Sons of Anarchy

Season 4 Episode 10


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Nov 08, 2011 on FX

Episode Recap

The episode begins with Clay opening up his safe and taking money out of a lockbox. He puts the money into a backpack. Gemma is making coffee and hears him shutting the safe. Gemma notes that Clay is up early. Clay states that he has to deal with the Gallindo Cartel this morning. Gemma states that she is afraid to ask what that comprises of. Clay tells her not to ask and notes that he and Jax have it handled. He kisses her goodbye and tells her he loves her. After Clay leaves, Gemma opens up the safe and opens the lockbox. She finds that most of the money in it has been taken out.

At the Teller residence, Jax puts a pistol in an ankle holster. Tara comes in with Thomas and tells Jax that she is all packed up. She was hoping they could stop for lunch at a park. Jax is happy with that. Gemma comes in and greets the family. Jax is surprised to see her and asks what she is doing here. Gemma states that since Abel and Thomas are going to Oregon, she didn't know when she would see them again so she wanted to stop and say goodbye. Tara states that it is only for a couple of days. Gemma asks Tara where Anita is. Jax tells Gemma that he is going to take Tara and the boys to Oregon. Gemma notes that it is out of state and notes that Jax is still on parole. Tara tells Gemma that they are actually staying at a place in the state and only she is crossing over into Oregon for the conference. Jax says that Rogue River charter is going to keep an eye on Tara while she's up there. Gemma asks Jax if Clay knows about this. Jax says that when Gemma tells him then he'll know. Jax tells Gemma that he is hoping to deal with the IRA there so he'll be back in a couple of days. Gemma asks Jax about the Gallindo Cartel. Jax tells Gemma that it is an internal problem and SAMCRO has been asked to stay out of it. Gemma realizes that Clay lied to her this morning about dealing with the Gallindo Cartel. Tara tells Thomas and Abel to say goodbye to Gemma.

At the station, Roosevelt asks a deputy what happened to Juice. The deputy informs Roosevelt that some ATF agents took Juice away last night and didn't give an explanation for why. Juice is actually in a cell at Stockton.

At the cabin, Unser fires several shots into the walls with a pistol to make it look like Lobo Sonora killed Piney. He puts the pistol down next to Piney's dead body. Before he can continue, his cell phone rings. Gemma is on the other line and tells Unser that something is wrong. Unser notes he is isn't surprised by this news. Gemma tells Unser that Clay emptied the safe this morning and took over $30,000. Unser thinks Clay needed it for club business. Gemma says that the money is private cash. She notes that Clay told her this morning that he and Jax needed the money for the Gallindo Cartel. However, Jax told her this morning that he is going to Oregon to deal with the IRA and the club was staying away from the Gallindo Cartel business. Unser asks Gemma what Clay needed the money for. Gemma doesn't answer and just asks for Unser to come back to the house.

On a back road, Clay meets with the hitman. He hands him the information about Tara and where she is going. Clay states that Tara left her house twenty minutes ago and he should follow the highway. Clay then gives him the money in the backpack. He tells the hitman it needs to be a quick, painless death and he isn't supposed to mess up her face. The hitman agrees with all of the stipulations.

Jax, Tara, Abel, and Thomas drive up to Oregon while singing "This Old Man". The family is relaxed and having fun with each other as they travel down the highway.

Clay arrives back at the clubhouse. Gemma comes out to see him and asks him if he handled the Gallindo Cartel. Clay tells Gemma that it is none of her concern. Clay asks Gemma where Jax is at. Gemma tells Clay that Jax is on his way to Oregon with Tara and the boys. Clay stops and realizes that Gemma knows something is up. He hides his suspicions and notes that it explains why Jax never showed for the meeting with the Gallindo Cartel.

Inside the office, Clay calls Romeo and tells him that he needs to call of the hit. Romeo asks Clay why this is necessary. Clay tells Romeo that Jax, Abel, and Thomas are with Tara and he didn't know. Romeo tells Clay that the hitman is an independent contractor. Clay notes that there has to be a way to get in contact with him since Romeo is the one that set it up. Romeo apologizes to Clay and tells him that it is too late. Romeo states the hitman checks in after he is done and he'll let him know what happens. When he's done talking with Clay, Romeo tells Luis to call the hitman and warn him about Jax and the boys. Luis asks Romeo if they could just call off the hit. Romeo states that they will not do that. He tells Luis to warn the hitman that Jax will probably be armed so they need to be very careful.

