Sons of Anarchy

Season 4 Episode 3


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Sep 20, 2011 on FX

Episode Recap

The episode begins at Jax's house with Abel eating his cereal at the table. Clay discusses with Jax that Bobby, Piney, and Juice have already stated they will vote no to selling drugs for the Gallindo Cartel. Clay asks Jax where everyone else is at. Jax is hoping that Chibs will vote yes because of the money that they need for the IRA for the new guns. Jax is also convinced that Tig and Happy will vote yes as well. Clay notes that leaves one more vote for a majority. Clay asks how Kozik is going to vote. Jax notes that Kozik used to be an addict and notes he'll probably vote no as a result. Clay asks Jax if any progress was made on Opie. Jax states that Opie was able to see the benefits of having the Gallindo Cartel around when they were saved from the Russians. But Jax is still unsure whether Opie has been absolutely convinced to vote yes. Clay tells Jax to work on Opie because if he does, then Miles will also vote yes. Jax tells Clay that he also needs to work on getting Bobby to vote yes, or to convince Bobby to stop campaigning against it. Gemma and Tara come in with a high-chair for Thomas. Jax asks Tara if it's really necessary to use Abel's old one and notes that it wasn't built very well. Jax tells her to go out and buy a new one. Tara says she will, but notes that they should still keep the old one in storage in case one of the other club members needs it. Jax agrees with her and tells her the key to the garage is in his bedroom.

Tara goes back into the bedroom to search for the key, and she is startled when Clay comes into the room. Clay apologizes for scaring her. He tells her that he wanted to thank her for sharing the news of her and Jax's engagement with the club when she did. Tara says that she felt it was the perfect time to bring it up to bring up the club's morale. Clay tells Tara that he is happy that she is joining their family. Clay notes that Tara is already a great mother and will make a great old lady as well. Clay adds that raising Jax was the best thing that happened to him in his life and he loves him as much as he loved John. Suddenly, Thomas starts to cry and Tara leaves to go tend to him before she can get a response. Jax hands Thomas to Tara and notes that he needs changed. Jax kisses Tara goodbye and Clay kisses Gemma. Tara gives a last minute glance at Clay before he and Jax head out.

At Happy's aunt's house, Kozik and Miles are moving the guns into one of Unser's trucks. Happy comes out and asks Miles if he made pancakes this morning. Miles says that he did and Happy tells him to clean it up. Kozik asks Happy why his mother and aunt can't clean up the mess. Happy says that his family is not their maids. Miles states that he thought they should load the guns first. Kozik whispers to Miles that he should just go clean up the mess because Happy doesn't like things when they are messy. Miles relents and goes to clean up. Suddenly, a basketball lands in the backyard. Kozik notices it and also notices two African American men need the ball back. A couple of sly racial remarks are passed between Kozik and the African Americans, but Kozik retrieves the ball for them. The men look at each other and tell Kozik that they think he should play a game of basketball with them. Kozik says that he can't today. The men think that Kozik is afraid and note that they'll give ten dollars per point. Kozik sees the money that the men have and Kozik agrees to play with the winner taking all. He hops over the fence to go play the game.

Back in Charming, Clay and Jax go to Elliot's new storage shed that he gave to them to use for storing the guns. Tig, Bobby, Opie, Juice, and Filthy Phil are all busy getting the place ready. Clay walks in and notes that they're all working hard. The men are making wooden crates to store the guns in. Jax asks Opie how much each crate will hold. Opie notes that each crate will hold ten to fifteen guns depending on the weight. Bobby also notes that Chibs has the calculations from the IRA. Jax notices Chibs isn't in and asks where he's at. Filthy Phil tells Jax that Chibs is in the bathroom. Juice says that processed food isn't dealing well with Chibs' system. Chibs comes out of the bathroom and notes that he must have had some bad Mexican food. Bobby notes that the weed he smoked also didn't help anything. Chibs asks Juice if he is going to hook him up with a marijuana card soon. Juice says he will and starts to discuss some of the things made at the Herbal Shop, but Tig stops him. Clay tells everyone to finish working on the crates first and then they'll worry about marijuana. Clay tells Bobby to come out with him to the Wahewa Land. Bobby is shocked and asks why he is going. Clay tells Bobby that he's been missing him. Tig asks Clay if he wants backup, but Clay says that him and Bobby will be fine. Clay asks them to stay available in case they need to transport some ammunition. Bobby leaves, and Tig is obviously not pleased he has been left out again.

