Sons of Anarchy

Season 5 Episode 10


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Nov 13, 2012 on FX

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  • Pick a side...

    Great episode this week.

    A few thoughts; Juice needs to pick a side. Jax has offered the proverbial olive branch and yet Juice still has lingering loyalties to Clay. I would think Clay's betrayal of the club would be enough to move his position.

    I think it was safe to say that we knew Gemma would reconnect with Clay. One wonders if the writers decide to have her actually fall back into Clay's clutches in a significant way.

    I'm getting a bit tired of Jax's Damon Pope love. If he sucks up any more to him, next episode they will be wearing matching suits. Does Jax even have an endgame response against Pope? He is quite happy to mow down everyone connected to Opie's murder with the exception of the man who ordered it... It seems a stark contrast to earlier episodes where Jax was actively looking for revenge. Also is Jax going to offer up Tig to Pope? Seems like he plans to. Wouldn't it just be easier for Jax to explain to Pope that it was Clay's lies that led Tig to seek retribution? Tig is just the gun, Clay pulled the trigger...

    Why hasn't Clay taken two in the back of the head yet? The show has been focusing on everyone getting the evidence necessary to take Clay to the table. I assume because he is one of the original nine and past president. And yet when Clay personally murdered another of the original nine, Piney, everyone (including Opie) somehow managed to look past it. I get that Jax and Bobbie were holding back on doling out justice due to the outstanding Rico case and the CIA involvement, but Unser or the sherrif could easily have taken the initiative. Or maybe Tig could get back at the guy who lied to him leading to the murder of Pope's daughter and the ensuing mayhem.

    Now that the Rico leverage is gone, Jax no longer needs Clay. Yes the guns would dry up as the IRA won't deal with Jax directly (not sure why this is, nor have they clearly defined it. Jax being Teller's son would have a much stronger connection to the Irish than Clay ever would). What exactly would the CIA do if Jax told them where to go?

    The whole Otto - Tara thing seems overly contrived as well. First off, everyone that enters a prison is routinely searched for contraband. Doctors are not exempted from this. Given this is the case, even if Otto specifically testifies that Tara gave him the crucifix so that he could commit murder (thus invalidating his Rico testimony) it would be her word against his.

    - The crucifix was not found on her when entering the prison

    - Otto could easily have killed the nurse with his bare hands and did not need a tiny outside weapon to do so. Tara could easily (with some legal coaching) indicate that Otto had a vendetta against the club due to his wife's death and was merely blaming this on Tara as vengeance (which is essentially true). Good luck proving that she put the crucifix in his hands. Death row psychopath vs. noted doctor.

    - Watching him kill the nurse made no sense. There is no way they will be able to prove Tara's direct involvement despite her affiliation to the club (thanks to her administrator adding her husband to the insurance). I fully expected he was going to kill Tara. That would be an actual blow to Jax. This whole conspiracy "plot" will only have as much weight as the writers want to give it. If they want to steer anywhere near reality, it won't hold up for long.

    loved this episode its building to a great season finale.

    I also love jax becoming more like clay everyweek keep up the good work
  • Shocked by the rating

    i am very surprised that this got a 6.4 rating !!! this tv series is so original and has a great script !!! deserves more than a 6.4 by far. its one of my favourite tv series