Sons of Anarchy

Season 4 Episode 8

Family Recipe

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Oct 25, 2011 on FX

Episode Recap

The episode begins with a large snapping noise and a large thud. Juice has failed to successfully hang himself as the tree branch he was hanging himself from broke. Juice wakes up with a huge gasp of air. Juice takes the chain off and sits up. Juice hears motorcycles approaching and realizes that the club members are looking for him. Juice leaves the chain in the middle of the woods and runs out. Tig and Chibs pull up and finds the tow truck. Chibs calls out for Juice and Juice comes out of the woods. Juice apologizes and states that he was just using the restroom. Chibs notices Juice's neck is bruised and asks him what happens. Juice tells Chibs that he ran into one of the security chains that were set up outside the perimeter. Tig laughs at Juice's stupidity. Chibs tells Juice that he needs to come back to the clubhouse for a vote. Juice asks Tig if they are voting on the drugs again. Tig states that this is a vote for changing the leadership of the club.

At Jax's house, Ratboy prepares a shotgun when a knock is heard at the door. Tara comes out with Thomas and looks at the peephole. When she sees who it is, she tells Ratboy to go into the backroom and be ready. Tara opens the door for Roosevelt. Roosevelt apologizes to Tara for coming at the early hour, but it was an urgent matter. Roosevelt states that he just received a phone call from Murphy and received the actual death threat. Roosevelt notes that this has the sheriffs convinced that she did receive a death threat. Tara tells Roosevelt that she didn't take it seriously so that's why she didn't report it. Roosevelt asks her why the club would send someone to guard her if it wasn't serious. Roosevelt states that he noticed a bike out front and notes that the man is probably somewhere in the house armed. Tara retorts that the only way he will get an answer to that question is if he gets a warrant. Roosevelt remarks that Tara really knows the ways to get around police officers. Tara states that she appreciates Roosevelt's concern, but she doesn't need him. Roosevelt states that this new information makes it his legal obligation to protect her so he is going to keep a police unit outside of her house. Roosevelt tells Tara that it is more than just her safety at sake and indicates Abel and Thomas are also in danger.

Piney arrives at the clubhouse for the vote. Jax states that Piney wasn't going to proxy the vote. Opie states that Piney wanted a front row seat for it. Jax asks Opie if he talked with Piney yet. Opie states that he hasn't. Opie asks Jax what they are going to do if Bobby is able to win the presidency. Jax states that it would be short term and there wouldn't be much that they could do. Jax acknowledges the fact that Bobby would pull them away from the Gallindo Cartel but the risk is very big. Opie looks at Clay and notes that in the long term Bobby might be the better choice. Jax asks Opie if he's thinking about voting for Bobby. Opie states that he isn't sure, but he notes that Jax is probably going to vote for Clay. Jax says that drugs are a dirty business, but Clay is keeping the club whole with the money. Jax knows that they will make smarter choices in the future. Clay ignores Piney and tells Opie and Jax to come in so they can get the vote done. Opie steps aside and walks over to Piney. Piney touches Opie's face where he hit him and tells him that he's sorry. Opie tells Piney that he loves him and he promises that he is with him on the vote. The two men hug and head inside.

Clay tells the group that there is a challenge on the table for a new president. Clay asks Bobby if he is challenging him as the new nominee for president. Bobby states that he has to be the one to challenge him because he has no other choice. Clay tells the men it is yes or no for Bobby taking the presidency. Clay votes no. Tig is next and he also votes no. Before Chibs can vote, the loud sounds of gunfire rip through the clubhouse. A truck with two armed men in the back break through the fence and continue to fire rounds from automatic weapons. The club members duck and take cover behind whatever they can find. Filthy Phil and V-Lin hide behind the tow truck and fire back at the shooters. One of the shooters throws a duffle bag out of the back, but is hit with a bullet from Filthy Phil's gun. The truck quickly drives away.