Kozik continues to dominate the game of basketball against the men. The spectators start to make more racial slurs and coming down on Kozik's opponent. The man tosses the ball away, making Kozik go fetch it. When Kozik bends over, the men pounce on him and beat him. They grab the keys to the truck and run towards it. Some of the men take off in a car while the others take off in the truck with the guns. Kozik is angry that the men conned him and stole the guns.

In the conference room, Potter brings everyone up to speed on Romeo. He notes that Romeo is an ex-militant commando enlisted by Jose Gallindo in order to operate the cartel's movements. Roosevelt is amazed that the Gallindo Cartel has a Strategic Enforcement Unit. Potter states that there are two Sonora based cartels: the Gallindo Cartel and the Lobo Sonora Cartel. Potter states that six months ago, the two cartels started a war to fight for control of Sonora and there's no chance that the war will end soon. Roosevelt realizes that Romeo needs guns for the war. Potter states that he is right and that SAMCRO will also be transporting the cocaine that the Gallindo Cartel is dealing. Roosevelt is surprised the club is getting involved with dealing drugs. Potter says that the club is merely just transporting the drugs into Northern California. Agent Grad Nicholas notes that the FBI has been watching the Gallindo Cartel for years and says that Gallindo is a psychopath. However, hiring Romeo helped give him stability and the ability to become the bigger competitor over Lobo Sonora. Potter states that Romeo contacted SAMCRO while they were in Stockton and didn't know how the Russians would fit into their plan. Roosevelt notes that killing the Russians was the solution. Potter indicates a picture and notes that it was taken at a gas station two days ago in Modesto, California. Roosevelt notes that Romeo has to be stateside. Potter says that Romeo has dropped off the map again. Agent Nicholas notes that since they don't have any ties into the Gallindo Cartel, they need to use someone in SAMCRO as their inside man to the operations. Potter says that since Worski was killed, they are moving on to Plan B. Potter tells Roosevelt that he needs to pick up Juice and bring him to the station. Roosevelt asks Potter how Juice is able to help them. Agent Nicholas states that they need to create a history of organized crime for RICO to apply, and Juice can be their current connection. Roosevelt states he can pick Juice up on a release violation because he is now part owner of a marijuana shop. Potter is pleased, but notes to Roosevelt that the threat must remain local so Juice cannot be told about the problems between Gallindo and Lobo Sonora. Roosevelt asks Potter what he needs to tell Juice. Potter states that Roosevelt needs to tell Juice that he is aware of his family tree and that he'll be in touch. Roosevelt opens a folder and is shocked by what he sees.

At the storage shed, Jax gets off the phone with Miles. Opie asks Jax what is going on. Jax states that the guns have been taken. Tig asks Jax if they need to call Clay. Jax says no because Clay and Bobby need quality time. Jax tells Tig to stay at the storage shed and get V-Lin and Ratboy to come down to help them finish. Jax tells Juice to take care of Chibs. Jax tells Filthy Phil that he needs him to drive the van and follow him and Opie. Tig tells Jax that he is going with them too. Jax notes that Clay wanted him to stay here. Tig tells Jax that he is not going to use his day picking up ammunition. Tig says he is better suited for helping them with the problem. Jax relents and lets Tig come.

