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    Well, Jax finaly went and did it.

    Can't say I'm surprised and as far as the club goes, normaly it would be a good thing. The charter can't stay together as it is now. With most clubs when there is a major rift the members having the problem normaly move on to another charter or go NOMAD. The problem here is that Jax lives in the same town, is seeing Tara who is working in that town and Clay is his stepdad. Normaly Jax would have to pull up stakes and move on. Running around town as a NOMAD and seeing the rest of SAMCRO every day will not work and wouldn't be allowed in real life.

    No way Clay can turn off Cara Cara. That is totaly against club rules. Any club. How come they didn't find Darby's remains? That would have told Jax who did it.

    Tara might as well move on. If Jax is going NOMAD there is no hope for them. In most clubs the NOMAD chapter is the trouble shooters. I realize that technically the NOMAD chapter represents members how aren't geographicaly near an established chapter but normaly these are the guys who can move within an hour and be on the other side of the country quick. If Jax thinks he's up to his neck in blood now, wait till be puts the NOMAD rocker on. There is a reason Happy is running that crew. With all the turmoil at SAMCRO it's not a big surprise why Happy is around all the time.

    It looks like Clay has decided to replace Tigger as SA with Opie. I'm not really sure why Clay turned off on Tig but Tig sees it and that was the only thing holding him together after Donna's death. Now that he sees Clay turning his back on him he's really falling apart.

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    This should probably under the episode discussion thread for Fa Guan.

    But anyway, I think Clay ditching Tigs for Opie as SA is entirely the result of Donnas death. Clay wants to distance himself from the trigger man (Tig) and bring Opie in closer to control him. That Clay can be evil. I think this will push Tig in a Jaxs' corner.

    I assume Darby's remains are not in the burned building. Chuck, the fingerless accountant, probably saved him from the fire. This will come back to bite Zobelle and Weston in the butt, once everyone knows who was really behind CaraCara burning and Luanne's death.

    I doubt Jax will go nomad. In the previews to tonight 90 minute episode, Piney is trying to talk Jax out of going nomad, to keep the club from spilling internal blood and breaking apart. And with Gemma reading John Tellers journal and getting religion, I doubt she would back Clay over Jax now. Plus, like you mentioned, if Jax went nomad, he could not be part of SAMCRO, which is the focus of the whole show.

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