!
  • That show is hilarious I hope another network gets it and beats ABC in the ratings how dumb are these people did they really cancel it ??

    It said that future episdoe would be listed, I knew that mean it was possibly going to be cancelled but it sounds like it was, man how stupid. That show was hilarious there wasn't an unlikeable character in the bunch. The partial improve, made the show better and different from the rest. They even had Wojo from Barney Miller. I'm pissed I didn't even know about it until now. They had some great off the cuff remarks which made the show really good. I hope they bring it back, or another network picks it up, because that show was really funny. I had to change to it Bring it back since it was on the air when I orinally wrote this.
  • Sons and Daughters is a show about an extended family that lives close to each other, and follows all of the hilarious problems of each of the members of the family.

    This series was Awesome, I wish ABC would have kept it, I think that as long as you have a family you can relate to this show on some level, everything that happens is crazy and funny, and oddly reaistic. The characters are great and the dialogue is classic, it may not be geared to all ages but it is definately worth checking out. Fred Goss is hilarious, and so are the situations this family is continuously in, once this show comes out on dvd treat yourself and watch all of the episodes, you won\\\'t be disappointed by any means.
  • Another dysfunctional family that is not the least bit amusing. Years ago, I never thought the Rosanne Show could ever make anything look good but now it does.

    How this stuff gets on the air amazes me. It\'s like Jerry Springer people working from a script with good blocking and better lighting.

    These people are thoroughly unlikeable. No surprise that Lorne Michaels of Saturday Night Live fame is behind this mess.

    It is a very low quality show and it will not last.

    -------- UPDATE
    And I was RIGHT. It did NOT last. There is some sanity left in the world.
  • It was cutting edge and clever.. but it wasn\'t funny.

    Sons and Daughters had the assumption that if The Office could do it, then it could too. Yes, the scripting was nice, there were a lot of clever and outstanding moments, but there were too many characters that didn\'t get much development past \'one-trick poney\' phaze, and none of the jokes got me past \'soft giggle\' or smiling. I don\'t remember laughing once during the series, and I watched all of them to stick with it. The dialogue was way, way too dry. The series had a lot of problems that The Comeback did, it was too hard to figure out what was funny and what was serious, but at least I got laughs out of The Comeback. Maybe if the series was put on DVD, the fans would stop complaining, but it really does not need to come back to TV with better shows around.
  • Brilliant!!

    There are not words to express my sorrow concerning the end of this show. What was ABC thiking? Fred is a great writer and so talented! Go check out his MySpace and you can see some of his other work. My husband and I are going to miss Sons & Daughters!
  • THE COMEDY WITH EDGE GETS SLICED. What are these people thinking?

    Most writers will agree that real story lines produce real humor. The network did not give it a fair chance in a slot where it could get legs. Another network would be wise to pick it up. If not, the result will be both a loss for the audience and for network television. As a writer, I believe this show had the winning formula. I would like to see more of this genre on television. This is the kind of television show for which I wouldn't mind writing. Network bosses should give it a few more episodes, at the very least.
  • A brilliant dose of sharp-witted reality in the guise of a common family sitcom.

    “Sons & Daughters” is a rare breed. A frank, painfully honest portrayal of the modern dysfunctional family, with a biting comic edge and directing style that both sets it apart and raises it above its contemporaries. With only 10 episodes aired (hopefully more…), I believe I can say with confidence, that “Sons & Daughters” is THE comic heir to “Arrested Development”. Of course it’s hard to become an heir to anything, comic or otherwise, when your future is uncertain.
    “Sons & Daughters” has an eclectic cast of characters that, for the most part, seem rather similar to a lot of people I know, and I suspect that many people have friends, family members or co-workers who exhibit the same qualities. Some are pathetic, some are heroic (in a suburban sort of way), some are mysterious and some are just plain nuts, but none are quite as outlandish as the “Arrested Development” crew, yet the level of comedy is just as clever and subversive, if not more so.
    All in all, I would say that “S & D” is the most refreshing sitcom on network TV in several years. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that it will be revived and brought back from the dreaded ‘On Hiatus’ status.
  • This is the best comedy on TV right now.

