Sons of Anarchy

Season 2 Episode 12


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Nov 24, 2009 on FX

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  • These two gangs just keep equalling each other out...

    I thought for sure that in this episode we would be somewhere else than this. I thought maybe Weston would bite the dust for sure in this episode, and then Zobelle would be last. But hey, all in all I was impressed with this episode.

    SAMCRO definitely had more points in this episode than L.O.A.N. did. We are finally seeing the old SAMCRO that used to be so sure of themselves. They didn't slip up in this episode. They got their AK's, an understanding with the Niners and Triads, and they were able to fool the ATF. They were on a role tonight.

    That is...until the police decided to get in the way. Well, Hale that is. He ruined the chances of SAMCRO of killing Weston at the rumble, and executing Zobelle at the cigar store. I think that in the future we are going to see Hale in a different position. With Unser on the way out, SAMCRO won't have their police protection anymore. I don't think that Hale is going to be as giving as Unser was. Well, Unser's in SAMCRO's pocket, but anyways, he won't help them. Even though he knows that Weston and Zobelle deserve to die, he won't let it happen. He's still a police officer, and he has to act within the law. But I am interested in finding out if he will ever cross that line between good cop and bad cop.

    And Zobelle, I hate to say it, took the last laugh in this episode. Seconds away from death, and Hale arriving at the right place at the right time. He was able to pull himself right out of the water by keeping those narcotics in his drawer. I tell you, he had a lot of luck tonight. Any later, and Zobelle's brain would have been all over the floor. He dodged a bullet, no pun intended, tonight, but will he dodge a bullet in the next episode? We'll see.
  • Just Epic!!

    i have watched this episode four times now and i still feel that same thrill of excitement every time. i don't know what i'm gonna do when this show goes on break...just one more episode and we have to wait like an whole year. This episode was sooooo good, there are so many epic moments i can't seem to just focus on one. They way how they fooled the atf,the way how they confronted west and his boys, Samcro was on their top game...but still in the end Zobelle outwitted them. Favorite quite of this episode Jax: "We're gonna kill" can't really tell you how many times i have repeatedly watched him say that line. West really showed us his deep in demons in this one, taking out those two women and Zobelle's new right hand man, he wasn't joking. In the end, despite samcro's hard effort, both Zobelle and West manage to slip their grasps...but its not over yet. Season finale next tuesday...can't wait.
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