The club members are able to hold the shooter down. Jax asks Filthy Phil and V-Lin if they are alright. Filthy Phil states that they are fine. Jax tells them to clear everything out of the way. Opie tells Tig to check the shooter's ink. When they do, they realize that the shooter is from Lobo Sonora Cartel. Chuck comes outside and sees the chaos outside. Clay orders Tig to call the warehouse and warn them that they are bringing the shooter there. Tig adds that they need to reach out to Alvarez. Chuck calls over to Clay and tells him that the duffle bag contains something horrible. The men rush over and find four heads inside the duffle bag. Piney realizes that one of the heads belongs to Armando. The group realizes that Lobo Sonora killed him.

Happy and Chibs load the wounded shooter and the duffle bag of heads into the van. Clay tells Happy to use whatever he can to get information from the man. Juice is still in shock and Chibs tells him that they need to get moving to the warehouse. Juice gets in the van with Chibs and Happy. Piney tells Clay that the bag of heads can be used to Clay's advantage. Piney notes that Clay can tell the Gallindo Cartel that they didn't sign up for a blood feud and they want out. Clay retorts that they can't just back out now. Piney states that he needs to and he has to do it today. Piney warns Clay that if the club is still dealing drugs tomorrow he will give the letters to the club. Piney walks away and Jax, Tig, and Bobby approach Clay. Jax informs Clay that the tortilla truck with the cocaine shipment was hijacked and three of Alvarez's men are missing. Tig realizes that the Lobo Sonora Cartel is militarily prepared. Clay asks Bobby how the Tucson Charter took the news of Armando's death. Bobby states that the club had assumed the worst for Armando.

Roosevelt and several of the sheriffs begin their journey to the clubhouse. The men hear the sirens coming and hurry to get rid of their cuts. Piney gets on his motorcycle and starts to ride away. Opie stops him and asks him where he is going. Piney tells Opie that he is going to the cabin. Opie asks Piney to stay and notes that they need him. Piney warns Opie to keep his head down and leaves the clubhouse. Chuck comes outside to grab the groceries from the back of the trunk. When he does, he sees Armando's head is still lying on the ground. Chuck quickly hides the head under the lettuce inside the shopping bag.

Inside the office, Clay, Jax, and Gemma wait inside for Roosevelt. Clay assures Gemma that they have it handled. Gemma retorts that they just had a duffel bag of heads delivered to them. Gemma retorts that they are living in a war territory. Gemma states that the Gardens Fundraiser is happening later tonight. Jax doubts any type of fundraiser is happening after the shooting. Gemma states that they can't back out of their obligation to the Gardens. Jax retorts that they have no idea what they are dealing with from the Gallindo Cartel. Gemma tells Jax that the news is going to spread around Charming quickly. Gemma states that if the club hides then the town is going to think that they were directly involved. Clay adds that the fundraiser will show that SAMCRO cares about Charming and they need to prove that to the rest of the citizens. Gemma asks Clay to have Filthy Phil shadow her to make sure everything is alright. Clay tells Gemma that the only one he truly trusts to take care of her is Tig. Gemma is fine with that. Jax sees that Roosevelt is locking down the area.

Jax walks out to see Roosevelt. Jax asks Roosevelt if he smells smoke again. Roosevelt states that this time he smells bullet and from the look of the clubhouse they were automatic weapons. Jax says that it appears that way and jokingly states that he feels safer since Roosevelt and his men are here. Roosevelt asks them if they know who might have done it. Gemma notes that there is another repair shop a few blocks away that are upset that they expanded their business. Gemma adds that those men are Armenians and they have a heavy history. Roosevelt tells the group that they still have to conduct a full investigation. Jax says that they won't stop him. Roosevelt hopes that the shooting has nothing to do with the threat on Tara. Roosevelt tells Jax that the hospital confirmed the death threat and he had a talk with Tara this morning. Roosevelt tells Jax that he has a beautiful family and he doesn't want to see Jax get killed and lose them. Jax states that he doesn't want to see that happen either. He asks Roosevelt if he has children. Roosevelt states that he doesn't. Jax tells Roosevelt he should and notes that it is good to have a reason not to die. Roosevelt tells Jax that the compound is now a crime scene and he warns them to stay out of his way. When Roosevelt leaves, Gemma informs Jax that Tara called and she is safe. Ratboy is still with her. Clay tells Tig to take care of Gemma. Tig states that he always has.

