Sons of Anarchy

Season 3 Episode 11


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Nov 16, 2010 on FX

Episode Recap

The episode begins with Jax making a phone call to Stahl's phone. Stahl's voicemail kicks in and Jax leaves her one saying that she needs to call him back soon. He hangs up and sees Trinity heading into the store. Jax goes inside with the last container that was outside. Trinity admits she doesn't know what to say and admits she feels like an idiot. Jax tells her that this is a good thing because he found out that he has a sister. Trinity notes that he has a sister that he almost made love to. Jax chuckles. His phone starts to ring and Jax tells her he has to answer it. Trinity tells Jax to go get her nephew back.

Jax steps outside and answers his phone. It's Stahl calling him back. He informs her that Father Ashby used them to prove Jimmy O was the traitor and he says that now Jimmy O is a marked man by the IRA. Stahl says he needs to find a way to unmark him and get him back alive to Stahl. Jax says his first priority is to find Abel. Stahl warns him that if he wants to get his club reduced time and get Gemma off the hook for the murders then he needs to make catching Jimmy O a bigger priority. Stahl asks if he understands. Jax says he'll handle it and then hangs up.

At Salazar's place, Murphy starts to sob. She knows that her husband, Dave, and her children are probably worried about her and wondering where she's at. Tara promises her that people are looking for them. Murphy notes that Tara seems to be handling this well. Tara only responds by telling her to try and get some sleep.

At the station, Candy walks into Unser's office and finds him sleeping on the sofa. Unser startles her and he apologizes. Candy says that she was out at the Buffalo Bar and was talking with one of her friend's that works in the mayor's office. She informs Unser that city council declared a crisis and the Sanwa Sheriff's Office has been voted in to take over Charming. She notes it was a unanimous decision and that information was sent out to everyone. Unser is appalled that the vote happened tonight. Candy suggests that he check his email to see if he got the memo. Unser says he didn't get one. Candy asks what this means. Unser admits he really doesn't know.

Back in Belfast, Maureen approaches SAMCRO with some information. Maureen notes that McGee would always empty out his pockets every night before he went to bed. She hands Clay a piece of paper with an address on it. Maureen doesn't know if it's Jimmy O's place, but she notes it might help them find him. Clay thanks her and tells her that he is sorry about what happened to McGee. Maureen nods. Clay gives her McGee's patches and tells her that she should have them. Maureen thanks him and leaves the group. Jax says that the nuns will be at the orphanage soon so he's heading up there now. Gemma says that she's going with him. Jax protests, but Gemma insists that she's going. Bobby says that he's going to need the truck to get Abel home so Gemma should go with him. Clay tells Gemma not to kill anyone and Gemma promises she won't. Opie states that he is also going. Jax tells Clay to take Bobby with him when they search for Jimmy O and they will handle the nuns to get Abel back.

At Jimmy O's hideout, we see Jimmy O sitting at a table that has several guns on it. In the other room, we hear someone screaming in pain. Donny comes back in the room and gives Jimmy O an address where Abel is at. Jimmy O asks if they have anyone that they can trust in South Ireland. Donny says they might, but they don't have time to find that information out. Donny asks if he reached out to the Russians yet. Jimmy O tells him that he did and they will give him a safe haven for money. Donny says they need to go. Jimmy O and Donny head out into the other room where we see that Donny was torturing Sean Casey for information and he got it out of him. Donny asks Jimmy O what they should do about Sean. Jimmy O walks over to Sean and slaps his face to get him to wake up. Sean says that he sees him. Jimmy O shoots Sean through the head. Donny is disgusted and asks Jimmy O who's supposed to clean that up. Jimmy O states that that is Donny's job.

Bobby, Clay, Chibs, and Happy arrive at Jimmy O's hideout to find Sean's dead body. Happy notes that there are teeth on the ground. Clay realizes they tortured him before they killed him. Chibs states that Sean knows where they're hiding Fiona and Kerianne at and worries that they are going to get them. Clay tells Chibs to call Juice and tell him to bring them to the alley.

