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Opie Is Alive!!! He Lives!!!!!

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    [1]Jun 15, 2013
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    well........, sort of.

    i recorded that new cop series KING and MAXWELL and about 15 minutes in, the guy cop goes to the prison to see a accused serial killer named EDGAR ROY and in a few seconds, i realize its non other than RYAN HURST!!!!

    i thought straight off the show was looking like another "seen this before", quirky cop duo show. but, hurst has always played great characters in great shows so i knew there was going to be more to the show. and of course, hurst didnt disappoint!!! he plays what appears to be a slightly autistic brainiac who can watch hundreds of national inteligence and public satellite feeds at the same time and listen to intelligence chatter on many different com channels at the same time. he knows all the sat's by name, number and who built and owns them. VERY cool character.

    catch the pilot!! you can see it on the net right here on tv land. i do not know if hurst is going to be a regular. i hope so as his character can be what THE MACHINE is to PERSON OF INTEFREST. it will save this show and give them a TRUE secret weopon seperating them from the pack and giving fans another great dose of ryan hursts stellar character portrayals!!

    at the end of this episode, it looks like he just may be a regular character. if so, this is a GREAT segway for hurst after OPIE.

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