Sons of Anarchy

Season 4 Episode 2


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Sep 13, 2011 on FX

Episode Recap

The episode begins with Clay coming into the kitchen. Gemma gets him a cup of coffee and tells him that she didn't want to wake him up. Clay remarks that it's good to be home. There's a moment of silence between the two and then Clay tells Gemma that the murders made the paper. Gemma notes that four dead bodies out at Charming Heights will raise some eyebrows. Clay assures her that there were no witnesses and nobody can prove they did it. Gemma states that she isn't worried about the Russians as much as she's worried about Jax and Tara. She takes out the note that Maureen wrote and tells Clay that she found it with Abel's coloring books in Jax's house. Gemma notes that Maureen was trying to manipulate Jax by giving him the letters when they were in Belfast. Clay asks Gemma if Jax read them. Gemma notes that either Jax or Tara found the letters. Clay notes that the letters were probably just love letters with poems to John Teller. Gemma notes that Maureen wasn't just a one night stand and states that John Teller confided everything in her. Gemma is worried that Maureen is trying to influence Jax. Clay doesn't think Maureen can hurt them, and he also notes that John can't hurt them either. Gemma states that John trusted Maureen and even had a family with her. She notes that they have no idea what John confided in Maureen. Clay says that if something was suspected it would have been revealed by now. Clay promises that they are alright and warns her not to start things up with people. Gemma states that doesn't do that all of the time and leaves Clay telling him that she loves him.

At Jax's house, Tara tells Jax that the babysitter watches Abel and Thomas in the morning and Gemma watches them in the afternoon. She notes that she can change the schedule if it's needed. Jax states that he'll be alright and wants them to stick to routine. Tara notes it'll be a lot easier with him around. The news comes on and Jax and Tara listen to the report of the Russians being found outside of Charming Heights. Tara asks Jax if the club was involved. Jax asks Tara what she wants to know. Tara turns the television off and tells Jax to tell her everything. Jax tells Tara it was retaliation for the Russians trying to kill him in prison. Gemma comes in and remarks that their perfect family is complete.

At the Winston residence, Opie hugs Lyla and tells her that the kids are at school and it's their honeymoon day. Lyla tells Opie that she has to go to work today. Opie remarks that the sooner they get Lyla pregnant, the sooner she can stop working. Lyla tells Opie that her boss gets upset if the actresses don't show. Opie mocks that he doesn't want to upset the prince. Lyla tells Opie that she heard on the news about some Russians that were killed last night and notes that there were Russians at their wedding. Lyla asks Opie if the club was involved. Opie lies and tells her no. He says that the club was good with the Russians and remarks that they were involved with some tough groups. Opie kisses Lyla and leaves.

Tara kisses Jax and leaves. Gemma sticks around and asks Jax if he's alright. Jax asks Gemma what she's talking about. Gemma tells Jax that she just missed him a lot and wanted to make sure everything was fine. Jax promises that everything is fine. Gemma tells Jax that she loves him more than anything in the world and asks if he knows that. Jax says that he's always known that and tells Gemma he loves her. Jax leaves, but Gemma sticks behind.

At the crime scene, Roosevelt and the forensic team analyze the crime scene. Potter arrives and notes to Roosevelt that there are probably a few more dead Russians somewhere else in Charming. Roosevelt states that not all of them were Russians and apologizes about Worski. Potter notes that Worski was a good agent. He adds that he didn't see anything like this coming. Potter says that power grows and can in the end become true meanness. Roosevelt asks what he's missing. Potter says that SAMCRO is growing bold and asks them why they would kill all of the Russians. Roosevelt says that it probably has to do with revenge. Potter doubts that SAMCRO would have lasted as long as a club if they were stupid enough to exact revenge. Potter notices that Jacob Hale has arrived and asks Roosevelt if anyone is rubbed the wrong way over the fact that Jacob is also the town's biggest developer. Roosevelt notes that the bodies will make Jacob's head spin. Potter states that bodies can bring down property values. Roosevelt notes that the time period for eminent domain is winding down and if Jacob doesn't get his investors the vote will go back to city council and can revert back the land to Elliot.

