Sons of Anarchy

Season 5 Episode 10


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Nov 13, 2012 on FX

Episode Recap

The show begins unusually with Jackson in car. He is following Juice and sees the police take him into custody. Gemma and Chibs catch up at the garage.  He continues to be highly supportive of her and tells her that Clay still loves her.  Bobby interrupts them and they worry that Gemma is lost. She is not the only one. Tara strolls around her house until finally waking Thomas.

Eli warns Juice that Jackson knows he is the rat. At the table Chibs reveals why Juice is so tormented (because his father was a black man). They all agree it may be time to change a few by laws. They intend on bringing Juice to the table to see if he will hang himself. The credits roll.

Tara wakes another rmember of her family. She tells Jackson she is going to see Otto. The MC President tells her to be careful. She really should have followed his advice.

Juice is waiting for Jackson. He tells Jackson he knows that he know that Juice is a betrayer. Juice has no friends and nowhere to go. Jackson tells him that he, as well as Bobby and Chibs, knows about the leverage. Jackson guesses that Juice killed Myles. He then offers Juice a chance to earn his way back in by doing everything Jackson says. If he agrees Jackson will never bring Juice's betrayal to the table. Jackson begins telling Juice about the extent of Clay's betrayal including the nomad break-ins. Jackson wants him to find the documents (that Clay salvaged) from one of the break ins. Juice is close with Clay but unless he wants to meet "Mr Mayhem", he has no choice.

Tara is offered a job at a likeminded practice in Oregon. It may be a chance for her to get the boys away from the MC. However, Jackson is still very tied to Charming. He promises to get the Mayor an investor for Charming Heights in exchange for TM getting all of the contracts and Lila (Opie's widow) cheaper housing.

At the prison Otto and Tara talk. They appear to be getting closer and he is opening up to her. He promises to make RICO go away but he would like for her to get Luanne's crucifix. She promises to try, figuring it is the least she can do.

Clay is also at prison visiting Lenny "The Pimp" Janowitz. He tells Clay that Jackson knew Otto was working with the Feds.

Gemma asks User the opportunity to move his trailer into the MC yard. Gemma tells him that Clay is behind the Nomad attacks and that Jax wants her to find proof. Unser promises to help if he can.

There is a problem with the Grim Bastards. The leader's cousin (Hightower) helped in the murder of Opie. The leader sympathizes but he can't turn him over. The other gang members don't want to compromise years of truce. Jackson finally agrees and says that he will just talk to the cousin, get the names of the other attackers and give him a beat down. T.O. Cross (leader of the Grim Bastards) agrees.

Gemma brings Luann's crucifix so Tara can give it to Otto.

Clay meets with the Galindo cartel, Luis  ) and Romeo. Things are tense. Clay has realised that they are government agents and boasts that he can keep the IRA deal running. It works and they say that if Jackson goes away, Clay can fill in. When Clay refuses they don't let him.

Jackson shows Damien Pope, the Charming Heights deal. The two get along well and can do business together but Pope wants Trig. Jackson tells Pope that he has to get rid of Clay first. Pope also gives Jax the location of Opie's killer.

At the shipyard T.O. tries to protect his cousin saying he was recruited by both Pope and the guards. Hightower (the cousin) runs but Jackson promises everyone he won't kill him. Hightower gives Jackson the name "Aldo". Chibs kills Hightower. T.O. is furious and wonders who Jackson has become. Bobby is also unhappy but Jackson points out he didn't see Ope get killed.

Back at the garage, Jackson confides to Chibs that he is not sure if Bobby can handle how bloody things are going to get. Jackson needs Chib's support but Chib's is offended that he has to ask. Chib's kisses him and tells him that he loves him.

Juice searches Clay's place for the documents but is interrupted when Clay arrives. Things are complicated when Clay thanks him for all he has done for him. Clay admits that he has done some heinous things and needs Juice to look after him. Gemma also arrives with groceries. Clay makes a move on Gemma but she takes him home first.

Tara gives Otto the crucifix and then leaves him alone. Otto calls for the nurse. Tara returns. Once released from the restraints he attacks the nurse and orderly killing the nurse with the crucifix.

Juice tells Jackson that he has not found anything yet. Jackson reminds him how important it is to find something. Juice's life depends on it.

Unser arrives with his trailer. Jackson tells him that he will expect some labour for the space.

At Gemma's, Clay is unsure.

After talking with Eli, Jackson arrives home to find Tara smoking a joint. She tells him the good news first that Otto reversed the Rico. Then she tells him the bad news that he did this by killing a nurse. She believes now that she will be charged as an accessory to murder.