Sons of Anarchy

Season 1 Episode 3

Fun Town

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Sep 17, 2008 on FX

Episode Recap

SAMCRO enjoys a fun day at the local carnival when they come upon local businessman, Elliot Oswald, and his family. They have a brief conversation, but they briefly depart to avoid the embarrassment of Elliot being seen talking to Clay.

Back at the clubhouse, their IRA contact, Michael McKeavy, delivers an order of weapons to SAMCRO. Inside, they talk about the business of the Mayans torching their old warehouse. Clay tells him that it's going to be another 3 months before they can buy another shipment due to losing their warehouse. McKeavy suggests that they store them here, but Clay points to the wall of mug shots saying that they learned that lesson the hard way. McKeavy tells them that the IRA needs the guns, or their cause will be crippled. He warns them that if they can't front the cash for the three months they can't buy, he may just have to find a new buyer.

Back at the carnival, Elliot and Karen Oswald cannot find their daughter, Tristen, after she went to get on a ride. Gemma sees them, and offers to help them. While they search, we see Tristen in the woods, clearly showing signs that she had been beaten and raped.

The next day, Elliot visits SAMCRO at the clubhouse to tell the gang about the rape of Tristen. He tells them he has a mission for him. He wants them to find the guy that raped his daughter, and bring the guy to him. He promises he'll pay anything. Clay tells him that he doesn't want his money, but in exchange for that, he tells him that he expects him to do the deed himself.

At the round table, Tig is not up for doing this with the problems they have with the IRA. Clay reminds them that people in the town don't go to the police; they go to SAMCRO for help. After hearing that, they all agree to help. Jax tells the group that they saw some of Darby's guys hanging around the area that day. Clay tells Juice to find out which members of Darby's gang are sex offenders. The group goes out to look for them.

At a restaurant, Hale meets his father, Jacob, and Leo Kessler. Jacob tells him that SAMCRO is out looking for the person that raped Tristen for some vigilante justice. The reason they're concerned is that Elliot is selling some land that Kessler would really like to possess. They're concerned that if Elliot gets close to SAMCRO, then he'll sell land to Clay. Jacob tells him they all want Charming to grow and prosper, but Hale tells him he seems to be a little more concerned about the prosper angle.

Hale goes to the SAMCRO clubhouse about the rape, investigating them about it. Clay is baffled that he would investigate them about it, and Jax makes a statement about some cops getting busted for prostitution and rape. Hale stands his ground, and tells them to give their statements to them.

At the hospital, Tara checks on Wendy. She tells her that when she's feeling better, she'll let her see Abel. Wendy asks if Jax has been around, but Tara doesn't know. Tara acknowledges that she put in her statement that a friend of hers smuggled the heroin into the hospital. Tara says she knows her better than she thinks, and that she doesn't think Wendy is suicidal. Tara says she has an idea of who gave her the drugs, and asks if she was forcefully injected. Wendy says no, and that she injected the needle into herself. Tara asks her why, but Wendy says if she doesn't know the reason now, they're not alike at all. After Tara leaves, she gets a phone call from a man claiming that she's tough to track down. Tara hangs up on him. Hale passes by, and asks if everything's okay. She says she's fine.

Hale meets with the Oswalds at the hospital to get any information he can about the rape. Hale mentions that Tristen went into the arcade, and disappeared after that. But the Oswalds don't know anything else about the rape. When Karen leaves, Hale tells Elliot that he can't imagine how they feel, but Hale warns him that anger makes you do things that you normally wouldn't do, and once you do them, you can't take them back. Elliot says the only thing he can't take back is what happened to his daughter.

While working, Juice tells Half-Sack he has to go back to the clubhouse for questioning. He tells Half-Sack he wants him to follow Hale. When Half-Sack asks what he's going to ride on, Juice points to a little motor bike. Half-Sack gets on and rides down the street.

Back at the clubhouse, the police are still at the clubhouse. They're there to prevent SAMCRO from leaving to look for the rapist. Tig comes up with a plan, and slips some tranquilizers into the coffee that was meant for the officers. They are quickly knocked out, and they are free to go about business.

Jax and Chibs approach the carnies at their trailer. Jax asks if any of them saw her. Chibs asks what they said to Hale. They are at first resistant, but Jax tells them about Tristen getting raped, and since they're outsiders, they're the first ones to look at. The carnie tells them that they were at the carnival all night repairing rides, and that there were several witnesses in the town that could attest to that.

Gemma arrives at the hospital, and Tara tells her that Wendy is out of detox. While Gemma is in the waiting room, she sees Ernest Darby stepping out of an elevator and walking down the hall.

At the clubhouse, reports from the gang indicate that Darby hasn't been seen at all today. Juice tells them about a guy in Darby's crew that's a sex offender, and they all confirm that he was at the carnival yesterday. Gemma then phones Clay, and tells him about Darby being at the hospital.

Jax stops at the barbershop to see Unser. He asks what he's heard about the case. Unser said there were no leads and no witnesses. He says that Tristen can't remember who did it so there are no leads. As Jax leaves, Unser tells him that he needs to catch the rapist, or he's going to be under the microscope. Jax reassures him that they'll catch him.