Clay comes out of the office and tells Tig that he wants him to go to Oregon and find Jax. He tells him that it is a bad time for Jax to be traveling and he needs him back here safe. Chibs tells Clay that there is something wrong with Juice because he's not picking up his cell phone and he is not at his house. Clay wonders if Juice got arrested by Roosevelt. Bobby notes that Lowen would have contacted them if Juice had been arrested. Clay tells Chibs to go to Juice's house and check to see if he's there again. Opie notes that he should probably go check on Piney. Clay tells Opie he needs him to stay at the clubhouse. Clay states that Kozik is still up north and Happy is at Oswald's warehouse. Clay states they need bodies at the clubhouse in case something happens. Opie agrees to stay.

At a gas station, Jax fills up the car. A police officer, Officer Collins, pulls up next to them on a motorcycle. Jax tells Tara to be quick with changing Abel. Tara tells Jax to relax and notes that they are civilians now. Jax gets a phone call and ignores it. Officer Collins asks Jax how he likes the car and notes that his daughter wants one for her birthday. Jax tells Officer Collins that it is Tara's car, but he enjoys driving it. Jax notes the bike and asks how fast the 1150 is. Officer Collins states that he is satisfied with the speed and it helps track down speeders. Jax asks Officer Collins how he feels about the bike. Officer Collins states that he has to use it because the seat is comfortable for his bad back. Jax asks if he'll ever trade in the bike for a car. Officer Collins says that will never happen. Officer Collins says hello to Thomas in the backseat and tells Jax to have a good day.

Roosevelt goes into Potter's office and asks him where Juice is at. Potter says that he is in ATF holding and it is best to keep him there for as long as they can since he knows about their plans. Roosevelt tells Potter that SAMCRO was downstairs asking about him and they assumed that he had been arrested. Potter asks Roosevelt what he told the club. Roosevelt states that there were no charges against Juice and he had been released last night. Roosevelt tells Potter that he is upset that Potter played him. Roosevelt doesn't think he is on the task force because of his gang experience, but rather because Potter needed a scapegoat for when the violence started. Roosevelt knows that Potter isn't getting any blowback from the violence that is going on. Potter tells Roosevelt not to wallow in his sorrow and they will both win a great victory. Roosevelt states that they aren't because he is done being Potter's errand boy. Roosevelt states that if Potter wants to ruin his career he can go ahead and do it. Potter reminds Roosevelt of the documents he signed. Roosevelt tells Potter he isn't going to break confidentiality. Potter tells Roosevelt that it was more than just confidentiality but also the agreement to participate in the operation. Potter states that if he feels Roosevelt is needed to expedite the case, he is legally bound to do what is asked of him. Roosevelt notes that in that case they need to play it his way and he leaves.

At the park, Jax and Tara lie down while Abel and Thomas play. Tara notes that if the interview at Providence goes well she thinks she should take the job. Jax agrees with her and wants her to take it. Tara asks Jax if he really means that. Jax tells Tara again that he wants her to take the job. Jax knows that Tara has to give St. Thomas a three week notice. Tara says yes. Jax says he has one more deal and then he's done with the club. Jax states he'll be ready to go before she is. Tara is happy and hugs Jax tightly and laughs happily. At a nearby picnic table, the hitman watches them while reading a newspaper.

Tig informs Clay that he can't get a hold of Jax and neither he nor Tara are answering their cell phones. Tig states that he has Rogue River charter waiting at the hotel for them and asks Clay if he wants him up there. Clay tells Tig to stay here and keep calling them. Chibs tells Clay that Roosevelt picked up Juice for another urine test but released him last night. Gemma tells Chibs to call Juice's old girlfriend since Juice usually goes to her when he is stressed. Bobby tells them that Precious knows her so he'll call her. Chibs notes if he finds Juice with her, he will beat him up for all the worry.

