Sons of Anarchy

Season 5 Episode 9

Andare Pescare

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Nov 06, 2012 on FX

Episode Recap

The episode begins with a young Able looking better and feeling hungry in hospital. Nero and Gemma share a coffee and agree to keep seeing each other despite Jackson's warning that they should not.

Clay and Jimmy Cacuzza from the Nomads meet. They are still looking for Frankie Diamonds. Margaret Murphy updates Tara's insurance status to include her husband. It is a well-meaning gesture but it means Tara can be linked to the MC which is worrying because she is visiting Otto in prison.

The club reunite with Chibs and then vote for Frankie Diamonds to meet "Mr Mayhem". Straight after the meeting Jackson tells Bobby that they cannot kill Frankie. They need Frankie alive so Roosevelt will tell them who the rat is. Bobby doesn't want to lie but does not have another suggestion either.

Right before the boys ride off Gemma and Clay speak nicely to each other. They appear to be putting their differences behind them. The boys meet with Leo Pirelli who they believe has been helping Frankie Diamond. Leo runs some sort of illegal casino and a fight breaks out between the Sons and Leo's "employees". They tell Leo about the money Frankie stole.

Tara and Otto meet. She lets him smell Luann's perfume and finally starts to reach him.

Frankie is located by Juice and Clay at a cabin right after he shoots one of Leo's men. A shootout ends after Clay lets the car run into the house and it causes an explosion. Jackson's plan to save Frankie goes wrong when Leo comes in and shoots him. After some discussion they agree to call it even. The Sons take Frankie's body back with them. Bobby and Jax agree they don't have enough on Clay  to go to the table.

Nero and Gemma bury his half-sister (and sometimes lover) by stashing her ashes in a mausoleum. They place some stolen flowers in there as well.

Jackson stops at the hospital and Tara tells him (mostly) what happened with Otto. Able is going to be released. A clinic from Oregon may be offering Tara a job. Jackson is surprised but shutdown pretty quickly.

Bobby and Clay have a chat. Bobby lets Clay know that he is aware of Clay's role in the nomads. "I really hope you are as smart as you think you are. I am tired of burning friends," he warns Clay.

When Tara and Jackson arrive home, Gemma is waiting for them. She wants assurances that if she does help nail Clay, all will be forgiven. She gets it but still isn't too happy. It looks like Jax can boss her around just like everybody else.

Jackson tells Tara that he will be home in a couple of hours. She has just had a shower and unsuccessfully tries to get him to stay. She is lonely and uses the perfume to try and escape.

Gemma tries to shutdown Nero but he is being lovely and has bought her some birds. She goes home alone and later arrives at Clay's cortisone shot in her hands. I guess her grandsons mean more to her than Nero.

Eli and Jackson meet. Eli is not happy to see that Frankie is dead. Eli pats Jackson down and does not really want to tell him who the rat is. Jackson figures it out himself.

As the show ends, Jackson follows Juice.

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