Sons of Anarchy

Season 4 Episode 11

Call of Duty

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Nov 15, 2011 on FX

Episode Recap

The episode opens with Gemma making coffee, and Wayne asking for it black. She asks him how the couch was, and he wants to talk about Clay. He has resolve in his eyes that Clay needs to go down for something.

Gemma goes to the hospital to check on Tara, and runs into Jax who sees her face and is immediately making plans to go after Clay, and she excuses him, saying that she overstepped.

SAMCRO members meet with the Cartel, and they show them some guys (whose faces have been peeled off - ew) and say that they got some of the guys (that attacked Tara). One of them says that they are going after him today, and Jax says he wants to go as well. Members of the club meet with Jax, all lending him support.

Wendy comes back and visits Tara. She says that she is sober, educated, and a lesbian. She asks to see her son. Tara said that she herself is Abel's mother, and Wendy says that it is still her on the birth certificate. She leaves and Tara slams her injured hand on the hospital table over and over, screaming. Gemma finds out who was there, and gets in touch with her.

SAMCRO members go with the cartel after the people causing trouble, and only kill a few. They ask where the others are, and they are in the woods. As they formulate a plan to approach the group, they are fired upon, and Kozik steps on a land mine. He blows up. His arm lands on Juice. Jax makes a call to the IRA who bring the rocket launchers. THey use the rocket launchers, and succeed in stopping the threat, but caution everyone to be careful walking back. Clay tells Juice to follow him, and Juice just walks back, with Jax and Chibs looking on in terror that he may die, and fear that he doesn't care. Juice makes it back to them fine, and says for everyone to step where he stepped. Chibs pulls Juice aside and asks him what the problem is, and Juice tearfully confesses that his father is black, and Chibs calms him down, asks him what it says on his birth certificate, to which Juice says, "Hispanic." and Chibs calms him and says that is all that matters. Juice then checks in with the US Attorney's office.

Unser returns some tools that he borrowed from the shop, and Clay asks him what is going on, he saw his truck at his house all night. Unser said that he was helping a friend.

Gemma tels Wendy to meet her at Jax and Tara's house, so she can see Abel. She walks in and Abel isn't there, but Gemma tells her that isn't how it will work. She will letWendy see Abel, but only onGemma's terms. Wendy threatens to get a lawyer, and Gemma says, "There is that drug whore I know."

Opie and Jax are talking about Jax leaving the club and Opie and Lyla's marriage. Opie says his marriage is over, he isn't going to fix it. He tells Jax he isn't mad at him, Opie stayed, not because of what Jax said, but because he knew that living any other kind of life would be living a lie. He walks up to the shop.

Opie pokes his head in the office door, and asks for the tow truck keys. Unser is there, and hands them to him, asks him why he needs it so late. Opie says because he is going to pick up Piney, because he would be in no condition to ride. Unser mumbles "You're right about that," and he leaves too.

Gemma pulls up and goes to the Office. Tig comes out and sees her. He looks at her face, and knows that Clay did it. He starts to talk, and she asks him to not to it now. He leaves.

Gemma stands at the office door, looking at the clubhouse. Clay stands at the clubhouse door, looking at the office. She turns and goes in the office and closes the door behind her. Clay turns and closes the door behind him.

Tig walks up to Clay, tells him that the club is different. It's been different because he is different. And he hands Clay his Sgt. At Arms patch. Clay looks devastated, like his world is crashing around him.

Opie walks into the cabin and sees his dad. He tries to wake him, but realizes that Piney is dead. Unser followed him and walks into the cabin and Opie pulls his gun on him. Unser tells him that Clay killed Piney and that Gemma had asked Unser to cover it up, but he couldn't let it go, and gives him the truth. Opie is tearful and angry, and realizes what he has to do.

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