Clay and Bobby arrive at the Wahewa Land. Bobby is aware that Clay didn't bring him out to the Wahewa Land for his expertise on projectiles. Clay states that he just wanted to talk to him alone. Bobby tells Clay to say what he needs to say. Clay tells Bobby that the problems with the Mayans, Zobelle, and the IRA over the last few years have set the club back a lot in terms of making a profit. Bobby tells Clay that he didn't join the club to get rich. Clay states that it isn't about getting rich, but more about becoming whole again. Bobby asks Clay how he was able to convince Jax to agree with the drugs. Bobby notes that drugs almost killed Abel and notes that Jax has changed since getting out of Stockton. Bobby sees Jax getting pushed into these deals and notes that he doesn't know what caused Jax to change. Bobby thinks the times might have changed Jax. Clay rhetorically notes that he might have been the cause. Clay thinks that Jax knows what's best for the club. Bobby knows that the drugs are not being used for the best of the club, but for Clay's best interests. Bobby knows that Clay's time is running out and he just wants to earn big before he is forced to step down. Bobby states he understands, but doesn't understand what Jax gets out of it. Clay tells Bobby to think what he wants about him because he doesn't care. Clay says he's concerned about the future of the club. Clay says that he does know what Jax is getting out of the deal and that's why he brought Bobby out to the Wahewa Land. Clay tells Bobby this needs to stay between them because Jax doesn't want anyone else to know. Clay asks for Bobby's word and Bobby agrees to keep it silent. Clay tells Bobby that Jax wants out of the club. Clay states that Jax has Tara, Abel, and Thomas to worry about and he wants out to be there for his family. Bobby realizes that if Jax backs the drugs then Clay will let him walk away free. Clay states that is correct. Bobby asks what this has to do with him. Clay notes that Bobby is the man who is being endorsed to replace him as president. Bobby thinks that Clay will only do that if he votes yes. Clay tells Bobby that he is willing to hand him the presidency because he's the best man for the job. Clay states that it is only if Bobby wants the job, and he gives him his word that he will back him for presidency. Before Bobby can respond, a woman comes out and asks Clay if he is looking for Charlie Horse. Clay states that he is and the woman tells Clay that he needs to get in the truck and follow her to where he's at.

At the hospital, Gemma finds Unser in the chapel praying. Unser is lighting the candles, and notes that he is trying to remember how to perform the prayer. Gemma tells Unser to just put the flame to the wick. Gemma asks Unser if he's stopped going to his own church. Unser states that when a person is piled in their own junk going to a church is out of reach for him. Gemma says that everyone has to believe in something. Unser asks Gemma what she believes in. Gemma says that she's in the same place she's always been. Unser states that isn't true. Unser states that people want to stay the same, but they can't because the older they get the further away they get from who they really think they are. Gemma asks Unser if they are done in the chapel. Unser says they are and they leave.

Gemma and Unser walk down the hall to Tara's office. Gemma tells Unser he needs to stand guard and if he sees Tara she needs to knock on the door. Unser stops her and asks her if she really brought him here to be a spotter. Gemma states she needs to finish what she started and find the original letters. Gemma shuts the door and starts to look around the office. She cannot find the key to the desk and has to search other drawers for it.

Outside, Unser spots Roosevelt coming out of one of the rooms with his wife, Rita. Rita looks devastated and Roosevelt tells her that everything will be alright. Unser walks down the hall and looks into the room that they were just in. Unser realizes that Roosevelt and Rita were meeting with a fertility doctor because they are having problems conceiving a child. Unser spots Murphy going towards Tara's office and races back. Murphy comes in to find Gemma sitting down. Murphy didn't realize that Gemma was in the office and asks her if Tara is expecting her. Gemma says that she is just doing research. Murphy sees the book that Gemma is holding and realizes it's way above Gemma's level of intelligence. Gemma remarks that the book is part of a trilogy. Unser comes back and Murphy greets him as the chief. Unser reminds her he isn't the chief anymore. Unser asks Murphy if he could talk with her for a few minutes about his HMOs and new cancer treatment. Murphy agrees and tells Gemma that she will tell Tara that she is in her office waiting for her. Gemma is frustrated she can't search any further.

