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Season 4 Predictions

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    [1]May 20, 2011
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    I'm starting this thread to capture ideas for what might be coming up in Season 4. Loose ends:

    Wendy; Eventually she has to come back to see Abel. Will she try for visitation or custody? It seems likely she would try. Gemma said she wouldn't let her be around the baby. I hope she comes back and sees that Jax and Tara are raising Abel as their own and bow out. Of course, there is no controversary with that so who knows.

    Tara: She's 2 months pregnant. She will have the baby while Jax is in jail. It will really suck for Jax, not being there for the birth. I hope she has a boy and I'd like to see them name him Thomas after Jax' little brother.

    The Russians: I think they would be plenty pissed with SAMCRO because of the fake money for Jimmy O trade. Will that come back to bite them? Probably...

    Unser: He has cancer. Kurt Sutter said he would be back for season 4. Will he die during this season? I like his character a lot. But we know he won't be chief anymore so what will he do? I hope he goes out in a blaze of glory helping SAMCRO.

    Opie/Lila: They're suppose to get married. Will they? If they do, will Lila quit the porn biz?

    Abel: Who will raise Abel while Jax is in jail? Tara or Gemma or both? It looks like Tara and Gemma are getting along now so I hope they bond even more while the guys are in jail. This may seem weird, but I'd like to see Tara become a little more like Gemma (she already seems to be doing that) but with Jax instead of Clay, she would have a softer edge. I would like to see her become the Queen someday but that doesn't wash with her medical career so who knows...

    I would also like to see some of the other club members have some real relationships at least for a few episodes. I would love to see Tig fall head over heels and get a little mushy. Not because I want everything to be lovey-dovey but because it would be such an internal conflict for him.

    Well that's my input...anyone else have any guesses?

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    [2]Jul 17, 2011
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    Well lets see the 4th season guest stars: David Hasselhoff, LOL!

    Rockmond Dunbar - Prison Break guy to be the new Sheriff, cool!

    Danny Trejo - Wuhuu! He fits perfect to the serie. Great actor!

    Kurt Sutter on Season 4:

    "It'll be a different Charming. There will be a new mayor and a new sheriff. The 21st century is going to land at SAMCRO's doorstep. It'll be interesting, because the 21st century will also bleed into their lives."

    Sons of Anarchy Season 4 Trailer Promo

    I can`t wait anymore. It`s going to be one hell of a season!
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    [3]Jul 18, 2011
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    I think that something is going to happen between Gemma and Tara since Tara is reading the old loveletters Jax`s father sendt to that irish woman. He wrote in the letters that if he was going to die, it would be by the hands of Gemma and Clay... Maybe that will be a conflict now that Jax is in jail? Or maybe now when everything is to good between Jax and Clay, this is what makes it bad again?

    I cant wait until the next season!!
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    [4]Aug 18, 2011
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    Hello everyone. New here, but I am a long timefan of the Sons of Anarchy. The Sons of Anarchy Foreverjust posted up a spoiler free review of episode # 1 from Season 4 for anyone who is interested.Seems FX sent them a dvd with the first few episodes to review:

    As if I wasn't already stoked for season 4 this review has got me chomping at the bit for the premiere to get here.

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    [5]Aug 25, 2011
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    Just watched the first three episodes from the FX publicity CD and WOW. Starts with a bang and keeps going. Can't wait for the rest of the season.

    Bodies are already piling up, lines being drawn, promises being made (but can they be kept?), alliances formed. Danny Trejo!

    There is a wedding, the new Sheriff is a going to be a pain in the clubs side. Juice, Happy and others get more screen time, Yay!

    Jax looks more menacing with the short hair, but Opie needs to wash his greasy rats nest.

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    [6]Aug 29, 2011
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    Im predicting that this will be the season that Jax takes over as the club president since the directors somewhat eluded to this happening with numerous scenes showing clay's hands affecting his ability to ride.

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