Sons of Anarchy

Season 5 Episode 8


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Oct 30, 2012 on FX

Episode Recap

The episode begins in the aftermath of Gemma's car accident. Gemma is hysterical as Able is transported from the car. Jax also has problems. He is unloading a body in the car while Tara is fuming in the front seat. Later Jackson cuts off both hands from the body so Unser and Pope can identify the man. It is a good plan. If Pope lies about who the man is, he probably set it up. Tara interrupts to ell Jackson about the car accident. The credit rolls.

At the hospital, Tara immediately blames Gemma whilst Jackson concern is for Able who has already been through enough. When Gemma wakes, Clay is there. The club is also at the hospital, offering their never-ending support. Able is stable but the hospital are keeping him there for a precaution.

Unser identifies the man as Charles Turner a member of Black Nation but with no obvious connection to Pope. Clay covers for Gemma saying that the guys in the van came after her as well. Jackson is immediately apologetic and angry with himself.

Eli arrives at the hospital warning the Sons that the detectives will be after any information about the nomads. He then asks to see Juice alone which worries Juice.

Juice: You're going to get me killed.

Eli: That concern left me when I watched my wife die.

Pope also confirms that the man was Charles Turner. He and Jax are forming a strong relationship. Back in hospital, Gemma admits to Nero that she was stoned. Nero, an advocate of karma, tries to convince her to tell them the truth. Clay tells Nero that Nero and Gemma are over and Nero gets in the way with Gemma Clay will kill him. Clay is pretty much used to getting what he wants but Nero is tough and has had a tough life; he does not take the warning seriously.

The Sons chase the shooter to a roof. The shooter tells them it was Frankie Diamonds who paid for the hit. He also denies going after Gemma. The shooter is killed.

Clay asks Juice about Eli. Initially, Juice tries to bluff but eventually he admits to everything; having a black father, bowing to pressure from the police, stealing drugs and killing Myles. It's a very open conversation. Clay admits that he is behind the nomads. Clay tells Juice "Everybody at that table has something that puts them out . Self-disclosure kills the group." They agree to keep it quiet.

Tara hugs Gemma and thanks her for keeping the boys safe. Jackson questions Gemma about the van. They are questions that she cannot answer (since there was no van).

The Sons arrive to see Frankie Diamond has Lila and Nero captive at Di Osa. He wants money. Nero has some. Frankie Diamond tells the club that Clay is behind the break-ins but denies going after Gemma. Frankie leaves with Chibs as hostage. Lila is shot in the butt. Nero arranges for a doctor who is also a client to come but he is angry because the violence is spreading into his club. Nero wants Jackson to accelerate his own end game. "If Clay set these guys in motion, brother in brother, you got no trust to lean on,".  Nero then tells Jax that Gemma wasn't run off the road and that Clay lied.

At the hospital, Jackson removes a very beautiful Thomas from Gemma's lap. He instructs Gemma to tell Tara the truth. Tara hits Gemma and tells her she is done. Jackson comforts Tara and Thomas; both are crying.

Frankie orders Chibs out of the truck and it looks like he might kill him. Instead he knocks him unconscious and leaves him alone in the dark.

Eli enquires about Able. He then tells Jax that his wife was seven weeks pregnant and that there is no evidence to tie the MC to Rita's murder. The Sheriff really does want to cause trouble. He tells Jax that there is a rat within the MC that helped in the RICO case. He promises to tell Jax who the rat is in exchange for Jax finding out who  killed his wife. A deal is struck.

Jackson asks Tara is she ever regrets coming back. She more regrets leaving in the first place. Jackson tells her that Clay is behind the Nomad breakins but he has a plan in place. At the garage, Clay and Jackson catch up and Jackson tells Clay that he knows why he tried to cover for Gemma. Jackson also tells Clay that Gemma is now dead to their family and Clay is the only thing she has left. Despite all she done, Jackson is worried for her. He tells Clay that she will need him. It's a set up.

Jackson visits Gemma (who is knitting) at Di Osa and offers her a way back in. Gemma is giving up alcohol and weed but it is not enough. Jackson wants her to get the proof that Clay is behind the nomads. Jackson wants her to sleep with Clay in order to get his trust. It's a hell of a deal.