Sons of Anarchy

Season 5 Episode 13

J'ai Obtenu Cette

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Dec 04, 2012 on FX

Episode Recap

The opening montage begins with both Tara and Gemma waking, while their men sleep. Clay sits alone with his blackened tattoos, a coffee and a gun. Tara receives an ultrasound on her arm.

Jackson meets Damien Pope. There is some affection between the two.  August Marks look on. They arrange to meet later on in the day to sure up the SAMCRO"s cut housing deal in exchange for Jackson turning over Tig. The credits roll.

Clay arrives at the garage and Gemma agrees to go with him to Belfast. Clay is elated if not a little suspicious at her sudden change of heart. Tara also receives some good news. Her hand is almost back to normal and she may be operating again within six months. Wendy arrives and tells Tara that Jackson forcibly injected with her drugs in an effort to keep her away from his family. They argue and Tara promises that she is getting herself and the boys out of the MC.

Back at the garage Gemma opens a card attached to a bunch of flowers addressed to Tara. The card welcomes Tara to the practice in Oregon. Chucky is speaking French and some of the characters find it a little….confusing.

Nero begins protecting his community from an intimidating gangster named Dante. The Sons help and accidentally uncover a dog fighting ring. Dante is controlled and the universe is restored to its natural order. Tig takes care of the dog and it proves to be an important companion later in the episode.

Back at the garage, a very angry Tara confronts Jackson. She tells him the good news about her hand. He promises her that he is going to put all of this behind them. He mistakenly thinks that her concern is about Wendy getting the boys when really she wants her family away from the drama of the club.

Unser has done some digging about the new enemy Lee Toric. He tells Jackson that Toric was a dangerous and sometimes rogue Marshall whose only family was killed by Otto. He will be quite an enemy.

During his interrogation Otto bites off his own tongue  rather than talk. Lee Toric, who looks on, is impressed despite himself.

Gemma and Tara argue about Tara's plan to move to Oregon. It finishes with Gemma threatening to go to the police and set Tara up for the murder of Lee Toric's sister.  It turns physical but Tara is not swayed Tara tells her that Jackson would kill her and restates her desire to leave Charming with the boys. In a nod to season six storylines Gemma tells Tara "it's a good thing you are not pregnant."

At the empty lot, Jackson turns a gun on the very surprised Tig. Damien Pope arrives and Tig understands that he is being turned over. He calls Jackson a rat bastard and brings back memories of Dawn's murer. They take him inside and Tig is a mix of afraid and furious. He needn't have worried. Jackson kills Pope's men before allowing Tig to take revenge for his daughter. Brotherhood remains Jax's priority despite all appearances. Tig is shaken up.

Pope warns Jackson before he is killed "do you know what happens to whoever kills me?"  Jackson answers with "I am counting on it." It is then revealed that Tig killed Pope with Clay's gun.

Eli gets a call about homicide. When he argues that it isn't in his jurisdiction, he is told that he should be the one to take the call. During the investigation, Jackson calls him and tips him off on the location of the gun.

Lowen tells Tara that it is very good news that Otto refuses to cooperate (and now cannot talk). He is the only person who can tie her to the conspiracy theory. Tara is distracted.

Juice is helping Clay who tells him not to worry about the past and that he loves him. Eli arrives. He has the weapon. Gemma tells Eli that Clay went out for her hours. Clay is arrested and the guilt weighs heavily on both Gemma and Juice, as Clay begins to understand that he has been betrayed.

August Marks and Jackson meet and it doesn't take long for Marks to figure out what really happened to his boss. Despite this, he orders the execution of Clay Morrow.

Bobby is disgusted by what Jackson did to Clay. He may be at the end of his rope.

Nero and Gemma discuss their relationship. Gemma tells him that she is not a causal girl. Nero warns her that life is messy but Gemma isn't worried. This is what she does best. Jackson and Nero also have a talk. The weight of both their lives is heavy. They urge each other to walk away.

At home, Jackson refuses to sign guardianship over to Wendy. Tara tells him she is taking the boys to Oregon. Before he can argue Tara is proven wrong. It is Eli. He is there to arrest for conspiracy to murder.