Sons of Anarchy

Season 5 Episode 12


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Nov 27, 2012 on FX

Episode Recap

The episode begins with Jackson writing to his sons. At Bobby's urging, Clay is brought to the table. He admits to everything. The club vote Clay out of the club but stop short of agreeing to kill him, thanks to Bobby. Outside the clubhouse, Jackson beats Clay looking intent on killing him anyway until he is stopped. The credits roll.

Bobby and Jackson talk. There is affection but they disagree strongly on how to handle Clay. It doesn't look like they cannot move past it and both are hurting very badly.

Gemma and Unser treat Clay until he asks them to leave. Alone, he cries.

At the hospital Lowen starts an unmoveable chain of events when she innocently asks Tara who would get custody of the boys in the event that Tara and Jackson could not take care of them.

Tara is interrogated over the crucifix affair whilst Jackson meets with Pope and August Marks. They talk business about Charming Heights but what Pope really wants is Tig. Jackson is able to hold him off……..for now.

Jackson meets with Romeo and Henry Lin for gun negotiations. Tara meets Wendy and discusses the problem of there being no guardian for the boys if something happens . Tara talks about her plans to leave. She offers Wendy time with Able.

At the barn, gun negotiations with the Irish go very badly when a gunfight breaks out with the cartel. Galan is very angry to hear that Clay is gone and also about the gunfight. He tells Jackson that the Sons will feel this on both continents.

Juice helps Clay pack up anything with a reaper on it. Clay gives him a gun. At the hospital Jackson is surprised to see Wendy and Able together. He is furious but outside Wendy disappears.

Lee Toric visits Tara at the hospital. Toric is the brother of the sister that was murdered by Otto. Tara answers his questions and tries to help. The questions change and Toric reveals that he is a U.S. Marshall. Tara says that she had no idea Otto was going to kill anyone. Toric believes her but it doesn't change anything.

Jackson and Tara talk and she tries to explain why she let Wendy see Able. The club is on lockdown after the threats from the Irish.

Clay is not finished yet. He offers to work with Galan independently. Clay intends to go Belfast and lie low for a while. Galan will help him. The two embrace.

Wendy is freed from the IRA but not happy. She has heard about Able's kidnapping. Wendy is going to report what happened to her and then go for  custody. Between her possible going to jail, Wendy's custody threats, trouble with Clay and Gemma, Tara is about fed up of all the danger. Jackson is not successful in comforting her.

Unser is tasked by Jackson to find out everything he can about the U.S.Marshall. Bobby wants to talk but Jackson is angry, defiant and actually really busy.

Clay asks Gemma to come with him to Belfast.

In the final montage, Clay has his tattoos removed whilst the Sons look on. Neither Jackson nor Bobby stay. Gemma visits Nero and there is little doubt about where her heart lies now. Lee Toric reads with guns at his side. Jackson arrives at Wendy's house and forces drugs into her. She won't be able to sue for custody now.