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AIRED ON 12/9/2014

Season 7 : Episode 13

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From Kurt Sutter, writer/producer of The Shield, comes Sons of Anarchy, a dark drama set in Charming, a sheltered community watched over by a renegade motorcycle club intent on protecting the town from the newcomers that threaten it. Jackson "Jax" Teller is one member of the brotherhood, who finds his own loyalty to the group tested when he experiences its increasing lawlessness and notoriety, while at the same time adjusting to life as a father. But confusing matters are Jax's mother and stepfather, two ruthless individuals who happen to be the masterminds behind the club. Sons of Anarchy is broadcast on FX, and produced by FX Productions, Art Linson Productions and Fox 21. The series has been picked up for a full 13-episode first season. As of October 6th, 2008 this show was renewed for a second season, consisting of 13 episodes.

Charlie Hunnam

Charlie Hunnam

Jackson "Jax" Teller

Katey Sagal

Katey Sagal

Gemma Teller Morrow

Ron Perlman

Ron Perlman

Clarence "Clay" Morrow

Mark Boone Jr.

Mark Boone Jr.

Bobby "Elvis" Munson

Tommy Flanagan

Tommy Flanagan

Filip "Chibs" Telford

Kim Coates

Kim Coates

Alex "Tig" Trager

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Fan Reviews (145)

  • COP OUT!!

    I am SO disappointed over the final chase scene that it left a sour taste in my mouth over the whole series. It's not hard to tell they gave a bunch of high school dropouts $157.00 and told them to go wild. All this so they could get an early start on a drunken after party. It's so bad it's hard to know where to begin.

    How about this? Since when is Interstate 580 a two lane back country road with a double yellow line? And can somebody explain to me how "Interstate 580" goes from two lanes to four and back to two in what seems to be a totally random, although somewhat alternating, pattern?

    Why was the chase scene filmed at about 20 MPH? Who were they chasing? OJ? If it was supposed to be slow motion why did they go to the trouble of speeding up the flashing lights?

    What happened to Jax? Did the semi stop in time? With all the blood and gore and violence for SEVEN years why wimp out on the final shot? I expected the grand finale to be a GRAND FINALE! Not some green screen cop out to save a few bucks. I wanted an aerial shot of the bug hitting the windshield!

    There was a lot more stupid stuff in that final minute or so but this is what sticks in my mind and I'm too damn disgusted to watch it again.

  • please continue

    Great show. Would enjoy to see early times and future episodes. Great actors. Shame to lose a good show.
  • what happen

    what happen to Clay in all the afterword final thoughts? He was a big part of the show
  • Awsome show..

    from a 75 yr old guy, the best tv show I have EVER SEEN. Hope they can make a movie soon.

    For once, tv treated us like adults. Charlie, I'm a fan for life. God Bless
  • I love Tig!

    The acting is superb all round; amazing actors who make show believable.

    I must say I love them all for one reason or another. My favourite is

    Tig. Great actor like them all, and those mesmerizing blue eyes send me heehee I love him.


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