Jacob talks with Roosevelt and Potter steps away noting it's not a good morning for the Russians. Jacob asks Roosevelt if he knows who is behind this. Roosevelt says that he is on the case and knows it was SAMCRO. Jacob doesn't understand why Clay killed the Russians in the first twenty-four hours after the club's release. Roosevelt notes that they are not sure it was SAMCRO and adds the Russians run with dangerous crowds. Jacob states that it isn't a coincidence that the bodies were dumped on Charming Heights. Roosevelt says that Clay might be sending a message. Jacob tells Roosevelt to crack down harder on SAMCRO and warns Roosevelt that more bodies cannot fall in Charming. Roosevelt asks if this is coming from him as a mayor or a real estate developer. Jacob says he is speaking as a citizen and tells Roosevelt to do the job the tax payers are paying him for.

Clay and Jax ride out to a junkyard in the Teller-Morrow tow truck. They stop one of the workers and the worker tells him that the men are inside the lot. Jax gives the man some money and Clay tells him to make the junkyard noisy. The man agrees. Jax and Clay drive into the junkyard. They find Alvarez waiting there. Alvarez greets Clay and Jax. At this point, three men come up to the scene. Alvarez introduces Romero "Romeo" Parada from the Gallindo Cartel. Romeo greets the men and notes that he prefers to be called by that nickname. Jax thanks Romeo for coming up to see them. Romeo introduces Santos and Luis, his right-hand men. Romeo tells the men that he heard Putlova and his men didn't make it home from the wedding last night. Clay tells Romeo that they had to put the Putlova Northern California crew down. Jax tells Romeo that he wants to make sure SAMCRO is in the clear. Romeo tells the men that he's talked with all of his groups and nobody is to interfere with SAMCRO. Romeo asks to see the guns. The men go to the tow truck where a crushed car was towed into the lot. They open the smashed trunk and inside are AR-15 rifles, AK-47s, and several various pistols. Clay states that he is selling them at a twenty-percent discount off of the streets. Romeo, Santos, and Luis load three of the weapons and test fire them into some junk. They are impressed with the weapons. Santos asks Jax how they get their ammunition. Jax states that the Wahewa people press all of their bullets. Luis is very impressed with the guns. Luis states that he wants to set up a shipment with them every two weeks. Romeo states that he wants access to .50 caliber machine guns, high powered sniper rifles, and even RPGs. Clay states that he can get them, but he has to make a call. Romeo is satisfied and pays the club for the guns, ammunition, and transportation fees. It appears that the club is given over a million dollars just for that transaction. Clay states that he'll clear the schedule to make time for them. Romeo says he'll have the cocaine ready for the run back. Jax is taken aback by this revelation, but he says nothing. Romeo tells Clay that he'll be in town for the next couple of days and asks him to call when he hears from the IRA.

Jax and Clay sit alone in the truck while everyone else leaves. Jax is very upset that the club is trafficking drugs. Clay states that the only thing they are doing is transporting it to the Mayans and they will distribute it. Jax isn't happy about that. Clay says it was part of the deal and it wasn't negotiable. Jax asks if anyone else knows. Clay says that he hasn't told anyone else and that is why he brought Jax along. Clay tells Jax that he needs him to understand why he's doing this. Jax asks what they're forgetting and notes that the only thing the club voted on was selling the Gallindo Cartel guns. Clay promises they will have another vote for the cocaine. Jax knows that Clay made the deal inside Stockton and didn't tell anyone else about it. Clay retorts that the Russians deserved to die for trying to kill Jax in prison and the Gallindo Cartel was the only organization capable of protecting them from that. Jax tells Clay not to lie and say that this was about getting revenge on the Russians. Jax knows that Clay is doing it for himself so he can cash out instead of doing it for the club. Clay tells Jax that the last two years have been tough on him and Gemma and they have no money to help them when they retire. Clay says that he may have only one more year left. He states that he gave his whole life to the club and doesn't want to leave it empty handed. Jax notes that McGee had the same idea and Clay killed him for his plans. Clay retorts that McGee was a rat. Jax asks Clay what he wants from him. Clay knows that the vote will split the club and he wants Jax to vote yes so it will pass. Jax tells Clay that if he votes yes for the drugs, then he wants Clay to let him leave the club when he steps down. Clay is taken aback and notes that Jax wanted the presidency his whole life. Jax states that has changed. Clay asks what else he is going to do without the club. Jax states that doesn't matter and just asks Clay for his word that he will let him walk away. Clay asks Jax about Gemma's feelings. Jax states that Gemma is just an old lady and not a member of the club. He is relying on Clay to keep Gemma in check. Clay notes that it isn't that simple. Jax tells Clay that he wants the president patch to go to Opie when he steps down. Jax states that this is the only way he'll vote for the drugs. Clay hesitates, but says he'll allow Jax to leave.