Back in Charming, Jacob is escorted into Unser's office by Charming Police. Jacob is not very happy that Unser had him taken from his home at four o'clock in the morning. Unser says he's abusing the power while he still has it. Jacob tells Unser that the Sanwa Sheriff's decision was out of his hands. Unser yells that it was a unanimous vote which means that Jacob didn't do anything to stop it. Unser says that Jacob lied to him and sold out the entire department. Jacob tells Unser that things have changed and Charming is a more dangerous place now. Jacob says that Charming finally made its own decision. Unser asks Jacob if he heard about Lumpy. Jacob shakes his head no. Unser informs Jacob that Lumpy died of internal bleeding from his injuries that he sustained. Jacob says that's awful and he's sorry to hear about it. Unser notes that it's not really that bad for Jacob because the street is now open for him to set up his development that he used the council to build. Jacob notes that he deals with many land developers and notes that's his job. He notes that maybe Unser should do his job and find Lumpy's killer. Unser retorts that he hasn't gotten anywhere on the Mayan lead. Unser says that he knows for a fact that Lumpy was refusing to sell his gym. Unser makes a threat to Jacob and notes that the killer may have had a reason for Lumpy getting killed. Jacob asks if Unser is really saying that civil servants and businessmen killed Lumpy. Jacob states this is the reason why the vote was unanimous. He gets up and leaves.

Jax, Opie, and Gemma arrive at the orphanage to look for Abel. They start to look in the cribs to find Abel. One of the nuns comes out and greets them. She says that Father Ashby informed her that they would be coming. Jax asks where Abel is. The nun tells them to come in and sit down. Gemma demands to know where he is. The nun informs them that Abel was given to a family two days ago. Jax demands to know who the family is. The nun says she doesn't have that information. Jax asks who has the information. The nun says that it's an independent location that protects the anonymity of all of the parents that adopt the children. Jax demands them to tell him where Abel is. The bodyguard tries to grab Jax, but Jax pushes him and tells him to back off. Opie notes that if Abel was adopted two days ago this means that Father Ashby already knew that he was adopted. Jax is very upset and says he's going to kill Father Ashby. They start to walk out, but Gemma suddenly clutches her chest. The guys think that she is having another heart attack and they go to help her. But Gemma is only faking one and she grabs the guard's gun. She corners everyone and then grabs one of the babies from one of the nuns. The nun asks what she's doing. Gemma points the gun at the baby and it starts to cry. Gemma asks the nun if she knows the story of King Solomon. The nun says yes. Gemma tells her that if she was that mother she would have had a half-dead kid rather than watch someone else raise their child. Gemma tells the nun that they have to have some kind of research on the families and she knows the anonymity is a lie. She tells them to give her information or she'll shoot the baby. The nun tells another nun to get the file out. The nun hands the file to Jax and Jax opens it. The nun says that the couple was Mark and Katey Petrie. She says that they are currently staying at a hotel and are going through a four day waiting period to make sure that the child is the right fit for the parents. Opie tells the nuns that if they tell Father Ashby or the Petries that they visited here they will tell the police and shut their business down. The nun asks that SAMCRO not hurt the Petries. Jax assures her that he only wants his son back and no harm will come to them. Opie asks Jax if he wants help, but Jax tells him that he has to do this on his own. Gemma tells one of the nuns to collect the baby she is holding. The group leaves.

At the Europa Hotel, Jax goes in to look for the Petries. He looks near the desk and sees a couple walking out with a baby. Jax opens the folder and it's the Petries. They get in a cab with Abel with them. Jax gets on his motorcycle and follows them. They get out at a shopping complex and Jax follows them inside. He follows them closely while Mark and Katey walk around the shopping complex with Abel. Jax watches from afar as Mark and Katey show lots of love to Abel. They even buy Abel a new red hat that he can wear on his head. They sit down at a table to feed Abel and Jax continues to watch them. When they finish, Mark and Katey put a dollar in a homeless woman's bag. They start to walk past Jax and all Jax can do is look at them. They walk past and Jax doesn't try to take Abel from them. Jax watches as Mark and Katey take Abel out of the store. After they leave, Jax sits down at a table with a very somber look on his face.

