Sons & Daughters

Season 1 Episode 10

The Homecoming

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Apr 04, 2006 on ABC



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  • Quotes

    • Don: (talking about Merve at the funeral) Dying is easy, comedy is hard.

    • Sharon: (yelling towards the bathroom) Don, can you hurry up! You've been in there for 45 minutes!
      Don: (strides out of the steamy bathroom) Ahh... the perfect woman would be made out of steam.

    • Cameron: (Talking to Liz who has a mouthful of toothpaste while brushing her teeth) I don't know why, but I'm getting oddly turned on that you have a mouthful of toothpaste.
      Liz: (mumbling) 'Cause I love you so much. Hold on a second. (Spits out tooothpaste in sink)
      Cameron: Did you just spit it out?
      Liz: Yeah, and I got it all over the place.
      Cameron: That's hot.
      Liz: Oh, shoot, I got it on my shirt.
      Cameron: That's hot.

    • Sharon: (To Merve) Have you ever killed anybody?
      Merve: Yes.
      Sharon: I knew it! I knew you killed somebody!
      Colleen: Why would you say that?!
      Merve: It's the truth.
      Sharon: Who wouldn't want a dad that killed somebody? Wendal didn't ever kill anybody.

    • Cameron: (is introducing Sharon to Merve) Sharon! Come here. There's someone that I want you to meet. You're gonna love this. Sit, sit, sit, sit.
      Sharon: Hey, Mr. Mom, you look cute in this suite.
      Cameron: I'm only going to give you one hint, okay?
      Sharon: Okay.
      Cameron: His sperm made you.
      Merve: Well, that's kind of a dead give away.

  • Notes

    • Although the ratings weren't so low, they weren't enough to make the show earn another season, so the show got canceled.

    • Even though credited Desmond Harrington (Wylie Blake) does not appear in this episode.

  • Allusions

    • Sharon (to Peter): Your name was Ponyboy until the epidural kicked in.
      Ponyboy was a character in S.E. Hinton's book The Outsiders. C. Thomas Howell played him in the movie.