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SOA: The Hamlet route

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    [1]Jul 20, 2010
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    If the show does take the Hamlet route to the very end, this is how I see it unfolding in the following five seasons.

    SEASON THREE: Tig dies, possibly killed by Jax.

    SEASON FOUR: Jax is forced to become a nomad in order to lay low under the radar.

    SEASON FIVE: Tara dies and the relationship between Jax and Hale takes an adversarial turn. Maybe Hale blames Jax for Tara's death.

    SEASON SIX: Jax struggles with the grief of Tara's death.

    SEASON SEVEN: Gemma dies. Hale dies. Jax kills Clay. Jax dies in Opie's arms.








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    [2]Aug 13, 2010
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    I have always wondered just how closely they will follow the Hamlet storyline to Sons of Anarchy.

    At this point, we have to wonder just how much Jax has either forgiven or forgotten about what Clay did to Donna. If he decides that Clay has been punished enough, or if he figures they have more important things to deal with, then that relationship could be "somewhat" mended.

    They haven't really shown in the previews much interaction between Jax and Clay. There was the one scene, but to me that can be interpreted many different ways. It's either Clay challenging Jax, or he's trying to help him. Ultimately, we will have to wait and see what they plan on doing throughout the season. I think that by the end of this season, we will have a better idea of just how close Hamlet will be followed.

    At this point, it's hard to say. We've gotten to the part where Clay was responsible for Donna's death (which mirrors that of Claudius murdering the Elder Hamlet). That may have been the spark that started the feud. The question relates to whether they will truly get over it or not. Because if they can't, then Hamlet is a go. Otherwise, we'll watch it and see what happens. Frankly, I hope it is a little more random than strictly following Hamlet. I've read Hamlet and know what happens. I want SOA to surprise me.
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    [3]Aug 25, 2010
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    Wouldn't the Elder Hamlet be John Teller... The show has hinted many times that Jax's father's death probaly wasn't an accident and most likely was orchestrated by Clay. I don't know, it just seemed to make sense to me..

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    [4]Sep 6, 2010
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    I understand we'll be seeing a lot more of the Ghost this season in flashbacks, so we'll see. Of course, John's journal had served the function of the Ghost for most of the first and second seasons. Jemma and Clay's Deep Dark Secret potentially went further than even John knew about, so Jax may have more to find out this season.
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