Sons of Anarchy

Season 4 Episode 10


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Nov 08, 2011 on FX

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  • Sons of Anarchy: Shakespearean tragedy disguised as biker flick

    Tara's hospital room scene with Jax was one of the most heart-rending scenes ever shown on TV.

    Tara nailed it in her moment of clarity. She and Jax are victims of Fate. Sons of Anarchy is Shakespearean tragedy disguised as biker flick. Jax in Sons of Anarchy, like Tony Soprano in The Sopranos or Michael Corleone in The Godfather, is the protagonist in a Shakespearean tragedy. Jax is Hamlet. Tara is Ophelia. Clay is Claudius. Gemma is Gertrude.

    The cast is doomed because character is destiny. They can rail against their Fate as loud as they like. But they are ants scrambling around on floating leaves, carried downstream faster and faster by the current toward the falls where they will meet their end. One can almost hear Jax utter Michael Corleone's classic line: Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in!

    The criminals, including the worst criminals of all, the "Law Enforcement Officers," are responsible for the unending string of catastrophes that befall them. They create these catastrophes by telling an unending string of lies. These lies appear to perform solve problems in the short term, but they invariably become far worse problems in the long term, and blow up in the criminals' faces at the worst possible moment. They do this again and again and again, yet none of them ever learns.

    Im myself a surgeon, and Ive never been so terrified about a tv story never! I feel so bad for Tara. I dont want to imagine how could I feel if that happenes to me.
  • Wow. What a phenomenal episode.


    Jax so desperately wants out of SAMCRO. For the first time, it seems so clear. Tara has heard it so many times, and with her attack, I think she has lost faith. She is broken hearted about never operating again. Jax has finally put his family first, and can't believe that this attack is coming now, when he wants out.

    Gemma wants Jax to stay, and wants Tara safe. She knows that Clay betrayed her, and now, after he gave her a reason, she wants revenge, and him gone. She knows that Clay has gone over the line.

    Juice is desperate to save his brothers.

    Jax's talk with Opie was heart-wrenching, especially knowing that Opie will feel the same when he finds his dad. Opie told Jax he wanted out for Donnaand the kids, but it was Jax who begged him to stay, to make the club what JT had wanted it to be.

    I don't know where Kurt Sutter is taking us, but I know the ride is totally worth it. I can't wait to see what happens next.

  • wow


    Kurt keeps taking us on the most incredible journey during this show. I can't think that it can't possibly completely unravel for Clay and Gemma...and maybe the Sons. I can't add much to this review; if you aren't watching the show you won't get it, and if you are watching then you understand that trying ti predict where it's going is pointless. I do have a question though...I often purchase some of the incredible music I hear on the show, but 'Hands' contains an enigma: a song titled 'Iron Horse' by Beck that doesn't appear to exist anywhere else in the universe...did Beck Hansen actually do a unique piece of music for the show? If so he hasn't even posted anything about it on his FB page...