Back at the clubhouse, the men discuss the deal. Bobby notes that SAMCRO has never been in the drug business and Piney adds that it never will be. Opie states that he doesn't want to give Alvarez leverage of their business. Tig states that the club has been good with the Mayans for the last two years. Jax also adds that if it wasn't for Alvarez reaching out to his contacts in Stockton all of the members might have been killed in prison. Clay says that the Gallindo Cartel has already reached out to everyone and guaranteed SAMCRO's protection. Juice is more concerned that the drugs will put them on the DEA's radar. Opie tells everyone that they need to find a new buyer. Bobby says that with the Niners and the Italians buying guns they are still earning. Chibs notes that the IRA have an expectation of money coming into their organization. Since the Russians have been taken out, they are simply relying on SAMCRO for their money. Clay states that the Gallindo Cartel gives them all the demand that they need. He also adds that this will only be for a short period of time. Piney argues that with cartels, there is not short term period. Jax tells everyone that he thinks it is worth the risk. He pulls out the paper bag full of money that Romeo gave them. He says that this is the down payment for the first order. Clay states that they need to think about it and they will vote when Happy, Kozik, and Miles get back from their trip. Clay asks Jax and Opie to go out to the Wahewa Land to check in with them. Clay stops Tig and tells him that he really wants this for the club. Clay tells Tig to phone Happy and tell him to keep the guns at his aunt's house for a few more days until the storage facility is complete. Tig states he'll do that.

Before Clay leaves, Bobby stops him and says he wants to have a word with him. Bobby tells Clay that he knows why this move is being made, but he's telling him that it's a mistake. Clay tells Bobby that he appreciates the input, but he isn't asking for his counseling. Bobby tells Clay that if the drugs are pushed through it will kill SAMCRO. Bobby tells Clay that he loves him, but he loves the club more and he won't let the drugs be passed. Clay tells Bobby that he loves him too and tells him to do what he has to do. Bobby leaves.

At Jax's house, Gemma goes through all of the drawers and shelves in the house trying to find the letters, but she can't find them. She comforts a crying Thomas and answers the door to find the babysitter has arrived. She takes Thomas and finds Abel looking in her purse. Gemma asks Abel what he's looking for. Abel states that he's looking for his mother's bag. Gemma realizes that the letters are probably at the hospital.

Opie and Jax ride out to the Wahewa Land. The two sit in silence for a moment and Jax breaks it by asking Opie why he has nothing to say. Opie states that he doesn't know who he's talking to anymore. Jax notes that Opie is talking deep. Jax asks Opie when he was in prison what did he think about. Opie says he thought of Donna and his kids. Jax states that all he thought about was Tara and his sons. Jax says he was wondering how he could take care of them and be a better father. Opie doesn't understand how the cocaine fits in with all of this. Jax states that his solution was to earn big so he could provide whatever they wanted. Jax says that he is aware that the Gallindo Cartel is dangerous, but he doesn't want to live hand to mouth anymore. He states that he wants something more for Abel and Thomas. Opie tells Jax that he saw Tara take care of Abel and Thomas and he realizes just how much she stepped up and stayed strong. Opie says that he loves Lyla, but she is not like Donna. Opie states that if he goes back to prison for anything he knows that Lyla isn't going to be capable of taking care of all three children. Jax promises Opie that they won't go to prison because the Gallindo Cartel has politicians and law enforcement in their back pockets. Jax is confident that they will be fine. Opie thinks Jax is trying to convince himself just as much as he is trying to convince him.

Roosevelt meets with Potter in the room. Roosevelt asks Potter where the rest of the team is. Potter states that they were reassigned because they all knew Worski personally. Potter tells Roosevelt to tread water and wait for new information. Roosevelt asks what will happen if no information pops up. The other agent in the room tells Roosevelt that SAMCRO had to have a contingency plan if they were going to take out the Russians. Roosevelt asks Potter who the new group is. Potter says that he is not sure and that's why they need to wait. Roosevelt notes that the town has been affected by the murders. Roosevelt states he's getting a lot of heat for this and he needs to protect his town. Potter tells Roosevelt to do his job and make sure it looks like business as usual. He tells Roosevelt to be the badge.