    I absolutely love this show. It is the funniest thing I have seen in a long time. I am very upset that it hasn\'t been on in a couple of weeks and I want them to bring it back NOW. I just can\'t get enough of it. I have the DVR set to record every new episode. It really shows how real families operate and that is what\'s so great about it. It is a must see for everyone at least one time. Of course, I don\'t think you could only watch it one time because you will be hooked after the first episode.
  • A very pleasurable show that does not dumb down it’s humor for the sake of audiences.

    We definitely need more shows like this. The family dynamic, the characters, the relationships are all new and different. With the exception of Arrested Development no new comedy has been produced in this type of format with these kinds of results. The single camera format with humorous lines and lovable characters are done so well in this series.

    It is very easy to like all the characters, with the exception of Whitey which I find annoying. Cameron, while not the best father figure, is a honest guy trying to do right by his family, even while humiliating them. I could go on and on about all the characters but, the point is they are all likeable and well cast. Unlike most series where obvious stunt casting was performed, there are no overly beautiful or sexual characters in this series. Ever character seems like someone you could know from your neighborhood.

    If more series could be done like Sons and Daughters I would find myself watching more comedies than dramas.
  • First new show I've gotten into for a long while.

    This show is the funniest thing I think I've seen in years. Granted I don't watch a LOT of TV, but since I got my TIVO last year the amount has increased greatly lol. There were time while watching this show that I started laughing so hard that it just hurt. The family is so disfunctional (not original I know but face it that's 95% of real people's families) and so far the stuff they've gone throught isn't some off-the-wall situation that is completely unrelatedable. The best episode ("House Party") is when the two daughters and their parents have a night visiting with their great-aunt and here "special friend." There is no way to descibe all the nuances in the best scene, but to break it down... it turn's out the great-aunt is a lesbian and of course this is hilarious and the two sisters get the idea that anytime the old couple does something "lesbionic" they will take a shot. They get plastered and end the evening with a "goodnight aunt gay" (here name is aunt Rae). I just hope ABC brings this back for a 2nd season because it has a huge potential. It's rare for this many characters to have that wonderful chemistry just in the first season I can't even imagine getting 2 or 3 seasons in.
  • Sons & Daughters is soon to be a household staple, though we can't say the same for the family's togetherness.

    This show is kind of like a household version of the NBC show "The Office." Everything is so dysfunctional, but it fits together so well. I really don't know what else I can say, except, I guess, GREAT! But I guess I can try. The main characters are Cameron, and his son Henry, That other guy that plays Cameron's brother, and the mother and father. (I'm not good with names.) Anyway, They casted perfectly because though they're so good at hating each other, they're so perfect together. I think if the casting was different, the show would fall apart. However, they cast it perfectly, so it should stay together. For a while, at least.
  • Great show! Fun, energetic and funny little things you will miss if you blink!

    Due to the cancellation of my beloved Arrested Development, I flocked to this show which seemed to be on the same page. Not as funny, but who would expect anything to be! Humorous, fun, different style and more relatable characters than A.D. which was one of their biggest problems. I would recommend it. They make sure to reintroduce the characters in the first few episodes. There are a lot of them and lots to remember. Once you get it down you will be laughing out loud. I am not sure what ABC is doing with the show right now, but hopefully it will be back on soon.
  • Let's keep Sons and Daughters going!