Gemma shuts the doors to the meeting room to talk with Clay. Gemma asks Clay why he took the money out of the safe this morning. Clay reminds Gemma that she isn't supposed to be asking about club business. Gemma notes that the money isn't club money. Clay states that is true, but it is his money. He notes that if Gemma has enough for the house and to amuse herself with her purchases then she doesn't need to worry about it. Gemma can't believe Clay is saying these things to her. Clay notes that maybe he needs to remind her of this more often. Clay reminds Gemma that she is not a member of the club and she is only an old lady. He tells her not to forget that. Gemma says okay and leaves the room.

Jax, Tara, and the boys get ready to leave the park. As Jax is throwing away the trash, he sees a homeless woman sorting through the trash. Jax realizes that it is the same homeless woman that he gave his sweatshirt to back when Donna was killed. Before he can say anything, a van pulls up and two masked men grab Tara. The van starts to pull away with the door still open. Jax pulls out his gun and starts to run after them. Jax shoots multiple shots at the van and Tara wrestles with the men. She is able to free, but when she tries to jump out her hand is smacked hard by the van door. She cries out in pain. Jax is able to stop the van and grabs Tara. He starts to violently hit one of the men, but one of the other hitmen pulls out a gun. Jax shields Tara, but the van drives away before anyone is shot. Jax holds Tara and Tara nurses her hand which is crushed and has a very large cut on it. The hitmen drive away, failing at their mission.

The ambulance arrives to take Tara to the hospital. Tara asks the EMTs to take her to St. Thomas, but the EMTs state that it is out of their jurisdiction. Jax tells the EMT that Tara is a surgeon at St. Thomas. Officer Collins arrives on the scene and tells the EMT to take Tara to St. Thomas and he'll let the dispatcher know. Jax thanks the officer. The officer notes that Jax is on federal release and notes that witnesses heard some gunfire. He hopes that Jax wasn't firing any of the shots. Jax lies and tells Officer Collins that the kidnappers did all of the shooting. Jax tells Officer Collins that he needs to get Abel and Thomas home. He asks if they can answer questions at the police station in Charming. Officer Collins agrees and tells Jax that he will follow him there.

At St. Thomas, Tara's hand is bandaged. Jax tells Tara the boys are safe and she is going to be fine. Jax states that Dr. Bailey is going to look at her hand and get it x-rayed. Jax tells Tara he loves her and everything will be alright. Gemma arrives at the hospital and asks Jax if he is alright. Jax states that they are taking Tara to get x-rays, but insists he is alright. Jax tells Gemma that he has to talk with Officer Collins. Gemma asks Jax what happened. Jax tells Gemma that some men tried to abduct Tara. Officer Collins tells Jax that they need to talk now.

Potter visits with Juice in his holding cell. Juice turns the television off to talk with him. Potter states that he has the deal prepared for Juice to leave SAMCRO out of the RICO takedown. Potter notes that any member present at the takedown will have to be arrested, but the RICO act stops and it won't be used against SAMCRO. Juice tells Potter he doesn't know anything about the meeting. Potter states that Juice will be let out to find out about it. Juice can't believe Potter is just going to let him out. Potter states that there is a deal. Juice is going to be given a cell phone and it will be used as a tracking device. Juice has to check in every four hours. If Juice fails to check in, then they will pick him up, the deal will be shredded, and SAMCRO, its charters, and its associates will be the ones that fall under the RICO operation instead of the IRA. Potter tells Juice he will give him until after the cartoon is over to sign the deal and then it is off the table.

Clay, Tig, Bobby Chibs, Opie, Filthy Phil and Ratboy arrive at the hospital. Clay meets with Gemma and asks her what happened. Gemma tells Clay that someone tried to take Tara and they hurt her hand very badly. Clay doesn't take the news well. Clay asks Gemma if they know who did it. Gemma states that they don't.

Jax meets with the men and tells them that the kidnappers were speaking Spanish so it had to be Lobo Sonora retaliation. Clay tells them that he will get in contact with Romeo to find out. Jax tells Clay that they need to call Laroy and see if he knows anyone who could get in touch with Lobo Sonora militia men. Tig states that he will keep Filthy Phil and Ratboy at the hospital to watch over Tara. Jax notes that they should call Alvarez since they might need him for this. Gemma asks Jax where he is going. Jax tells Gemma to stay here with Tara and make sure nothing happens to her.

