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Opie: Hero or Coward?

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    [1]Sep 26, 2012
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    After watching tonight's episode and reading a few comments on some message boards I couldn't help but consider a question I read about the character of Opie. Some people wrote that Opie needed to die because he was weak. I don't believe that. I think Opie had lost so much (wife, father, best friend - as Jax told Opie he planned on leaving SAMCRO) that in his grief, Opie did what he felt he needed to do in order to protect the last thing he had let in his life: his devotion to Jax.

    Opie had devoted his life to the club and made so many sacrifices because of SAMCRO. I don't think it was weakness that drove him to do what he did. I don't think he committed suicide by entering a fight to death because he was a coward, and could no longer face life. I think he did what he felt needed to be done to protect Jax. Opie may have lost faith in SAMCRO but he still loves his friend. Although Opie feared Jax would change as the new president of SAMCRO, his loyalty to Jax remained. He deliberately went to prison to "stay close" to Jax. Once Opie realized that Jax was about to sacrifice himself as the guards entered the room in the episode, he made a decision. If he was going to die, he was going to die protecting the one solid truth that remained in his life: his friendship with Jax. I think Opie's smile to Jax right before he was killed is a good example towards my point.

    Opie is one of my favorite characters on the show. I think Ryan Hurst plays the role wonderfully. I liked Opie because there was a sweetness to him. I think deep down he was a nice guy who was not really meant for "the life." All the other characters, including Jax, were born to be outlaws. But in my opinion Opie followed Jax into SAMCRO, which is why he became so upset when Jax revealed to him that he planned on leaving. Opie even stated, "I can't do this without you", or something to that effect last season.

    I think Opie died a hero fighting to protect the last thing that remained pure in his life, which was his friendship to Jax. I read some comments posted about Opie needing to die because he was a coward, he was weak, he did not "man up", etc... so I just wanted to post this to see if I am the only one who disagrees with the notion of Opie as a coward, or if I am alone.

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    Opie died as a hero... There's no doubt of that.
    The retaliation has to be in big terms, Opie's dead can't stay like Donna's or Piney's. Pope, Clay, the CIA guys from that mexican cartel and even Tig have to pay!

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    I would never think of Opie as a coward. Anyone who would sacrifice themselves for family and friends is a hero. A coward would have hidden in the background which none of the four did at all.

    I feel Opie was the most complex character of the main characters outside of the Jax/Clay/Gemma/Tara arc. Every season he was involved with something important and we saw him develop into what he ended up as in death. I feel Opie died for Jax, and I agree with the first person who posted that Jax was the one last thing Opie truly believed in after everything that happened. Not saying he didn't love his kids, but he just couldn't provide a father role like Piney did because of Donna getting killed and Lyla just wasn't the same person. Then, with Piney getting killed, his family was practically torn apart. The club was responsible for what happened to Donna and Piney, particularly Clay. He had no faith in SAMCRO because it turned into greed and all of the death around them was too much for Opie.

    Opie may have had hard moments with Jax, but I think at the very end he knew Jax could get revenge and I know Jax will. Jax will not let this go unanswered and he made that clear to the guard. That guard is in trouble and they'll probably get him first. And Jax knows Pope is responsible. But the question is: how will this affect Jax's relationship with Romeo and Clay. Because they are technically responsible as well. If Clay wouldn't have lied about who shot him, Pope never would have gotten involved since his daughter would be alive. And if Romeo had truly used his influences I think he would have been able to keep SAMCRO safe inside jail.

    Rest in peace, Opie. You were a great character and your presence will be missed by all.

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