Clay waits out at Elliot's storage unit. Elliot arrives and Clay notes that Elliot never called or wrote him. Elliot sarcastically welcomes Clay home. Elliot notes that the club didn't waste time dropping bodies. Clay asks Elliot why he think it was SAMCRO that did it. Clay notes that the bodies probably set back the Charming Heights investors and Elliot's construction. Elliot states that he had to take the deal. Clay tells Elliot he understands since he knows the amount of money that was lost when Jacob took eminent domain. Elliot asks Clay what he wants. Clay states that he wants a little understanding. Elliot says that his debt has been paid to him. Clay tells Elliot that he wants to make a new deal with him. Clay tells Elliot that he will let Jacob build Charming Heights if Elliot gives him the shed. Elliot notes that he used to store hauling equipment there. Clay states that the property is gated in and off the map as well as near the Wahewa Land. Elliot knows that Clay will be storing guns there. Clay promises Elliot that Rosen will set up a dummy corporation to make it look like Elliot is investing to a private company so everyone is protected. Clay gives Elliot money for a security deposit. Elliot asks Clay where he got the money and Clay tells him that it's a brand new day. Elliot notes that he could always say no. Clay pretends not to have heard that and tells Elliot that he will be moving the guns into the shed in a few days. Elliot stops Clay and tells him that he needs Charming Heights to happen. Clay promises that he'll let it happen.

Jax and Opie arrive at the Wahewa Lands. Jax looks around for Running Mouth, but can't find him. They find him outside sitting on a chair, appearing to be drunk. Opie kicks him out of the chair, but it turns out that Running Mouth has been shot dead. Inside, some men hear the commotion and it's revealed that some Russians have invaded the area. Opie and Jax take cover behind the truck and fire is exchanged between the two groups. Jax runs for Opie's truck and is able to get in. Opie jumps in the back and the two take off down the road. Opie states that they are clear, but suddenly an SUV pops out of the woods. It smashes into the truck and Opie bails out of the back. Another hit and the truck rolls over and crashes.

Opie runs over to the truck and gets Jax out of the wreckage. Both men are fine, but the Russians surround them. They take them back to the Wahewa Lands and into a house. There, they find another Wahewa man dead and two Wahewa women tied up. The lead Russian tells Jax to tell them where the guns are at or he'll kill one of the women. Jax tells them that he'll tell them where the guns are. When the gun is backed off, Jax head butts one of the Russians and he and Opie try to escape. But the Russians overpower them and give them a couple swift kicks to the abdomen. They go to kill the Wahewa woman, but Jax screams at them not to and he will honestly tell them where the guns are at. Jax says he can get the guns out here as long as he makes a call.

At the hospital, Gemma wheels Thomas inside Tara's office. Gemma goes through Tara's purse, but still doesn't find anything. She checks the different drawers and files, but still finds nothing. She finds a locked drawer under Tara's desk and searches the office for a key. She finds it and opens the desk up. She searches the files and finally comes across a folder that has all of the letters inside. Gemma skims them and realizes that Tara has read them. She also finds an autopsy report that was signed by Unser stating that John Teller was killed when a semi-truck slammed into him and he died from his injuries two days later. Gemma realizes that this could be bad.

At Teller-Morrow, Juice tries to repair one of Unser's old bikes. Juice asks Unser when he last rode the bike. Unser remarks that he probably had hair at the time. Tig starts to eat some meatloaf that Gemma made. Bobby remarks that he knew Tig would miss Gemma's meatloaf. Tig states that he missed the meatloaf almost as much as he missed women. Tig asks Bobby if he's alright. Bobby says he isn't. Tig knows it's about the drugs and he tells Bobby that if he gets behind Clay it will benefit him and the club. Tig says that he wants Bobby in the mix. Bobby states that Clay has locked him out and adds that he locked everyone out except Jax which is dangerous. Bobby tells Tig that Clay used to trust in the both of them because they kept the club in balance and kept Clay in line. Bobby states that power is gone. Tig asks Bobby if he thinks he's on the outside. Before he can answer, Filthy Phil comes in and tells them that Jax is on the bar phone asking for Clay. Clay has returned from his meeting with Elliot and Tig tells Clay that Jax needs to talk to him. Clay states that now is not the time.