Inside the clubhouse, Chuck sees Deputy Cane coming in. Chuck realizes that he still has the head in the bag. Deputy Cane walks up to Chuck and tells him that he needs to leave. Chuck states that he is cooking chili for the fundraiser. Deputy Cane says that it doesn't matter. Roosevelt sees Chuck holding the bag closely to him and he looks through it. The head is not in the bag. Roosevelt tells the deputies that Chuck can finish making the chili, but he needs to stay in the kitchen. Chuck nervously looks at the pot of chili.

At the warehouse, Happy informs the other men that the Lobo Sonora assassin hasn't said a word. Jax asks Happy if he cut out the man's tongue. Happy says he hasn't, but he notes that he's running out of ideas. Rafi informs the group that the Gallindo Cartel has arrived. Alvarez threatens the assassin in Spanish. Luis comes in and Clay notes that he thought there was nothing for them to worry about the Gallindo and Lobo Sonora war. Luis states that Lobo Sonora has no connections in the United States and states he is surprised they are up here. Luis asks if the assassin has said anything. Chibs says that the man has remained silent. Luis knows the man is from Lobo Sonora and was once in the armed forces. Luis gives the man a shot which should help him to talk.

Later, it appears that the Lobo Sonora assassin has talked. Pedro and another Mayan take the assassin around the warehouse to kill him. Luis tells Alvarez that the assassin revealed there is a rat in the Mayan organization with ties to Nogales. Alvarez does not believe it to be true. Jax reminds Alvarez of the promise that they made that any member, Son or Mayan, that rats will die. Alvarez still believes the assassin was lying. Luis notes that the serum was to help tell the truth and if Lobo Sonora is getting information from Nogales, then it is true. Clay asks Alvarez if any of his members have ties to Nogales. Alvarez states that Pedro has connections to Nogales. Jax realizes that Pedro was in his clubhouse near Tara. Opie notes that since Pedro was in the clubhouse he would have be able to point it out for the Lobo Sonora. Alvarez reacts angrily and wants to kill Pedro himself. Jax tells Alvarez that if Pedro is the rat then they need to use him to their advantage. Jax tells them that they will tell Pedro that they will be moving the guns out tomorrow night and when that happens the Mayans will take out Pedro. Luis notes that the assassin told him that twenty-five other Lobo Sonora members are up north. Luis adds that he's going to need to bring more men up north. Jax points out that SAMCRO is not an infantry unit. Luis tells Jax that they are going to have to be because they are at war.

After the Mayans leave, Clay goes back into warehouse. He informs the group that Alvarez will let Pedro know about the guns and they will be back tonight. Jax tells Clay he's going to put the prospects on watching the warehouse and bring Tacoma over to back them up on Lobo Sonora. Clay tells Jax that they need to cancel the fundraiser. Jax argues that Clay should still go to show support in case things getting dirty. Clay tells Bobby that he knows that he is upset about all this, but they need to take care of it before they are all killed. Bobby agrees. Clay promises Bobby that they will re-schedule the vote. Bobby hopes that there are still club members left to lead. Opie tells Jax that he is going to visit Mary and the kids. Jax asks Opie where Piney is. Opie states that Piney went back to the cabin. Jax tells Opie that he'll go out to the cabin and check in on him. Opie appreciates it. Jax apologizes to Opie and states that he never thought transporting drugs would bring this much trouble. Opie knows that Jax wasn't aware of that, but since they are in it now they have to settle it. The two hug and Opie takes off.

In the kitchen, Deputy Cane asks Chuck if the chili is ready. Chuck tells Deputy Cane that the chili has to simmer for awhile. Deputy Cane says that he's fine with it and asks for two bowls.