Stahl and Tyler visit Unser in his office. Unser asks what they want. Stahl informs Unser that St. Thomas Hospital just informed them that Tara and Margaret Murphy are missing. Stahl says that the county sheriff's office is handling the case. Unser asks why this involves the ATF. Stahl tells Unser that they are back on the IRA-Northern California Gun Trade case. Stahl says that she knows that SAMCRO is in Belfast with some of the IRA. Unser asks if she thinks the IRA really took Tara. Stahl says that they're not sure, but she thought that it would be a good idea to talk with the club members that are still in Charming. Stahl figured that Unser could take them to the club. Unser admits that his relations with them aren't what they used to be, but tells them to give him a few minutes to finish up. Tyler notes that Stahl didn't tell her that SAMCRO was in Belfast and she admits she thought they were here to follow up on Gemma. Tyler asks her what's going on and admits that she knows that Stahl is talking to Jax Teller. Stahl shuts the door and tells Tyler that she is about to tell her something that comes from people that are two levels higher than they are. She tells Tyler to keep it to herself. Tyler promises she will. Stahl tells her that the deal for Jax to bring Jimmy O in alive gets his club reduced time for the gun charges. Tyler asks about Gemma. Stahl notes that Gemma escaped custody so nothing she says is going to hold any weight. Stahl tells her that this is huge and is good for both their careers. She kisses Tyler and tells her not to worry. Unser comes in and asks if he's interrupting something. Stahl says no and they both exit.

At the clubhouse, Tig talks with Salazar about the drop-off at Emerson park while Chuck pours Piney and Kozik some coffee. Tig tells Salazar that they need more time. Salazar says that he doesn't care and tells them that they have one hour. Tig asks Salazar if he got the information that Alvarez was dead. Salazar says that he did. Tig asks who the cops are coming to first about Alvarez's death and notes it will be the clubhouse. Tig tells him that they have to make sure that the cops aren't tailing them. Salazar tells them to meet them at noon and put the money in the garbage can. Salazar tells him that if there's no money then the women die. He hangs up. Tig tells the group that he bought them a few more hours. Chuck tells the group that he might be able to help, but Piney says they're alright. Kozik notes that Tig was right about the police showing up and we see the police pull up outside.

Outside, Stahl tells Tig and Kozik that Tara has been missing for the last two days. She says that by the looks on their faces she thinks they already knew. Stahl asks if Jax knows. Tig says that he doesn't and they're keeping it that way. Stahl agrees and says that they want to help. Unser asks what they know. Tig is initially put off because the police didn't have any intentions of helping to find Abel, but now they care about finding Tara. Kozik tells Tig that they don't have a choice. Kozik tells Stahl, Tyler, and Unser that it was Salazar that took Tara. Unser asks why he would do that. Tig says that they've made a new alliance with the Mayans and it didn't turn out in Salazar's favor. Kozik says that the demands were for them to kill Alvarez and deliver $250,000. Tig says that they didn't do that and Kozik notes that they were able to get Alvarez to play dead. Stahl notes that they need the cash and says that they can help them with the cash. She tells them to wait here and they'll inform them of what to do next. Tyler notes that Stahl told her it was the IRA and now they find out it was the Calaveras. She asks what's going on. Stahl tells Tyler that Jax needs to focus on bringing Jimmy O in to her and if saving Tara protects the deal then they do that.