Clay and Bobby meet up with Charlie. Charlie tells them to follow him. Clay asks Charlie what they are doing in the middle of nowhere. Charlie states they are settling tribal matters and it also gives them a chance to talk about the sudden increase in demand for the bullets. Clay asks what the problem is. Charlie says they have plenty to offer, but compensation for their services is not good enough. Charlie knows that the ammunition is being sold to the Gallindo Cartel. Clay notes that their deal with them does not have any impact on who they sell the bullets to. Charlie states that he is not an idiot and realizes that Clay has to be charging the Gallindo Cartel more money for the bullets. Charlie just wants the Wahewa People to get their piece of the pie. The group arrives at a spot where the Lead Russian is buried up to his waist in the sand with fire ants crawling all over them. They are slowly eating him up. Charlie says that in their way of life, the spirits of dead sons choose their way of revenge for those that have wronged the tribe. Charlie says that the dead Wahewa men chose a slow death for the Lead Russian by fire ants. Clay notes that it is a medieval practice. Charlie states that this is about closure and the men are playing a part in his passage to the spirit world. Clay and Bobby take a drink from a bowl they are handed. Charlie leaves Clay and Bobby to watch the Lead Russian getting devoured by the ants.

Bobby asks Clay how long they are going to keep him in the hole. Clay states that it will be until the picnic is over. Bobby asks Clay if they are going to give the Wahewa People more money, and notes that they are charging the Gallindo Cartel more than the other clubs. Clay says that they are not giving the Wahewa People anymore money and notes that they need to convince them that they are charging the Gallindo Cartel the same amount of money. Suddenly, the Lead Russian weakly asks Clay to kill him and put him out of his suffering. Clay asks the Lead Russian if he overheard them talking. The Lead Russian says no, but Clay realizes that he can hear just fine. Clay gets out a handkerchief and starts to suffocate the Lead Russian with it. Bobby notes that Clay is going to upset the gods. Clay states that he doesn't care about the gods.

Jax, Tig, Opie, and Filthy Phil arrive at Happy's aunt's house. Jax yells at Kozik and notes that people stealing their guns is inexcusable. Kozik states that there was only one case of AR-15's in the truck. Jax notes that the guns mean everything and the Gallindo Cartel is expecting all of them in two days. Kozik states that he gets it, but Jax is angry and shoves Kozik. The rest of the group separates them and Jax tells Kozik he should be ashamed that men from the ghetto were able to fool him that easily. Tig tells everyone to calm down and states that they need to think about how they are going to get the guns back. Kozik is convinced that the men won't sell the guns on the street so they will be storing them. Happy notes that there is only one place in the neighborhood to accomplish that and that's with a woman named Vivica. Jax hopes the guns are there.

Jax, Tig, Opie, Filthy Phil, Happy, Kozik, and Miles go to Vivica's house to talk with her. Jax states that guns were hijacked from their house and they think Vivica might have them. Vivica asks Jax if it looks like she is the type of person that sells guns. Kozik thinks that she might know the kids that stole them, Booster and Frex. Vivica states she has a lot of kids so she doesn't take the time to get to know other peoples' kids. Vivica states she runs electronics and that's it. Vivica says guns are a dirty business and everyone knows that she isn't involved. Vivica tells two of her boys, Luther and Vandross, to show SAMCRO out of her house. Jax tells Vivica that if for some reason the guns find their way to her then she needs to know. Vivica tells her that the only thing they need to know is that they need not step on her toes in her own yard. Jax realizes the volatile situation and leave. Happy notes that they did the right thing by leaving because if something happened to Vivica, the whole block would turn to chaos. Suddenly, Kozik notices the car that Booster and Frex were driving and states that they are just down the street. The car peels away and the boys get on their bikes and chase after it. Booster and Frex try to escape down several alleys, but SAMCRO is right on their heels. They run several stop signs and it finally gets the attention of the police. A police car starts to chase after the car. Jax realizes that if the boys are caught, the guns will lead them right back to SAMCRO. Kozik tells the rest of the boys he'll handle it. He takes off his cut and puts his sweatshirt hood over his face. The cop car pulls the car over and goes to investigate. Kozik drives up to the car and shoots out the back windows of the cop car. The police chase after Kozik and Booster and Frex think they got away clean. However, the rest of SAMCRO appears and stops them from leaving. Jax mockingly asks Booster for his license and registration.

