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Frustrated with S1E08(some spoilers for season 1)

Do you think the makers should be using the show to promote pro-choice?

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    I just started liking this show and then in episode 8 they had Tara Knowles saying she had a abortion and that it wasn't a baby because it was only 6 weeks old. I am pro-life but even if this was pro-life indoctrination I would still be angry. Why the heck are shows getting involved in this? I couldn't believe what I was hearing at first. I had to rewind and hear it again. Unable to believe one of the shows I started to like had creators who were trying to indoctrinate me into their beliefs.

    I am still going to watch the show but I will be giving the show a lot less slack if it starts getting bad because of their producers trying to indoctrinate me.

    The scene where this takes place is after he attacks her while she is in her house and they are talking. He ends up hitting her for saying the 6 week old baby wasn't a baby. That is another thing. They make it seem like the calm cool collected doctor believes babies aren't babies when they are 6 weeks old and have it so only the lunatic believes a 6 week old is a baby.

    In episode 9 they start talking about black on white hate crime and no one caring. That's BS. Black on white hate crime is the most widespread of all hate crimes in the USA. I just don't see why they have to start up these firestorms for no reason. The comment about no one caring about black on white hate crime was not needed at all and just seemed like the creators of the show wanted to taunt people. I am really getting frustrated with their intolerance.

    It doesn't matter anymore. I quit watching when they killed Oppie's wife on accident. That was such a foolish move I decided the show wasn't worth watching. I don't expect the Sons of Anarchy to be perfect but that kill was stupid and them rushing it like that was annoying. Their was absolutely no reason for the kill. I don't like Tara Knowles actor either. She doesn't act well. Also her slapping Jax in episode 12 was strange. I know she is supposed to be emotional even though she doesn't ever look it but that was stupid.

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    Come on, you can't be serious if you let a TV show "indoctrinate" you. Repeat after me.....It's only TV. Say it ten times and you should be fine. Lots of things are said on lots of TV shows, it doesn't mean squat. If you have young children that would be influenced, duh, don't let them watch it. One would be in trouble if they let a TV characters words influence their beliefs.
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    Are you kidding? They are just writing what people in these situations think and say. In no way do i believe they are trying to affect peoples beliefs with the dialogue. Also you would need to be pretty unsure of your beliefs to allow them be affected by a fictional tv show about criminal bikers.
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    You are absolutely right. It would have made more sense for the female character who got an abortion to be pro-life and the crazy stalker who wanted a baby to be pro-choice. Yeah....

    Oh, and if I can watch the last few seasons of 24 and pretty much all of The Unit without whining about it than you can learn to stop seeing the hand of "Big Brother" in everything else.

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    Clearly some people can't handle modern day television. In my opinion you should wake up from your '1950's -turn a blind eye bubble' and realize that not everything is black and white. Life is controversial and obviously so is this show. People will have different views and opinions from you especially Hollywood with their pro-choice abortion agenda. (Please note sarcasm). Honestly I forgot how closed minded and ignorant some people are... well that was of course until I read your post. If you can't handle a show because they voice a different view than you, what do you do in real life? As for them killing of Donna, again it is a Drama Television show. I think 'Son's of Anarchy' is one of the better written cable TV shows on the air today. I have a feeling you prefer shows such as the 'Joy Luck Club', you should probably steer clear from the FX Network as most of their shows contain controversial matters you probably can't handle.

    Just my thoughts... no harm intended here. Speaking my mind just as you did.

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    Just wanted to mention that I'm pro life and very conservative as far as politics go. Oh yeah, and I LOVE the Sons. And honestly, I don't think that the show has been trying to force any kind of ideology down our throats at all.
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