    This show is way too intelligent for many viewers, that's why it's doomed. I was hoping Loren Michaels' name in the industry might have some pull with keeping it on the air; perhaps time will tell. The American people seem to need a laugh track telling them when it's okay to laugh at their television to make a show funny nowadays- what a shame. That's probably why Arrested Development didn't last as long as it should have. Another gem we lost too soon. We need more shows like S&D and AD to keep our minds from going numb!
  • What a MISS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am a 42yr old dad of two sons(9&5 yrs old)I haven\'t looked FORWARD to a TV show like S&D\'s since Seinfeld!I stumbled on to the first S&D\'s from hearing the Jerry Garcia licks to the theme song \"Althea\" coming from the other room. After exploring to find a fellow deadhead in the house, I enjoyed the BEST \"off beat\" comedy that I have seen in YEARS. I didn\'t miss an episode after that. I can\'t imagine that I am a minority in this review. Should S&D\'s not return it would be a TRUE miss! No doubt it\'s a HIT!
  • This show is about the trials and tribulations of a modern extended family living near Cincinnati, Ohio. The show is partly improvised, lending it the feel of a documentary. It is comedy and drama combined, revealing honest moments that are both touching

    Fred Goss, one of the show's co-creators and the lead actor who plays Cameron, explained that the actors were told to play their roles straight and honest; that the comedy should come from situations and reactions. His vision pays off with a level of honest emotion in every character. Despite their flaws, we find something about every character that we like. This technique also imparts a level of subtlety that is only revealed with repeated viewings.

    Like everybody else, I watched the previews before the show first aired and only gave it a chance because it was executive produced by Lorne Michaels (good job hooking up with him, Fred).

    The first two shows were jarring in their style. They were like nothing I'd seen before on television — rapid editing, jump cuts, off-the-cuff dialogue, many cuts to reaction shots where a normal sitcom would jump right to the next joke. This show has no "jokes" per se. Instead, it has people acting like real people and it's a riot.

    I soon realized that the editing style was bourne from two things: a) Fred Goss' vision for the improvisational nature of the show and b) Fred's extensive experience at the editing deck. Most of his professional career has been spent in industry support roles. He has had time to learn every aspect of his craft expertly and brings all this understanding to the table with this show. Rarely do you see a polymath at the helm and this makes a big difference.

    By about the fourth episode I was hooked. I began learning family members' names (there are many of them) and their position in the family tree. The first six episodes included a form of subtitle that would appear with new faces to help orient new viewers — that helped. Many critics of the show point to the number of lead characters as a challenge for new viewers and I must agree. However, in the long run, a large cast of primary characters will allow Fred and his co-creators the ability to explore exponentially more storylines.

    When the ninth and tenth episodes aired on April 4th, I knew who everyone was and understood many nuances of their relationships. It was at this point that I could just relax and thoroughly enjoy the show. That moment of attachment could not have come at a better time, since the ninth episode, titled "House Party" was about the funniest thing I have ever seen. Rather than being an episode where we learn more things about the players, some of them dramatic, the storyline here was more of a pause, a chance to just set them loose in series of very funny situation. My stomach hurt from laughing so hard. This episode becomes more of a gut-buster every time I watch it.

    If that wasn't enough, episode ten brought back in some drama, in the form of Cameron and Sharon's real father returning, but did so in a way that allowed you to just sit back and enjoy the characters react to this extraordinary situation. One of the best lines I have ever heard comes from this episode, where Cameron is revealing to his sister Sharon who this man happens to be. With a mischievous grin on his face, he gestures while saying, "Okay, Sharon, I'll give you just one hint about who he is — his sperm *made* you." I'm laughing while trying to type this. You just have to see it to get how funny it is — the timing, the incredulous look on Cameron's face — everything.

    Many people on message boards report that they were brought to tears by the touching ending. How many shows can make you both laugh hard and yet squeeze out a tear in the same episode? Not many.

    This show is a gem.
  • The only show besides "Arrested Development" that will leave you on the floor having multiple seizures in a half an hour.

    "Sons & Daughters" is the type of comedy you rarely see on these days. It's an improv-dependent, meaning that most of the dialogue in the show is made up on-the-spot.

