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FX (ended 2014)

Sons of Anarchy is about to set off on its final ride, so we thought now might be a good time to check in on our favorite outlaws. And based on Tara's violent end in the Season 6 finale, Jax's upcoming efforts to avenge her death, and FX's Season 7 marketing campaign that features Jax morphing into the reaper, we're preparing ourselves for the worst. 

A typical season of Sons of Anarchy produces a lot of dead bodies, and SAMCRO has lost several of its members (R.I.P. Opie!) since we started this journey together so many years ago, but Kurt Sutter recently told Entertainment Weekly that only two club members will die in Season 7. And while I'm not so sure I believe that, there are enough non-club members wrapped up in SAMCRO's drama that the number of untimely demises will probably remain high. Which means it's time to place your bets: Who do you think is going to bite it before Sons calls it a series? Juice? Gemma? Tig? Jax

Watch the full trailer for the final season, peruse the new cast photos above in search of clues, consider all the possible options, and then vote for who you think is most likely to leave Charming in a body bag:



The final season of Sons of Anarchy kicks off Tuesday, September 9 at 10pm on FX.

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