Gemma spots Tara sitting outside of the clubhouse. Gemma asks Tara why she isn't in surgery today. Tara tells Gemma that she was forced to take a leave since the hospital feels her presence could threaten others. Tara asks Gemma if she is crazy. Tara states that she doesn't know why she believes Jax when he says things will get better. Gemma tells Tara that Jax is telling the truth and promises her that things will get better. Gemma acknowledges that she hates it when things are bad as well. Tara tells Gemma that she is trying to follow along with Jax. Gemma says that Jax is doing the same thing and notes that they will pull through and stick it out. Gemma thinks they need to check on the chili.

Gemma and Tara walk over to the chili and open the lid. Chuck tells Gemma that the chili is not ready yet. Gemma opens the lid and sees the head of Armando inside. Gemma slams it down and cryptically asks Chuck if he added a few things to the chili. Chuck acknowledges that he did. Gemma is aware of that and states that the chili is way too spicy. Chuck thinks that he got in over his head. Gemma thinks that she should have made it herself. She suggests to Chuck that he take the chili to Happy because he likes it spicy. Chuck states that he will and looks at the deputies that are eating the chili.

Clay meets up with Elliot at the fundraiser. Clay tells Elliot that the town needs $75,000 in order to save the Gardens. Elliot states that he is aware of that. Clay tells Elliot that the two of them are going to provide the money. Elliot asks Clay if he's being serious. Clay tells Elliot that Charming needs a hero and Jacob Hale's Charming Heights is going to fail. Clay acknowledges that the city council would definitely send the land back to him if eminent domain reaches its deadline. Elliot notes that Clay promised him that he wouldn't mess with the deal. Clay says that he wants Jacob Hale to lose the onramp to the highway and then all of the land goes back to him. Clay notes that all of them will win in the end. Elliot notes that Jacob Hale will just find another way to get the land. Clay notes that Jacob Hale only has a year left in office before reelection and notes that he wasted a year working his own needs rather than the towns. Clay knows the town isn't stupid. Elliot asks Clay where he is going with this. Clay says that he knows who he is and what he does. Clay just wants to keep Charming the same town it has always been and that's what he gets from this. Clay promises that he has no agenda and just wants to keep his town together. Clay asks Elliot to think about it.

Jax arrives at the cabin and Piney comes outside. Piney asks Jax if he is on task or if this is a social call. Jax says he came to check in on him. Piney assures Jax that he is fine. Jax tells Piney that he is aware that he and Clay have been arguing about the Gallindo Cartel deal. Piney argues that Jax doesn't know anything about it. Jax follows Piney inside. Jax tells Piney that he understands that he is mad, but he just wants to explain his side of the story. Piney asks Jax if he really has a side any longer. Jax apologizes to Piney and leaves. Piney tells Jax that for ten years he had given up on SAMCRO and had wondered what the patch meant anymore. Piney notes that Jax joined the club and he reminded him a lot of John. Piney says that it felt like the original idea still had a chance. Jax tells Piney that he isn't John. Piney notes that it is clear that Jax is not John at all. Jax tells Piney to stop putting John on the high pedestal. Jax says that John abandoned all of them and tells Piney not to deny the relationship John had with Maureen. Piney tells Jax that Maureen was a distraction, but when Thomas was dying John had come back to Charming. Jax states that the damage had already been done at that point. Piney says that they all do damage, but a person's character is determined by how they repair the damage. Jax notes that John didn't have much. Piney retorts that John didn't have much of a choice, but Jax did. Jax states that he is fixing what matters. Jax yells that John was right about one thing when he said that the club has lost its way. Jax says that he thought he was the man that could change the club, but he realized that the arrogance in his statement and belief that one man could change the club was what killed John. Piney tells Jax that being defeated was not the thing that killed John. Jax yells that he doesn't want to hear about history. Jax states that he needs to take care of everything that is in front of him. Piney tells Jax that he and Clay are both thinking that way. Jax states that Clay has nothing to do with it and says it's only about him and figuring out what he has to do today to keep him alive tomorrow. Jax says that this isn't about the club, but rather about his family. Piney tells Jax that he just sounded like John when he said that. Piney tells Jax that John was the best man he ever knew and before Jax lets him die for good, he should find him and know how great John was. Jax taps Piney on the arm and leaves the cabin.