Tara sees the x-rays of her hand and realizes that it doesn't look good. She knows she has three broken metacarpals and asks if there is any nerve damage. Dr. Bailey tells her that there is some nerve damage from the trauma so they need to operate soon. Murphy tells them that she will get it scheduled. Dr. Bailey promises Tara that they will do everything they can for her. Tara thanks him.

At a Niner hangout, Tig, Clay, Jax, Chibs, Bobby, Opie, Alvarez, and Rafi walk in to talk to Laroy. One of the Niners sees Alvarez and starts to open fire on him. Everyone ducks for cover, but Rafi is hit by one of the rogue bullets right through his head. Shots are exchanged back and forth before order is restored and everyone yells out for the others to calm down. Clay calls out for Laroy. Laroy, Gill, and another man come out and Jax asks him what happened. Laroy notes that maybe Jax should tell them what happened. Clay states that they came in and the men started shooting at him. One of the Niners tells Clay that they thought everyone entering was the Lobo Sonora Cartel. Jax asks them if they look like the cartel. Gill yells that the Mayans looked like the cartel. The men start to realize that Rafi was killed one of the rogue bullets. Laroy tells everyone that Lobo Sonora killed three of his men this morning so everyone has been a little nervous lately. Alvarez suddenly pulls his pistol and shoots Gill through the head. Everyone pulls their guns again. Alvarez tells Laroy that his men killed Rafi, who was one of his best soldiers. Clay warns Laroy not to fire. Laroy asks Clay if it really stands this way with SAMCRO supporting the Mayans over the Niners. Jax tells Laroy that both he and Alvarez lost a man so they are even. Laroy yells that they are not even. He tells them to get out. Jax tells Laroy that they need his contact information for Lobo Sonora. Laroy warns them all that they need to get out before the entire neighborhood is crawling with Niners and everyone, SAMCRO and the Mayans, are gunned down. SAMCRO and the Mayans leave before more bloodshed happens.

In an alley, Clay tells the men he just got off the phone with Romeo and he is finishing a meeting in Rio Vista. Jax tells Clay that they should all get to Rio Vista. Clay tells Jax he is still too angry to go to a meeting. Jax asks Clay how else he should be acting right now. Clay tells Jax he needs to go back to St. Thomas to be with Tara. He promises Jax he'll get the information on who kidnapped Tara. Jax yells that he wants to talk to Romeo. Jax tells Opie that Clay is right and he should go to St. Thomas to be with Tara. Chibs tells Jax that he should listen to Clay. Clay promises Jax that they will find out who kidnapped Tara and they will get them. Chibs and Opie leave with Jax. Clay tries to get Tig and Bobby to ride with Jax, but Bobby tells Clay that they are not letting him ride alone today.

In the chapel, Murphy finds Gemma sitting down. She sits behind her and tells her that what happened to Tara is awful. Gemma states that she realizes that. Murphy asks Gemma if she has any remorse for what happened. Gemma notes that Murphy does. Murphy says that she does and notes that she has been trying to get Tara to leave Charming for over a year. Gemma retorts that Tara belongs in Charming. Murphy asks Gemma if she saw what it got her. Gemma notes it got her Thomas. Murphy hisses that Tara is blinded by an adolescent love with Jax and Gemma even knows that Jax and Tara don't belong together. Gemma says that what Jax and Tara do is their business. Murphy says that Gemma manipulates Tara with the boys and the ideas of family. Gemma warns Murphy to watch what she says next. Murphy asks Gemma what she is going to do. Murphy says that she is not afraid of Gemma and tells her that she is an awful woman. She notes that everything that is happening to Tara is happening because of Gemma. She leaves the chapel.

Chibs and Opie arrive back at the clubhouse to find Juice is back. Chibs asks Juice where he has been. Juice says that Roosevelt picked him up. Chibs states that they already knew that, but he wants to know where Juice went after he was arrested. Juice states that he had to clear his head and took a ride out to Yosemite. Juice insists that he is fine now. Opie notes that Juice should have stayed in contact because things are getting bad. Opie tells him about Lobo Sonora trying to kidnap Tara.