Inside, Unser meets with SAMCRO. Unser says he's sorry about Lumpy and Piney says that he's sorry to hear about it as well. Unser asks if he can have one. Piney tells Chuck to pour Unser some scotch. Unser tells them that the club was right about Jacob being connected with Lumpy's death. He informs them that Jacob was in a land development deal on Liberty Street. Tig says that he knew it. Unser says that he doesn't have any hard evidence, but he knows in his gut that Jacob is involved. Tig says they know too and that Salazar killed Lumpy. Unser asks what proof he has of that. Tig says its street logic and that Lumpy said the guy who beat him was a Mexican claiming it was a Mayan attack. Piney adds that Salazar has a grudge with Alvarez and SAMCRO. Unser tells them that they need Salazar alive to prove that Jacob is involved and then they can bury Jacob.

In Belfast, Jax arrives back at the clubhouse. Gemma asks what happens and asks where Abel is. Jax hesitates and Gemma asks again. Jax tells Gemma he needs to talk with her. Maureen is sitting in the other bedroom and listens to the conversation. They head inside and Gemma asks what's wrong. She notes that Jax is scaring her. Jax tells Gemma that he found Abel. Gemma says that they need to go and get him then. Jax shakes his head no and tells Gemma that he let Abel go. Gemma is confused and asks what he means. Jax says that John's manuscript isn't about changing the club, but rather changing his legacy. Jax starts to cry and says that he doesn't belong in the club and neither does Abel. Gemma asks Jax where Abel is. Jax says that he's with a father that didn't torture and murder someone yesterday. Gemma grabs Jax and says that she doesn't care if Jax killed 100 men. She yells that Abel is his son. Jax says that Abel is gone. Gemma slaps him and asks what he's going to tell his other son when he asks what happened to his big brother. Jax is confused. Gemma reveals that Tara is pregnant. Jax asks Gemma how she knows that. Gemma tells him that she knew even before Tara did and tells him Tara is two months along. There's a knock on the door and Maureen answers it. Juice, Fiona, Kerianne, and Father Ashby come in. Maureen asks what's wrong. Father Ashby tells her that Clay called and said that the girls were in danger. Father Ashby notices Jax's expression and asks him what's wrong. Gemma approaches him and notes that he is the one responsible for messing with Jax. She asks what he said to him.

Outside, Jax, Bobby, Chibs, and Happy arrive back at the clubhouse. The group comes outside and Juice asks what happened. Clay informs the group that Sean is dead and was tortured for information for Fiona's location. Father Ashby says that it wasn't for Fiona's location, but for Abel's location. The group is confused. Father Ashby says that Jimmy O needs a way to get out of the country and he's going to use Abel as leverage to get him out. Jax says they need to get to the Europa Hotel.

Everyone heads to the Europa Hotel and Juice and Happy stay downstairs to guard them. They arrive at the room and burst into the door. When they arrive, Mark and Katey Petrie are found dead. Mark is lying on the bed and Katey is on the floor. Both of them have been shot. Bobby looks around the hotel room for Abel, but he is nowhere to be found. Jimmy O has Abel. Bobby says they need to get out of here now. Jax looks at them both and says that it's his fault that this happened. Opie tells Jax that they need to go. Jax tells them he has to do something first. He picks Katey's body up and puts her on the bed next to Mark. He then puts their hands together so they are holding each other's hands. He leaves them in that position and Opie lays Abel's red hat on their hands. Jax sits down on the floor and Opie sits on the table in silence.

Back at the clubhouse, Father Ashby informs the group that Jimmy O does indeed have Abel. He tells them that Jimmy O has demanded safe passage to the United States in exchange for Abel. Father Ashby says that he advised to make the deal. Jax asks what will happen now. Father Ashby tells Jax that the council will think about it and they might ask Jax to join them. He says until then they need to wait. Clay tells Father Ashby that none of this would have happened if he had just told them where Abel was the first day they got here. Father Ashby says he was trying to help the family. Clay gets up and asks Father Ashby if he's serious. The group holds him back and Jax tells Clay that this is not Father Ashby's fault. Jax insists it's his own mistake. Jax tells Father Ashby he's done listening to dead men, and tells Father Ashby not to pretend he's helping them. He says that his only goal was to further his own ends and not to help the Teller family. Jax tells Father Ashby he doesn't care about the family and John Teller didn't care either.