Charlie finds the Lead Russian dead. Charlie is disappointed and asks what happened. Clay states that the Lead Russian was awake for a moment, gasped, and went out. Bobby states that it was quick. Charlie knows the family will be disappointed because the Lead Russian should have lived for two more days. Clay states the ants may have been hungrier than he thought. Charlie says that it like all of them wanting more money. Clay tells Charlie that he doesn't know where he heard the rumors from, but he assures him that they have the same deal going on with all of the gangs. Clay states they are not making any more money off of the Wahewa ammunition and he gives Charlie his word on that. Bobby takes note of that and knowing Clay is lying doesn't sit right with him. Charlie believes Clay and states that they will start the order.

Happy drives the car back to his aunt's house and Booster and Frex can clearly be heard pounding and begging SAMCRO not to kill them. The trunk is opened and the boys plead with SAMCRO not to kill them. Jax states that will happen unless they start talking to them. Kozik arrives back at the house. Kozik pulls Booster out and starts to hit him repeatedly. Tig pulls Frex up and notes that Kozik has cracked three of his ribs before giving him a hug. Tig states Kozik will shatter their faces unless they reveal where the guns are at. Frex states that they sold the guns to Vivica and she only gave them half of the cash. He states they were supposed to get the rest of the cash when they spotted SAMCRO. Happy looks in the glove box and finds the money. Frex gives the location of the truck and Opie calls Miles. Tig notes that he knew Vivica was lying. Jax tells Happy to go check on the truck.

At the marijuana shop, Chibs and Juice exit with Chibs feeling much better. He notes he saw some things in the bathroom that he ate when he was seven-years-old. Chibs answers his cell phone and takes the call. Suddenly, Deputies Cane and Martinez pull up with their sirens on. Juice starts to make recommendations for them at the shop, but the deputies put them up against the wall. Cane and Martinez search Chibs and Juice and they find Juice with marijuana on him. Juice notes that he has a card for the marijuana, but Deputy Cane states that the federal government doesn't care and places him under arrest.

At the hospital, Murphy asks Tara if the surgery went well. Tara states that it did. Murphy hands Tara an updated resume with all of her recommendations. She notes that several hospitals are very interested in her already. Tara is amazed and thanks Murphy for her help. Murphy informs Tara that she came by earlier to drop them off and Gemma was in her office. Tara asks Murphy if she knows why Gemma was in the office. Murphy states that she thinks she interrupted Gemma's attempts to locate something. Tara asks Murphy if Gemma saw the resume. Murphy says that she didn't. Tara brushes it off and thinks that Gemma was just looking for a toy for Thomas. Murphy tells Tara that she heard the nurses talking and asks if she's really engaged to Jax. Tara confirms this for her. Murphy asks Tara if Jax knows her intentions to leave Charming. Tara says that she didn't tell Jax yet and notes that she needs to be here. Murphy notes that two months ago Tara had broken down in her office asking her for help. Tara states that she remembers, but also notes that Jax needs to be the one to initiate the move. Tara says it'll take longer, but it's the only way she can get her family out of the club life for good. Murphy notes that longer can easily become forever. Murphy asks Tara to think about this. Tara states it's the only thing she thinks about and says that she needs to get ready for surgery. When Murphy leaves, Tara takes her key out of her pocket and finds that the letters are still in the portfolio. She is relieved.

