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From Kurt Sutter, writer/producer of The Shield, comes Sons of Anarchy, a dark drama set in Charming, a sheltered community watched over by a renegade motorcycle club intent on protecting the town. Jackson "Jax" Teller is one member of the brotherhood, who finds his own loyalty to the group tested when he experiences its increasing lawlessness and notoriety, while at the same time adjusting to life as a father. However complicating matters are Jax's mother and stepfather, two ruthless individuals who happen to be the masterminds behind the club. Sons of Anarchy is broadcast on FX, and produced by FX Productions, Art Linson Productions and Fox 21. The series ran for seven seasons.

Charlie Hunnam

Charlie Hunnam

Jackson "Jax" Teller

Katey Sagal

Katey Sagal

Gemma Teller Morrow

Ron Perlman

Ron Perlman

Clarence "Clay" Morrow

Mark Boone Jr.

Mark Boone Jr.

Bobby "Elvis" Munson

Tommy Flanagan

Tommy Flanagan

Filip "Chibs" Telford

Kim Coates

Kim Coates

Alex "Tig" Trager

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  • Turrible

    Very dull acting. Portrays a small town, "good old boys" city with the forced idea that the biker gang are the good guys. The same gang who sells guns to support drug running. Then, in the same city, it seems like there are, on average, 1,285 unsolved murders a year that seemingly get swept under the rug.

    Anyways, besides the plots, the actors are lame. Peg Bundy does ok ;-) But the whole show carries the acting quality of Married With Children, so maybe that's why she seems ok to me. "Jax", on the other hand, totally doesn't look nor act like a prominent figure of any motorcycle gang, let alone one such as SAMCRO. Actually, I used to only see Ron Perlman in cheap sci-fi movies. He was bad in them. He did improve a lot for SoA, imo, but you can't polish a turd. And the turd, in this case, is the entire script and screen play.

    Let's add some more to this. The Sons call Latinos "wetbacks" and constantly say derogatory things about their race. Yet, their rival African American gang never once receives any racist, derogatory terms. Double standards? This shows where we are in America, today. There's not enough Mexicans for it to matter, but we can't talk bad about black people. Real life middle aged white men in biker gangs would have been racist towards the black gang, just as much as they were the brown gang. But clearly Sutter thought it was only racist to speak bad of blacks, and that the Mexicans don't matter.

    Oh, another pet peeve, when Mayan "Salvador" or whatever his name was, took off in his 3rd generation Fbody (late 80's/early 90's Camaro), the federal agents described it as a "late model sedan"... TWICE. Looks like someone needs a dictionary next to their writing desk. A sedan is a four door car. And there has never been a four door Camaro since its inception in 1967. A "late model car" is a car which has been recently designed or manufactured, often the latest model. This was the third of, at the time, five generations.moreless
  • Sad and shame on Kurt Sutter

    You ended what I believe was the best action TV Show today, what really sad was you never explored life on the road, nor any other gangs actions other then the brief battles we saw. BTW Jax's would of never killed his Mom, Sutter this was stupid and Jax riding into a semi on a highway LOL wow. Just remeber Sutter it was YOU who lost interest in SoA NOT US. I hope and pray someone comes along and does a Bobby in shower thing that Dallas did and Bring Jax's back to life and lead his crew out of Charming and on the road.

    I rate the show a 10

    Kurt Sutter rated 0moreless
  • Great show so far!!

    I'm watching this show on Netflix, and currently I'm at the end of season 3. I love the show, it's superb! There's so much acting and drama in the show! The only problem I might have with the show is that people die in nearly every episode.

    From what I hear, the final season of SoA sucks. So my 10/10 rating may change along with my review if this is true. But as of now, this show is turning out great!moreless
  • Why is it?

    Why is every single episode so badly rated? I've been wondering because this show is highly praised, yet every episode has a score below 7.0/10. It's honestly really strange.
  • absolutely Great show.

    this show is beyond perfect, I enjoyed everything minute of it Kurt stutter is a genius for sad it's done and I doubt that crew will come back around.. But I loved this show. Thank you!!!

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