Luisa takes Tara into the bathroom. Tara kicks the door shut and Luisa tells her she has five minutes. Tara looks at the window and in the bathtub for anything she can use to help her escape. She then notices that the mirror has a large crack in it. She takes a cloth and lightly hits her head on the cracked mirror.

At the park, Tig makes the money drop in the garbage can. Tyler, Stahl, and several other agents stake the place out. Two boys look at Tig and they start to ride down to the trashcan. They see the bag of money and they take it out. The boys get on their bikes and flee quickly. Tig yells after them to stop and he runs after them. The agents ask Stahl if the boys are the ones that are picking up the money. Stahl says she isn't sure and tells them to follow the boys. The group takes off after the boys while Salazar waits down in the parking lot. He sees the chaos going on with Tig and the agents chasing after the boys. He gets spooked and gets back in his car. Tig notices Salazar leaving and tells the agents that Salazar spotted them. Tyler tells Stahl that Salazar is getting away. Stahl screams that they are all idiots and tells all of the agents to chase after the car.

Back at the house, Luisa gets a phone call. Salazar tells Luisa that it was a setup and there were cops waiting for him at the drop off. Luisa kicks the door open to kill Tara. Tara dives at Luisa from behind the shower curtains and slits Luisa's throat with the shard of glass. Luisa falls into the bathtub clutching her bleeding throat. Tara picks up Luisa's gun.

Back at the park, Stahl informs Tig that they were able to catch up to the kids on the bicycles and determine that they weren't supposed to pick up the money. Tig says that was obvious and that's why he was chasing them. Piney asks about Salazar. Stahl says that he got away. Tig is very upset and says that Salazar will kill the girls now. Stahl shouts at him that it is Tig's fault for going off of the plan and chasing after the boys. Kozik says that Tig was only protecting the drop. Stahl retorts that they still would have been able to catch the kid and get back to the site before Salazar came and got it. Stahl says that Tig is responsible. Tig goes to attack Stahl, but the other guys hold him back.

Tara and Murphy run down the stairs and prepare to make their escape. Salazar comes in the door and Tara holds her gun on him. Salazar holds his on Tara and the two have a brief standoff. Salazar tells Tara to drop the gun. Tara tells Salazar to drop his. Salazar yells out for Luisa, but Tara tells him that Luisa is bleeding out. Salazar goes into the bathroom and confirms that what Tara said is true. Tara tells Salazar that he needs her in order to keep Luisa alive. Salazar begs her to do something. Tara says that if Salazar lets Murphy leave alive then she will help Luisa. Salazar tells her it's a deal, but they first need to get Luisa out to the car so they can get her to the hospital. Salazar sobs over Luisa. Tara hands Murphy the gun and tells her that if Salazar reneges on the deal she is to shoot him.

In Belfast, Brogan tells Jax that they are going to allow Jimmy O to leave the county in exchange for him giving Abel back. Brogan adds that Jax and Father Ashby will go to the drop point at the docks where they will pick Abel up. Jimmy O will then get on a boat heading for the United States. Clay asks how Jimmy O knows that he won't be shot after he hands over Abel. Father Ashby tells Clay that there are assurances in place to prevent that. Dooley says that they need something in return. He says that Jimmy O is going to try and reach out to the Russians in Northern California for help. Clay asks if they're the same ones they've been running the IRA's guns to. Dooley says yes and that Jimmy O will be there for a short time. He asks that SAMCRO kill him before Jimmy O is able to exile to a place where they can't find him. Roarke says that in exchange they are willing to expand the business that they do with SAMCRO. Brogan says that Jimmy O lost sight of the goals, but they needed his income. Brogan hopes that SAMCRO will trade on that loss. Clay asks what that means. Roarke says that they will have access to all of the weapons including AR-15s and RPGs. Brogan says that they'll also have all of Jimmy O's contacts. He notes that they will be able to use more of their charters, expand in California, and organizing everything better. Brogan asks if they're up for it. Clay says that they will help. Jax is visibly not happy about this.