At the fundraiser, several people talk to each other and a band plays in the background. Rita finds that Roosevelt has arrived and Roosevelt asks if she is alright. Rita tells Roosevelt that this was a waste of time and that there's no way they will come up with $75,000 in one day. Roosevelt says that Rita did something because she knew it was right. Rita notes that all she did was create tension between Roosevelt and Jacob Hale. Roosevelt says that it is his favorite part and he loves getting up Jacob's skin. Clay approaches Roosevelt and Rita and asks if he could say a few words to the public. He promises that it is family friendly and that he is donating some money. Rita agrees to let Clay talk.

At the warehouse, Pedro is tied up and held at bay by the Mayans. The rest of the club gets their guns and bulletproof vests on. They are ready for when Lobo Sonora arrive.

Clay makes his speech. He tells the crowd that Gemma grew up in Charming and it became his home 31 years ago. Clay tells the town that he loves Charming. Clay acknowledges that he knows many of the townspeople have an opinion about SAMCRO and they think that they have overstayed their welcome. Clay asks the town to think of a scenario that is worse. Clay notes the town could be full of a few broken windows and a few fights or bulldozers could be running through the center of the town. He tells everyone that SAMCRO has always fought to protect Charming and they always supported and protected small business owners. Clay states that Charming Heights is the beginning of the end and sooner or later the small businesses will be hanging on by a thread to pray for charity. Clay states that he is offering that charity today. Clay states that he has two checks which combine for a total of $75,000. Clay tells the group that one check is from SAMCRO and he knows that they are probably thinking it's blood money. Clay says that they can think that, but the other check is from a great man who believes in the town. Clay adds that the man's family has helped Charming for over fifty years and this man should be the mayor of this town. Clay announces Elliot and Elliot comes up. The crowd cheers for Elliot and he shakes hands with Clay.

At the warehouse, Opie observes two vehicles approaching the warehouse. Luis tells everyone to wait for the signal. Chibs walks over to Juice and tells him to be ready. Juice is shaking, but he gets ready. The men then watch as one of the vehicles turns around and leaves. The group opens the shed door and shoots out the headlights. They run towards the van, but there's nobody in sight and the cab is empty. The group then notices that the vehicle that was left is the tortilla truck that they had stolen. Chibs tells everyone to be careful because the truck might be full of explosives. Jax asks for Pedro and the men bring him out. Pedro is forced to open up the back of the truck. When he does, the group sees the three Mayan bodies and Armando's bodies. All of them are without their heads. Opie asks how Lobo Sonora knew they were waiting. Alvarez insists that Pedro never left his sight. Jax notes that the competition is one step ahead. Luis pulls out a knife and stabs Pedro in the throat with it.

The group gets the bodies out of the back of the truck and puts them on a tarp. Clay tells the group that he is going to send Armando's body back to Tucson so it can be buried. Jax tells Clay that Luis is sending more men that will be in town tomorrow. Jax thinks they need to keep Tacoma in town as well. Bobby notes that the Gallindo Cartel should be the ones to fix their problem. Alvarez tells Bobby that they'll get Romeo back in town to help fight. Juice loads the bodies into the back of the van. Chibs approaches him and Juice tells him that he's going back to the warehouse to help out Tacoma. Chibs tells Juice to be safe, but he knows that something is wrong.

Jax arrives home to find Tara sitting at the table. Jax sits down with her. The two sit in silence for several moments. Tara breaks the silence by noting that it's only a matter of time before the fallout from the drugs hurts their family. Jax assures Tara that he would never let that happen. Tara tells Jax that she has to go. She says that she has to get Abel and Thomas away from here. Jax tells Tara that he knows. Jax admits he thought he knew what they were getting into, but the club is in over its head. Tara tells Jax that there is a conference in Providence Hospital in Oregon and they are interested in hiring her. Jax tells Tara to go there and take Elyda with her. Jax tells Tara to stay there until it calms down with the cartel and then they will figure it out. Tara asks Jax about Gemma. Jax tells Tara to tell Gemma the truth that she is protecting the family. Jax holds Tara's hands.