At Vivica's house, Filthy Phil and Miles get the chance to enjoy some lemonade at gunpoint from Luther and Vandross. The rest of SAMCRO arrive and Tig asks the men to take it easy so that they can talk to Vivica. Jax thanks Vivica for taking care of his crew. Vivica notes that the boys seemed thirsty and she doesn't like the fact that they were spying on her. Jax tells Vivica that they tracked down the men that had their guns. Jax says that the boys told him that they sold the guns to her. Vivica insists that she doesn't have their guns. Opie thinks that Luther and Vandross know something about the business. Jax asks them if they are taking on side business that Vivica doesn't know about. Luther and Vandross stare at each other nervously and Vivica realizes that SAMCRO is right. She smacks the boys for their misdeed. Suddenly, some of her men start shooting at SAMCRO and the men duck for cover. Filthy Phil and Miles grab the men and hold them down. Vivica yells for everyone to hold their fire. Vivica asks Luther and Vandross what they were thinking. Luther states they were going to surprise her and notes that it is good business. Vandross says that they had everything planned out. Vivica apologizes to SAMCRO and tells the rest of her boys to get their guns. Opie notes that the police will probably arrive after hearing the gunshots, but Vivica assures them that they won't be coming. Jax gives Vivica her money back and Vivica lets them keep some of it for the trouble she caused. Vivica also tells Jax to let Happy know that she will send his mother some tomatoes. Vivica tells her boys that they are having a family meeting inside. Tig makes a joke that Vivica makes Gemma look like Donna Reed and Jax notes that the family is a little less functional.

At the hospital, Tara makes copies of all of the letters. She returns to her office to find Gemma waiting. Gemma apologizes for barging in and asks Tara if everything is alright. Tara states that she just got out of surgery and had to file paperwork. Gemma states that she came by earlier and Tara notes that Murphy confirmed that. Gemma shows Tara the note that Maureen Ashby wrote to Jax and tells Tara that it fell out of one of Abel's coloring books. Gemma asks if she knows where Abel may have found it. Tara states that she has never seen the note before. Gemma states that the note talks about letters. Tara asks Gemma who the letters were sent to. Gemma asks Tara if she's hiding something. Tara asks why she would do that to her. Gemma states that it's the same reason Tara is answering all of her questions with more questions. Tara thinks Gemma already knows the answers, but Gemma states that she doesn't. Gemma states that letters from John would be painful for Jax to read. Tara asks why it would be painful. Gemma says that John was in love with Maureen and when they were in Belfast they found out about Trinity, John's daughter. Gemma remembers that she had already fallen in love with Clay and when Thomas died she didn't care anymore. She states that she did not try to hide the affair from John. Gemma states that was a mistake and putting Clay at risk was humiliating to John. Gemma states that Jax doesn't know any of that and finding any of that out might put Jax against Clay again. Gemma states that John ripped her apart and spent months of his time in Belfast with Maureen while he left Gemma alone at home with Jax. Tara apologizes to Gemma. Gemma states that she loved John like she knows Tara loves Jax. Gemma states that she was nineteen and John was her world. Gemma states that this isn't good for anyone and says that wherever it leads the letters are bad for their family. Gemma gets up and leaves the office. Tara is confused about what to do.