Gemma sees Darby leaving the hospital, and stops him for a little chat. She asks why he was at the hospital, and he tells her he's seeing his mother who's dying of lung cancer. Gemma notices Darby's new Aryan tattoo, and notes that it probably ticks the doctors off that are taking care of his mother. She stalls him just long enough to SAMCRO to arrive. They confront him about the rape, thinking that he's retaliating against the town. They also acknowledge they know about his little alliance with the Mayans. Darby says everyone was with him, and that he was nowhere near the carnival. When they ask him about Yates, the sex offender, Darby gets defensive saying a buddy of his, Whistler, has been missing. Whistler was the Nordic that was killed in the Pilot episode. Clay tells him that they'll sort out other business later, but he wants the address for Yates' place. Darby gives him the location.

SAMCRO goes to the location. They move in on the location, and knock the outside guards out. They move in to see a Bible study going on inside the house. They meet with Yates, and they find out that he's in the Bible Study because he's a changed man. They realize they got bad information and leave.

At the hospital, Tara and Hale discuss the status of the investigation. Tara asks Hale a question about restraining orders in relation to different cities. Hale asks if she feels she's in trouble. Tara tells him that she dated somebody during her internship, but that things went sour at the end. Hale asks if she wants him to run the name through the system, but Tara says she'll be alright. Hale says he'll check to see if the restraining order is valid here.

At the hospital, Gemma visits Wendy. Gemma says she hears that she's been saying things to Tara. Wendy tells her that she didn't say anything to Tara. Gemma says that nobody would've believed her anyway. Gemma said that she only gave her an option, but that she was the one that made the decision. Wendy doesn't understand how Gemma is able to keep all her secrets buried. Gemma tells her that nothing will get in the way of taking care of her family, but that Wendy could never understand that.

Jax finds Gemma at the hospital reading to Abel. Jax tells her that they've hit a dead end. Gemma tells him that Wendy's awake. Elliot appears and asks Jax if they've found the guy. Jax says no, but talking to Tristen might help. But Elliot tells her that she's still in shock, and Karen doesn't want anyone talking to her. Jax tells him that Tristen is the only shot left they have of finding the guy.

Gemma sneaks into Tristen's room to question her. Tristen is scared at first, but Gemma tells her that she's an old friend of her mother's. Gemma tells her that she's sorry that this had happened to her, and tells her that everything will be okay. Gemma then confronts Karen, and tells her that Tristen talked a little about things. She realizes that Tristen remembers everything, but they don't want to deal with the press and a messy trial. Gemma tells her that Tristen needs to be exposed to what happened, or it's going to haunt her for the rest of her life. Karen tells her that she wants it hidden so that people won't think of her as the girl that was raped at Fun Town. But Gemma tells her that she's always going to feel that way, and the thing that is worse than everyone knowing is nobody knowing. Gemma tells Jax that Karen told her that it was one of the carnies that was dressed like a clown. Jax asks if Hale knows, and Gemma says he doesn't know yet. Jax passes by Hale on the way out, and Hale follows Jax out. But when he goes to give chase, he sees that one of the tires on his jeep has been flattened.

SAMCRO heads back to Fun Town to get the rapist. They get into a ruble with the carnies, and Bobby and Chibs grab the rapist. When the cops arrive on the scene, they find SAMCRO gone and the carnies aren't talking.

Out in the woods, they bring Elliot to the scene to show him the rapist. He brings a knife to do the deed. Clay tells Elliot to do the deed like he promised, but after hesitating Elliot can't bring himself to do it. After Elliot leaves, Clay puts on gloves, and does the deed himself. He tells them to let the guy bleed out, and then bury him in the woods. He tells Bobby to wrap up the carnie's testicles into a package and mail it to Elliot. He gives the knife to Jax, and tells him to be careful because it has Elliot's fingerprints on it. Jax is angry that Clay didn't tell him that they were going to blackmail Oswald so he wouldn't sell any of the land in town. He warns him that in the future, he wants to be informed of everything.

Meanwhile, Tara's mystery man turns out to be a man named Agent Kohn; an agent in the ATF. He is provided with all of the files of Tara and the members of SAMCRO.

At the hospital, Jax visits Wendy. He tells her that he doesn't want her hurting herself. He doesn't hold her responsible for Abel. Jax says that getting back together with her was a mistake, and he admits that he wasn't ready to have a child. He admits that he hated her for getting pregnant, and that's why he bailed. He blames himself for what happened to Abel. He then wheels Wendy to see Abel, and Wendy breaks down about seeing him in the incubator. Wendy asks what will happen now. Jax tells her that Abel has to stay in the incubator for awhile, and that Wendy has to go back to rehab. Jax and Wendy hug.

The next morning, Hale finds Juice on the sidewalk in a diaper with a sign on top of him. This was the prank SAMCRO pulled on him for not loading the clips into the guns because he got stoned. After he leaves, the post woman pulls the package out of the mailbox for Elliot.

Hale is stopped by Agent Kohn, who has arrived in the town of Charming. He says that he's working on an interstate weapons case, and that SAMCRO is involved. Hale is thrilled, and welcomes him to Charming.