Gemma is cleaning up the clubhouse when she gets a phone call. It's Clay and he asks her where she is. Gemma states that she is heading home and asks Clay if he's alright. Clay says that he's fine. Gemma asks how things are going with the cartel. Clay states that they are working on it. Clay tells Gemma that he is going to stay at the clubhouse and figure everything out. Gemma asks Clay if she wants him to come by. Clay tells Gemma that he is on lockdown in the chapel and he wants to figure everything out. However, Clay is in the middle of the woods and is not telling the truth to Gemma. Gemma is back at the clubhouse and realizes that Clay is not there. Clay tells Gemma that he loves her. Gemma tells Clay she loves him and hangs up the phone. Tig asks Gemma if she's alright. Gemma says that she is fine and asks Tig to take her home. Clay gets out of the tow truck and grabs out a gun.

In the woods, Juice finds the chain that he used to hang himself with and tries to get it loose. Chibs pops out of the woods and Juice is frightened. Chibs looks at the chain and the broken tree branch. He puts two and two together and realizes that Juice tried to kill himself. Chibs throws Juice to the ground and calls him a coward. He asks Juice why he would try to kill himself. Juice doesn't respond and instead starts to sob heavily. Chibs pulls Juice up and gives him a brotherly hug.

At the cabin, Piney is reading a book when a knock is heard. Piney hides a gun under the book and picks up his shotgun. Piney answers the door and Clay is on the other side. Clay asks Piney if he's going to pull the trigger or let him in. Piney tells Clay to give him both of his guns. Clay complies and hands over his guns. Piney lets Clay into the cabin. Piney asks Clay if he has something to tell him. Clay tells Piney that things have become complicated with the Gallindo Cartel and they are at war. Clay asks Piney for a little more time. Piney tells Clay that with more time, more deaths could follow. Clay tells Piney that he is trying to do the right thing. Piney tells Clay that he has only done right by himself and never for the best for the club. Piney knows that Clay has always led by greed. Clay asks Piney why he sponsored him in the first place and patch him in. Piney tells Clay that back then he could be trusted. Clay asks Piney if he's really supposed to trust him with the letters that he possesses. Clay asks Piney how he can trust that he won't show the letters to the club even after he breaks off connections with the Gallindo Cartel. Piney tells Clay that it is a risk he must take. Clay tells Piney he will call Romeo and let him know. Clay notes that if there is any retaliation, the blood will be on Piney's hands. Clay leaves the cabin. Piney walks towards the door to lock it when Clay suddenly kicks it down. Piney is knocked backwards off of his feet. Clay kicks Piney in the face and grabs his shotgun. Clay grabs his pistols and puts them back into place. Clay starts to search the cabin and asks Piney where the letters are at. Piney gets up and tells Clay that they aren't in the cabin. Clay continues to wreck everything and asks Piney where the letters are at. Piney tries to grab the gun under the book, but Clay stops him. Clay asks Piney if Tara is the one that still has the letters. Piney tells Clay that Tara doesn't know about the letters. Clay tells Piney that he knows Tara was the one that gave them to him and asks Piney if he was sure he didn't know about that. Piney asks Clay to leave Tara out of it. Clay tells Piney it is too late and he fires the shotgun into Piney's chest. Piney slips down to the floor. Clay looks at Piney and feels for a pulse. Piney is dead. Clay looks at the picture of the First 9 on the wall and takes some blood coming from Piney's wound. Clay writes LS in blood, standing for Lobo Sonora in order to frame them for the murder. Clay takes one last look at Piney and then leaves the cabin. The episode ends with a close-up of Piney's dead body and a focus on the reaper on his cut.