Gemma reads over one of the letters in Tara's office. The letter states that John always felt that Gemma was stronger than him and he has admired her for that. John wrote that as he lost his way, Gemma found hers by growing closer to Clay and the club. Gemma reads that Gemma has become more of the woman she hoped for while he has become less of the man. John wrote that the failure of his relationship with Gemma lies on him, not her. Gemma hears Tara coming and she hides the letters back in the desk. She pretends like she is coming out of the bathroom when Tara walks in. Tara asks Gemma why she locked the door. Gemma says she didn't mean to and states that Thomas is hungry. Tara takes Thomas. Gemma asks Tara where her ring is at. Tara says it's at home and notes that she's not sure when they are going to tell people. Gemma asks why she's so hesitant. Tara says that she is just waiting for the right time.

Back at Teller-Morrow, Unser asks Clay what he needed to talk about. Clay states that Unser is an expert in the trucking business and he needs to know the routes through Tucson. He adds that he also wants to know the routes to avoid. Unser thought that he wanted to talk about the bodies in Charming Heights. Unser adds that murder is a parole violation. Unser says he'll look into the trucking routes for him. Unser asks Clay if he needs anything else. Clay asks Unser if Tara asked him anything unusual while the club was inside that had anything to do with John Teller. Unser doesn't understand why she would. Tig interrupts them and says that they have an emergency.

The men head into the bar to talk to Jax. Clay asks Jax what's going on. Jax says that the Russians are here and want their guns. The lead Russian tells Clay to bring the guns to the Wahewa Lands or they will kill Jax and Opie. Clay tells the man that he will need a few hours. The lead Russian tells Clay he has one hour and hangs up the phone.

Unser goes into the office to talk with Gemma. Gemma tells Unser that they have a problem. She thinks that Tara knows the truth about John. Unser asks how that is possible. Gemma tells Unser about Maureen being his other lover and that he wrote to her about all of his problems and suspicions. Gemma tells Unser that Maureen tried to send the letters home to Jax so he would read them, but Tara found them. Unser asks Gemma about the letters. Gemma states that it is mostly John lamenting about Thomas and his failed marriage with her. Gemma adds that he also talked about the fear of Clay and her getting closer. Unser notes that it is all speculation. Gemma also adds that Tara got a copy of the autopsy report on John Teller. Unser notes that he would only pull something like that out of the files if he thought that there was reason to suspect something was wrong. Unser asks Gemma if she talked with Clay about this. Gemma says that she did, but Clay didn't think that it was important. Gemma says that Clay didn't know John the way she did. Unser notes that Clay has a lot on his mind and they shouldn't burden him with all of this until they know the fallout.

Outside, Tig tells Clay that it's going to take Happy and Kozik at least two hours to get the guns ready for transport. Gemma asks Clay what's wrong. Clay tells Gemma there have been some complications and they involve Jax. Before they can leave, the San Joaquin Sheriffs roll in. Bobby notes the bad timing and Tig asks how they are going to play this off. Clay notes that Roosevelt is really starting to make him angry. Roosevelt steps out of his car and approaches the men. Clay whispers to Gemma that the Russians have Jax and asks her to call T.O. and the Grim Bastards to head out to the Wahewa Land to help them. Gemma heads into the office to do that.

Clay tells Roosevelt that if he needed work done on his car he needs to make an appointment. Roosevelt states that he is here to ask about the club's whereabouts last night. Clay notes that the club never left the reservation and the sheriff should know that since they were directing traffic all night. A fire truck also pulls into the lot. Roosevelt asks Clay if he smells smoke. They head into the clubhouse. Tig whispers to Clay that T.O. and the Grim Bastards are on a run right now and Gemma left a message with T.O.'s old lady. Clay realizes that they might not get out to Jax for awhile. Roosevelt looks at the wall and all of the mug shots of the club members. Clay tells Roosevelt that he has made his point and it is time for him and the sheriffs to leave. Roosevelt asks Clay why there are no African Americans on his wall. Clay states that they have no problem with color. Roosevelt says the club seems not to have a problem with color as long as it stays out of Charming. Clay tells Roosevelt to do what he has to do. Roosevelt feels the wall and notes that it feels hot. He thinks there might be an electrical fire. He grabs a fire ax and starts to smash the wall with all of the pictures. The wall is smashed in several places and most of the pictures fall all over the wall. Roosevelt then breaks into the meeting room and starts to smash the table.