    "Sons" is about one fairly normal family member, Cameron Walker, who strives to keep his dysfunctional family together by any means necessary. However, most of the times he creates havoc rather than sanity.

    The thing that draws me in, though, is the real life situations and issues that the family goes through. It's all relatible. We have had our sister or brother do that; we have had our Mom lie to us about our real father. It's those simple things that keep the show's storylines together in sane (unlike "Arrested Development," which jokes are just plain insane and out of this world).

    The characters in the show can turn a boring scene into the greatest scene, something you don't really get to see with traditional scripted shows. All of the one-liners and dirty jokes will leave you breathless.

    This is my favorite comedy show ever (aside from "Arrested Development"). If you haven't given "Sons" a try, catch an episode on TV, or for god sakes purchase season one on DVD when it comes out (which is bound to be very soon). If you don't, you'll be very sorry.
  • Cameron, a middle aged man, with a disfunctional family life lives out his life, as well as his family, in the everyday comdey, and seriousness we all know too well. Brillant, witty, and spot on!

    Okay, as of the moment, I absolutely Love this show! It is my new personal favorite of the current shows. I've always adored sitcoms, and some try to hard, and some too little. This tackles life the way I see it, in all it's cynical ways. We all know how crazy family life can be, and how disfunctional it all can be. There is no fun in the classic family anymore, and no one is interested in it. I think everyone wants to break their shell and learn about other families nutty-ness. I Love it, and this is one season I hope hits DVD's soon after the season finale is over.
  • Great show

    This is a good show to watch
    Though I wouldn't recommend it for kids
    But if you love off the wall comedy
    Then this show is for you indeed
    Love the way the families interact with one another
    Because that is what the families do in real life
    Coupled with great writing and acting
    It won't make it I will admit
    But still a great show indeed
    Wished that it would make it though!
  • Great show

    Sons & Daughters is a new show on ABC. It airs on Tuesday's at 9:00. It is partially improvised as well. It is a very good show and I advise everyone to watch it. I love this show, it is very histerical and advertises real life family experiences and problems. Watch it because it is really good.
  • This show has something in in for everyone (I think)...

    Sons And Daughters isn't your regular comedy show. Largely casted (almost 15!! recurring characters), this show is about a very large (and partly disfunctional, of course) family, that revloves around Cameron walker.

    While "Sons" can be thought of as a regular show about nothing in particular, it has certain charm in it - the trying-to-be-good-but-messing-it-up Cameron (played wonderfully by Fred Gross) only wants to keep his family together - his parents that are on the brink of seperation, his older sister's marriage might be falling apart and his younger sister is making worse choices in her love life.
    However, Cameron has a natural talent to wreck everything he touches, and this is the part where the show gets good... Partially improvised, you can SEE that the actors are enjoying themselves, making each other's characters miserable, and that's what makes the show so likable.

    At first I wasn't sure I was going to like it, but I think S&D deserves three cheers! for making the ordinary so watchable and fun...
  • It is good but not the best.

    I think the commercials were better then the show. I think they shoulsd just stick to Saturday Night Live. I only wish they would have at least a little acting it's just BLAH. I just am not that intrested. It did have a lot of funny moments. I wouldn't care much if it got cancelled.
  • This show is a perfect blend of comedy and family quirkiness. It's a real gem....and has a FABULOUS THEME SONG!

    I really have enjoyed all 4 of the episodes to air so far. It's got a unique voice and so much heart. The character of Cameron is always just trying to do the right thing. And, wow...does this show have the eye candy too with Cameron's sister Jenna and his wife. It's going to go places provided ABC keeps it on the air long enough to find an audience.
  • People have it wrong. Television comedy isn't supposed to all look alike, they are supposed to have a similar enough format to be recognized, but be unique enough to choose one over another. And this show fits that description perfectly.

    People have it wrong. Television comedy isn't supposed to all look alike, they are supposed to have a similar enough format to be recognized as a comedy, but be unique enough to choose one over another. And this show fits that description perfectly.