Clay meets with Romeo while Tig and Bobby stay back with the bikes. Clay asks Romeo what happened. Romeo states that Jax was the one that interfered with the hit. Clay realizes that this is bad for them. Romeo asks what the fallout is. Clay retorts that the hitmen crushed Tara's hand. Clay also notes Jax is on fire and he thinks Lobo Sonora did it. Romeo is glad that Jax thinks that. Clay says that everything is a disaster and notes he gave them the hit money for a clean job. Romeo signals to Luis and Luis hands Clay his money back. Romeo says that they will take care of the hit personally now without the middlemen. Clay tells Romeo to forget about the hit. Romeo tells Clay that he can't do that. Romeo states that Tara is a threat and needs to be taken care of. Clay tells Romeo that Jax will never leave Tara's side after what happened so it will be too risky for them to go after her again. Luis tells Clay it is riskier for Tara to undermine the operation so it needs to be handled soon. Clay isn't happy, but he still takes his money back. Clay tells Romeo to give Jax some Lobo Sonora men to exact revenge upon. Romeo states he will and promises they will be in touch.

Jax and Tara wait in the room for Dr. Bailey. Dr. Bailey comes in and tells Tara that the nerve damage was severe. Tara is not happy to hear that. Jax asks Tara what that means. Tara says that it means she has limited use of her hand. Jax asks Dr. Bailey if it is permanent. Dr. Bailey admits he is unsure. Jax asks if they can do more surgeries and therapy to help Tara. Dr. Bailey says they will try and he will reach out to the best hand surgeons in the country to help. Dr. Bailey leaves them. Jax sits down with Tara and consoles her while she cries.

Gemma comes home and finds Clay putting the money back in the safe. Gemma asks Clay if he changed his mind or if he got a refund since the hit on Tara went wrong. Clay tells Gemma that he has no idea what she is talking about. Gemma yells that Clay looked her right in the eye and promised her that he wouldn't hurt Tara. Clay tells Gemma she is insane for thinking that and he had nothing to do with the hit. Gemma notes that Clay took money out of the safe this morning, a couple hours later somebody tried to take Tara, and now he's putting the money back in the safe. Gemma notes Tara would probably be dead had Jax not been with her. Clay yells at Gemma to stop talking right now. Gemma realizes that Clay didn't know Jax or the boys were going to be with Tara when the hit was ordered and yells at Clay for not taking the boys' lives into consideration. Clay kicks a chair and yells at Gemma to shut up. Gemma thinks that Jax needs to know the truth about who ordered the hit. Clay starts towards Gemma, but Gemma pulls a gun and holds it on Clay. Gemma warns Clay to stay away from her and to stay away from her family. Clay asks Gemma if she is really going to kill her like she killed John. Gemma tells Clay that he killed John. Clay states that it was truly Gemma who killed John and noted that she played him like a fool and he was when he was younger. Clay says that he was no match for Gemma's broken heart and maybe Jax needs to know about Gemma's involvement in John's murder. Gemma fires a shot, but it hits the wall. Clay runs at Gemma and smacks the gun out of her hand. Gemma smacks Clay and Clay smacks Gemma in return. He throws her onto the table, but Gemma scratches Clay's face several times. Gemma crawls across the floor, yelling at Clay to stay away from her. Gemma throws several things at Clay and tries to escape out the kitchen door but it is locked. Clay throws her onto the kitchen floor and repeatedly slaps and punches Gemma multiple times.