Outside, Roosevelt tells the men that the fire chief found nine code violations and the club needs to fix them in thirty days. Roosevelt is glad that there was no fire after all. Roosevelt tells Clay that they can work together and find the boundaries to make everything work to make them both happy. Roosevelt notes that the club pushed him to do this and warns them not to make it happen again. The sheriff's units roll out. Clay rips up the order and hands it to Unser. The men take off on their motorcycles.

At the Wahewa Land, Jax and Opie are tied up and laid onto the floor. Jax notes that this is some honeymoon for Opie. Opie wishes that he would have just stayed at home in bed with Lyla. Jax and Opie chuckle over that. Jax doesn't think that the club will make it down in an hour. Opie says that he's aware of that. Suddenly, everyone hears a Hummer pull up outside. The Russians pick up Jax and put him against the window to look out. Romeo and his men have arrived. The lead Russian asks Jax who they are. Jax says that they look like some Mexican men. The lead Russian hits Jax for his backtalk. The Russians take Opie and Jax out as hostages and warn Romeo and Luis not to come further. Romeo notes that he heard the Russians were looking for their guns. Jax adds to the lead Russian that they have the guns. The lead Russian asks Romeo where the guns are at. Luis opens the trunk of his car and shows that some of the guns are in the back. Romeo tells the Russians that these are some of the guns and the Russians can have the rest back when they release Opie and Jax. The lead Russian doesn't like this and fires several shots into the ground in front of Romeo and Luis. The lead Russian tells Romeo that he has thirty minutes to bring back all of the guns or he will kill Jax and Opie. As the Russians turn to go back into the house, Romeo and Luis grab the guns from the back of the trunk. Romeo kills one of the Russians. Santos, who was stationed at a back window, kills a second Russian. Luis kills the third Russian. Jax and Opie take the opportunity to beat the lead Russian and one of his men and dispatch them of their weapons. Jax and Opie have been saved. Romeo states that friends do this for each other.

The rest of the club arrives to find the end results. Jax tells them that they missed all of the fun. Clay asks Romeo how they knew that the Russians were here. Luis tells Clay that they have contacts in the Russian Mafia. Romeo says that they have contacts everywhere. Jax thanks Romeo for saving them. Romeo notes that it is important to keep their relationship going and he thinks this will be the last that they hear from Putlova's men. Clay states that one of the Russians should be let go so he can tell the others the story. Bobby notes that the Wahewa People are going to want retribution for their two dead men. Jax volunteers the lead Russian for that and smacks him upside the head with his gun. Romeo tells Clay that it appears everything is under control and he promises that they will be in touch. Bobby asks Clay if the Gallindo Cartel knows that they have to vote them in. Clay states that it is club business and nobody else's.

The club arrives back at Teller-Morrow. Tara hugs Jax and is glad to see he is alright. Lyla asks Opie if he is alright and Opie promises that he's fine. The group goes inside to find the clubhouse damaged from Roosevelt's vandalism. Clay picks up the picture of John Teller and lays it down. Clay promises that they will get a crew in tomorrow to get the place cleaned up and remodeled. Tara interrupts everyone and tells them that she has some good news. She announces that she and Jax are engaged. Everyone is happy and cheer for their happiness. Clay tells the prospects to serve some drinks. Clay hugs Jax and Tara and congratulates them. Everyone enjoys some drinks to celebrate the engagement. Tig stares into the damaged clubhouse while Unser and Gemma look on at Clay with some worry. Opie takes a moment to congratulate Jax. Jax promises Opie that everything will be alright. Piney overhears this and pours some extra beer into his glass knowing that there will be hard times to come. Jax hugs Tara and looks over at Bobby. Bobby cheers Jax from afar and dumps some of the beer onto the floor. He is happy for their engagement, but Bobby's look indicates that he is not happy about the drugs. Jax nods at Bobby and the episode ends with a close-up of Jax and Tara.