    This show is excellent in the sense that it has taken approaches to comedy that have been used recently on some of the most award winning and hilarious comedies of our day. Namely, Arrested Development and Curb your enthusuiasm. It has the improvised feel of Curb, but on a family level like Arrested Development. The improvised effect makes it more realistic than perfectly scripted comedies and therefore we can connect with it better than most.

    The comedy is perfect in my opinion because it mixes huge things with just facial expressions and situational comedy. Another high point so far is that this series actually uses the kids in its program, something that Arrested did not do as often when compared with Sons and Daughters.

    I don't normally if ever watch ABC, but I will watch this show, and hope to God that it doesn't get cancelled before its time.
  • The previews for Sons & Daughters made it look like a hilarious new show. However all of the jokes in the commercials made it look more funnier than the show actually is.

    The shows painfully boring, and unoriginal, and its hard to stay awake while watching this bore fest. I watched the first 2 episodes and didn't laugh once. This was probably due to both the fact that the show jumps around way to much, and that all the funny jokes are spoiled on the commercials. What’s left here is a bunch of boring low life characters, with horrible writing and bad acting. This is a mager disappointment of a show.
  • Has Potential

    I enjoyed the back-to-back episodes of "Sons & Daughters," even though there were so many different characters, it was hard to keep track of who-was-who at first. I didn't think it was hilarious or anything but it sure beats watching another crappy reality show! Any show with the amazing Dee Wallace can't be that bad. Also standing out amongst the ensemble are Alison Quinn as the frazzled Sharon, Amanda Walsh as young, single mother Jenna, and Randy Wayne as the incredibly hunky-yet sensitive teen. The writers seem to have given many of the best lines to cranky Aunt Rae (Lois Hall), who tells her daughter: "Back in high school, you were a real trollop. Thank God they didn't have the AIDS back then." She also tells Cameron's adorable little daughter that "you're going to Hell because you're Jewish." However, Aunt Rae gets hers when she passes out drunk at an anniversary party and the kids draw a Hitler moustache on her with black marker. Of course these jokes could be offensive to some viewers but I found them amusing. I guess I'm jaded.

    Anyhow, the show has potential but being a mid-season replacement show, how many actually are renewed for another season? Hopefully "Sons & Daughters" will be successful as it's something different, but if not, it's talented cast will surely have no trouble booking other gigs.
  • Not AD, but still solid

    Yeah, its not Arrested Development or Scrubs, but it is still a very solid show. Especially when you look at the current state of comedy on television. The comparision to Arrested is gonna happen but whether they were aiming for that or not im not really gonna hold it against them. Imitation is the best form of flattery...and although it doesn't seem to be in a tv network's best interest to give the green light to shows that are similar to one that is critically acclaimed and poorly performs in the ratings I applaud ABC for taking a chance on it.

    Since they are airing 2 eps a week at least we can get double the episodes aired before they inevitably cancel it in less than a month without giving it the chance it needs to grow and find itself with an audience.
  • The show is fabulous ... great casting, incredible delivery, fantastic touch on sensitive topics ... fastest 60 minutes in TV history.

    It was
    1. Believable
    2. Funny
    2a. Moving
    3. Fast paced
    4. Interesting
    5. Different
    6. Entertaining
    7. Great casting
    8. Interesting concept
    9. Do they really say testicles now in prime time?

    It moved so fast that the commercial breaks were almost welcomed because they gave you a minute to decompress .... Kind of amazing how fast that hour went by! And I mean that in a good way .... Powerful stuff with some really neat scenes. I liked the cousin at the bowling alley .... You're ugly on the inside, what a line! ..... And the scene with mom at the bowling alley .... Powerful .... And the scene in the van at the close ..... Really genuine and nicely done! Amazing how all of that came together. Great job! Don't know what makes a hit show, but I liked it better than all the csi and reality crap that's on TV!
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