Tara rests in the hospital bed and Jax asks her if she wants to say good night to Abel, but Tara is despondent. Jax tells Anita to tell Abel that Tara is sleeping and hangs up the phone. Jax asks Tara what he can do for her. Tara states there is nothing he can do. Jax asks Tara to just get mad or scream because he knows this is his fault. Tara says that it is not Jax's fault. Tara says that this had to happen. Jax asks what she means. Tara thinks this is fate and they are supposed to be together. Tara states that Jax cannot leave Charming. Jax states that he is going to leave Charming with her. Tara says that Gemma won't let Jax leave Charming. Tara notes the town of Charming as a whole won't let him leave. Jax tells Tara it is just the drugs doing their work and tells Tara to get some sleep. Tara continues and states that the only way she can be with Jax is if she loses her out and she has since her hand was crushed. Tara says she has a useless hand and no hospital will want her to work. Tara knows she'll never save another baby's life again. Jax tells Tara not to talk like that. Tara states that they can all be together with Gemma in the lovely town of Charming as a happy family. Tara thinks that she could smash her other hand and stay home so she can be a mother full time. Tara starts to cry. Jax tells Tara not to talk like that. Tara tells Jax that he needs to go. Jax apologizes for everything that has happened. Tara tells Jax that she can't see him right now and screams at him to leave the room. Tara sobs in anger and Jax also starts to cry. He leaves the room. Outside, Roosevelt tells Jax that he heard about Tara. Jax tells Roosevelt he can't talk to him now and leaves.

Roosevelt walks down the hall to find Tig, Bobby, Chibs, Opie, and Juice walking in. Roosevelt notes that they have found Juice. Chibs states that they have without his help. Roosevelt asks if he can have a minute with Juice. Tig tells Roosevelt to back off, but Juice states that he'll be fine. The other men leave. Juice asks Roosevelt what he wants. Roosevelt tells Juice he wanted to apologize and notes he is getting thrown around by Potter as well. Roosevelt states that he has not conducted himself in an honorable manner. Juice notes it is a little late for apologies. Roosevelt is aware of that, but wanted Juice to at least know he has acknowledged himself as wrong. Juice accepts that. Roosevelt states that he knows what happened to Tara and if they need anything he is to let them know.

Tig, Bobby, Opie, Chibs, and Juice walk into the waiting room to find Jax. Tig asks Jax if he's alright and Jax says he is overall. Opie asks Jax about Tara. Jax states that Tara is resting right now. Opie asks Jax if he's alright. Jax says he is fine. Jax asks where Clay is. Tig tells Jax that Clay went home to rest and he will check in with him later. Bobby says that Romeo is searching for the Lobo Sonora militia men that did this to Tara. Jax asks Juice where he has been. Juice states that he had to go somewhere to think. Jax states he understands and thanks everyone for being there for him. Jax says that he is going to stay with Tara for awhile. Bobby states that they will leave Filthy Phil and Ratboy to watch over Tara as well. Jax asks Opie if he can talk to him for a minute. Opie states that he can. Jax tells Opie that he has been lying to him. Jax says that the deal he made with Clay about the Gallindo Cartel was to get him out. Opie asks Jax what he means. Jax tells Opie that he is leaving SAMCRO. Jax says he was going to leave when Clay retired, but he is done when they are done dealing with the IRA. Opie tells Jax that after he served time in prison he wanted out as well. Jax knows that. Opie notes that Jax talked him into staying. Jax recounts that he did. Jax tells Opie he loves him like a brother. Opie tells Jax that he needs him in this club. Jax states that his family needs him more. Jax tells Opie that he was right and he should have let him get out of the club. He realizes that if he had Donna would probably still be alive. Jax tells Opie that he needs to work things out with Lyla and suggests he talks with Piney. Jax tells Opie to hold onto Lyla and leaves him.

Back at the clubhouse, Juice steps outside to make a phone call. Before he can dial, Clay pulls up to the clubhouse. Juice sees Clay's face is all bruised and scratched. As Clay walks inside, Juice dials the phone and states that he is checking in. Inside, Tig asks Clay what happened to him. Clay walks past without a word and sets his bag down in the apartment room.

At the Morrow residence, Gemma is smoking weed. Unser calls out for Gemma and Gemma tells him it is open. Unser asks Gemma what is wrong and then he sees her face. Unser is taken aback by the sight of her face and asks if Clay did this. Gemma tells Unser to sit down. Unser is angry Clay would do this and states that he needs to get Gemma to the hospital. Gemma assures Unser nothing is broken and tells him to sit down. Unser sits down and asks Gemma what she needs. Gemma tells Unser that there is nothing else that they can do. Gemma knows that Clay is done and cannot be saved. Unser agrees with her and says that he will put Piney's murder on Clay and they will put him in prison. Gemma says that Clay is not going down by the law. Gemma states that Clay is going to die by the hand of the son. The episode ends with Gemma taking another drag on her weed.