At the station, Juice is led into a conference room. Juice asks Roosevelt why he had him arrested. Roosevelt states that he just wants to have a conversation. Juice says that if he wants a conversation, it'll be with his lawyer. Roosevelt states that Juice won't need a lawyer because they're not charging him with the marijuana. Juice asks again why Roosevelt picked him up. Roosevelt shows Juice a picture of him and his father when he was a little boy and Roosevelt remembers going fishing with his father. Roosevelt notes that Juice grew up in Queens. Juice responds that he is correct. Roosevelt asks Juice if he ever sees his father. Juice says that he hasn't. Roosevelt notes that he could arrange a visit with Juice's father if he wanted. Roosevelt notes that Juice's father's name is Michael Howard Cole and reveals that Juice's father is black. Roosevelt states that with Juice's silence he assumes that Juice knew his father was black. Juice says that he knew who his father was, but he never met him. Roosevelt notes that in the picture Juice's father is African American. Juice states that is something he picked up. Roosevelt wonders what the club would do if they ever found out that Juice's father was African American. Roosevelt says that he knows the club will pull his patch, scrape off his ink, and they might let him walk out alive. SAMCRO would pretend that he never existed. Juice retorts that Roosevelt knows nothing about the club. Roosevelt states that he is right about that, but he notes that he can take that chance with the club. Juice asks Roosevelt what happens now. Roosevelt states that they can all go home to their families and he will be keeping in touch with him. Juice is very upset and leaves the station.

At Teller-Morrow Automotive, Piney pours himself a glass of alcohol in the office. Gemma arrives and asks Piney if he had Mexican food for lunch too. Piney says that he's suffering from something like that. Gemma asks Piney what is going on. Piney admits that he was hoping Gemma could tell him that. Gemma asks what Clay is doing. Piney states that Clay is getting the club involved with drug running for the Gallindo Cartel. Piney states that all of the men at the table might be prepared to follow Clay right down to the last crumb. Piney asks Gemma to talk some sense into some Clay and leaves.

Tara stores the high chair inside the garage. She then takes the opportunity to hide the letters in one of the boxes in the garage. She shuts the door behind her and locks it.

Clay and Bobby arrive back from the Wahewa Land. Gemma confronts Clay and is angry that he is thinking about running cocaine for the Gallindo Cartel. Clay asks Gemma who told her that. Gemma notes that he didn't tell her. Clay spots Piney watching them and he realizes that Piney was the one that told her. Gemma starts to tell Clay that drugs are not SAMCRO's business. Clay grabs her by the throat and leans her over a post. Clay hisses that Gemma doesn't tell the club what they can't do. He lets go of her and goes into the club house for the vote. Piney and Bobby look on in horror. Bobby asks Clay if everything is alright. Clay says everything is fine and they just need to get the vote done. The rest of the club arrives back from Happy's aunt's house. Opie stops Jax briefly and asks him if he really thinks the club can handle the drug business. Jax states that he knows that they can. Opie notes that Jax is starting to get cocky like Clay, but he notes that isn't always a bad thing. Opie says that Jax came out looking like a true leader and handled the business with Vivica well. Opie tells Jax he'll vote for the drugs and Miles will too. Opie notes that when Clay is done and has to step down, they can end their services with the Gallindo Cartel and then it'll be him and Jax taking on the leadership roles. Opie states that they will get the club back to the way it should be. Opie asks Jax if he is good with that. Jax states that he is.

The men gather in the clubhouse for the vote. Clay tells the men they have all had time to think about it and they must make their decision. They are voting on whether to run guns and drugs for the Gallindo Cartel. Clay votes first and says yes. Tig is next and he votes yes. Chibs says he doesn't trust the Gallindo Cartel and votes no. Opie votes yes like he said he would. Miles also votes yes like Opie said he would. Piney votes no like he said he would and Juice also follows suit with a no. Bobby is next and knowing that Clay can't be trusted he also votes no. Happy states that he doesn't trust the Gallindo Cartel either and votes no. Kozik states that he is backing his leaders and votes yes. Jax also votes yes and Clay notes that the vote passes 6-5. Everyone gets up with different feelings on their faces. Piney remains at the table feeling defeated. Clay shuts the doors and stays with Piney for a minute. Clay tells Piney that if he ever tries to go around him with Gemma again he will cut his throat. Clay leaves Piney in the room by himself.

Outside, Tara arrives while Gemma looks on at the boys coming out of the clubhouse. Bobby walks over to his bike with an angry look on his face. The episode ends with the rest of the men filing out of the clubhouse after Bobby.