In Maureen's bedroom, Maureen reads a note from John Teller that she received many years ago. The letter says that he doesn't know what he would do without Maureen. John says that the letters are the only thing that keeps him sane. John states that he feels lost in Charming and that nothing seems right anymore. He says that the club and his family are strangers and his introspection of bigger and better things terrifies them. He notes it drives Gemma mad and Clay is starting to loathe him. John writes that he sees Clay and Gemma getting closer to each other, but that he has no jealousy or anger towards them. He says he feels nothing and not even fear even though he should be afraid. Maureen folds the letter back up and lays it on the bed.

Jax and Father Ashby meet at the drop off for Abel. A car pulls up and Donny gets out of the car. He tells Jax to put his hands up and he pats both Jax and Father Ashby down for weapons. Jax sees Jimmy O in the backseat of the car. Jimmy O gets out with Abel in his arms. Jimmy O gives Abel to Jax and Jax is very happy to see his son again. Jimmy O tells Jax that Abel is a good boy and notes that if Father Ashby would have returned him right away none of this would have happened. Donny tells Father Ashby to come with them. Jax asks what's going on. Jimmy O says the only way he's getting out of the country alive is if he has a hostage. Jax asks Father Ashby if he agreed to this. Father Ashby says yes. Jax says that if he goes with them, Father Ashby will be killed. Father Ashby looks at them both and tells them to be well. He gets in the car with Jimmy O and Donny and they drive away. Jax tells Abel that he will never let anyone take him away again. He tells Abel that he loves him.

In Charming, Tig and Kozik arrive at the police station to ask what happened. Murphy is giving her statement at the police station. Unser tells Tig that Tara slit Luisa's throat and then made a deal with Salazar that if she kept Luisa alive he would let Murphy go. Kozik asks if Salazar still has Tara. Unser says that he does. Stahl tells the guys that Salazar took Tara and Luisa to his aunt's house for a little bit, but they weren't there when the ATF arrived. Stahl says there's still an APB out on the car and says that she's sorry.

Back in Belfast, the group celebrates Abel's return. Juice and Happy head outside to go load the truck. Opie walks up to Jax and asks him if he was able to get in bed with Trinity. Jax says no and tells him it just didn't feel right to do that. He doesn't reveal that Trinity is his sister. Bobby says that she's right for him. Jax notes that Bobby is twice Trinity's age and three times her weight. Bobby asks why that's a problem. Jax laughs and the guys head outside to load the truck. Trinity tells Jax that Abel is beautiful. Jax thanks her and asks her if she's doing alright. Trinity says she's doing well. Jax asks how Maureen is.

We find out that Maureen is actually in the other room. She looks around for everyone, but nobody is there. She pulls out Jax's hat from his bag and stuffs the letters in them. Juice and Happy come in and state that they were wondering where she went. Maureen says that she was only checking to make sure that they didn't leave anything. Juice thanks her and they pick up the bags.

In Charming, Tara puts Luisa in the backseat of the car. She gets out and starts to stumble towards Salazar. Tara tells him that she's sorry, but Luisa is dead. Salazar grabs her and throws her against the hood of the car. He pulls his pistol out.

Back in Belfast, the group gets ready to leave. Bobby's phone starts to ring. Clay asks if it's Elliot's man in Manchester. Bobby says that everything was already worked out with him. He answers the phone and steps away to have the conversation. Chibs says goodbye to Fiona and Kerianne. Maureen and Gemma call a truce and give each other a hug. Gemma thanks Maureen for everything. Jax hugs Maureen as well and thanks her. Maureen tells Jax to take care of Abel and have a safe trip home. Jax hugs Trinity goodbye as well. Bobby comes back and tells them that it's not Elliot's guy. Bobby tells Jax that Tig is on the phone and he wants to talk to him. He tells Jax that he's going to want to hear this phone call. The episode ends with Jax saying hello into the phone.