Sons of Anarchy

Season 5 Episode 8


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Oct 30, 2012 on FX

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  • Am I missing something

    I love this show and will continue to enthusiastically watch it until the end, but I'm missing the authenticity of the MC club that I was sold in the first two seasons. It reappeared in season 4, but is thus far struggling in season 5. Aside from the killing of Opie, which I thought was controversial, tragic, but acceptable in the scheme of realism, the season has been "tongue-in-cheek" to me. My problems:

    1. Why is Clay still breathing. I understand that he had to be allowed to live at the end of season 4 to further the gun deal with the Irish, but he's undermined Jax's presidency in nearly every episode since his recovery. And as smart and intuitive as Jax appeared to be in seasons 2 and 3, now he comes across as clueless and naive. Frankie as much as admitted that Clay set the whole thing up with the home invasions and his desire to retake the presidents chair! What's left to be proved by prostituting Gemma to Clay "for more proof"? I'm starting to feel like I'm watching a television drama. I used to be able to suspend disbelief, but it's getting more difficult.

    2. Chibs is one of my favorite characters, but why is he still breathing. In the real world, Frankie would have put a chrome in his dome. He has nothing to lose by killing Chibs. His affiliation with the club is over! He's a dead man walking. If Opie can die, no one is safe!

    3. When did Gemma get that soft that she would allow Tara to smack her around. I understand she's feeling guilty about her grandchildren, and Tara is the new Queen, but she's been the Queen of that club for a long time, not to mention she's hard as nails. Why didn't she stomp Tara into mush, and Jax have to prevent her from turning Tara into roadkill?

    4. Why would Jax assume that Pope wanted him dead on the outside, when he could have very easily have had he, Chibs, and Tig slaughtered along with Opie on the inside? Didn't he just make a deal with Pope to sell additional drugs from the cartel, using the Niners as a pipeline? Why would Pope turn around and undermine that potential moneymaking arrangement by killing the president of the club, or sabotage it with petty home invasions? That seems like looney tunes stuff! Jax may be in over his head if he can't see the fallacy of thinking Pope is trying to take him out, after Pope gave the blessing to release he, Chibs, and Tig from jail.

    5. I was sympathetic with Juice in season 4, but now he's like an accident waiting to happen. He seems devoid of any backbone since season three. Personally, he's starting to border on pathetic, and I'm beginning to wonder why that branch broke in season 4.

    Okay, these were my issues with this episode. Share your thoughts.